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Submit a project request for Web Services. For Graphic Design Services call the studio at 898-6113.

Request Services Form

Request Services Form

If you have questions or need help with the Web Content Management System please contact IT Support Services. Call the Help desk: 530-898-HELP (4357), request help online, or visit the ITSS web site.

Web Services can provide a wide range of web development and consulting services for your department, including updating your site to the new campus template, providing graphic design for web distribution, web application development, database development, online forms and surveys, and consulting. Submit a project request and someone from Web Services will contact you by phone or e-mail to discuss your request. Once the scope and scale of your project is defined, an estimate will be provided.

Graphic Design Services provides design for a wide-range of printed materials, including multiple printings of brochures, posters, and publications, or 1-off projects like pop-up banners and displays. For project requests call 898-6113. Once the scope and scale of your project is defined, an estimate and timeline will be provided.