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Web Services Available

Web Services Available

Web Services provides a wide range of fee-based services at affordable rates to campus clients including web design (sites, e-mail newsletters and invitations, forms, etc.), website evaluation (accessibility, usability, and organization), and general website consultations. You can submit a project request online.

Web Services staff have many years of web design and development experience and are intimately familiar with campus standards on graphic design, use of campus logos, university styles, state-mandated accessibility requirements, and the Web Content Management System (WCMS).

Chargeback Services Available

Website Design

Web Services provides a full range of website design services, from developing clear and easy-to-use navigation, to designing a unique look for your site, to converting your existing site to a new campus template. Whatever your website design needs, Web Services has the knowledge and experience to make it a reality.

Custom Website Design
A unique visual look helps identify your department or unit, while retaining university standards, and sets it apart from other campus sites. View examples of our designs.

Migrating Your Site to a New Campus Template
Departments are encouraged to use the latest template for their websites. Web Services can move your department's site to the new template for you. We can reuse the content on your existing site (if it is current) and seamlessly migrate it into the new campus design. We can also customize the template visually and functionally to meet your specific needs. This could include custom banners, home page layouts, web forms, or minor design changes.

Update Service

Although website content is easy to update in Cascade server there are times when additional help is needed. This could be due to sweeping changes, or if your department has no one available to make changes. Most updates are made by student assistants at a rate that is half of the staff rate.

One-time content update
This is for departments that only update their site once or twice a year, or a site that wants to make sweeping changes. Site reorganization can be included in a one-time update.

Annual Update Service
This is an annual update service that covers June 1–May 31, and is geared to departments that are to small or busy to make changes to their websites. A short charge authorization form (CAF) is submitted at the start of the update service. Then updates can be sent to at any time and are usually made within a 24–48 hour period.

Website Evaluation

CSU policy
requires that all official university web pages comply with American's with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessibility requirements for disabled users. Web Services staff work with web accessibility requirements daily and can update your site to comply with these laws.

Usability & Organization
How user-friendly is your website? How easily do users find what they are looking for? Are the terms you use familiar to your users? Web Services can help you find out.

Web Services staff are experts in designing sites that are logically organized, easy-to-use, and easy to navigate. We can make your services and information easily accessible to your users, providing a positive user experience.


Web Services also does a wide range of consulting on web-related issues, including troubleshooting websites, website accessibility, implementing university website templates, and many other items.