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Calendar of Events, Spring 2013

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Spring 2013


January 2013

December 7 – February 22
5th Annual Diversity Art Exhibit
Submission Form (pdf)
Office of Diversity & Inclusion – Kendall Hall 112

February 2013

December 7 – February 22
5th Annual Diversity Art Exhibit
Submission Form (pdf)
Office of Diversity & Inclusion – Kendall Hall 112

Chico State Celebrates Black History Month (pdf)

February 5
"From the Quarters to Lincoln Heights" Film (pdf)
7:30pm | AYRS 120

February 7
"Beyond Beats and Rhymes" Film (pdf)
3:00pm | CCLC

February 7
"WORD!" Poetry Slam
6:00pm | BMU Common Grounds

February 12
Juan de Marco and the Afro-Cuban All Stars (pdf)
7:30pm | Laxson Auditorium

February 15 & 16
The Vagina Monologues (pdf)

February 17
Eric Bibb & Habib Koite (pdf)
7:30pm | Laxson Auditorium

February 20
Conversations on Diversity and Inclusion
"Answering the Call: Enhancing the Chico Experience for the Black Community" Forum Discussion
Facilitated by the Black Faculty & Staff Association
Noon | BMU 210

February 21
"Black Power Mixtape" Film (pdf)
3:00pm | CCLC

"Diversity 411" Forum Discussion (pdf)
6:00pm | CCLC 

February 23
"Moving Forward" Student Retreat (pdf)
5:00pm | Selvester's Cafe by the Creek

February 25
"Black State of the Union" Public Address (pdf)
5:00pm | BMU 210

February 27
"Rent Party" Costume Party (pdf)
7:30pm | Harlen Adams Stage 

February 27
Orisha: Africa to Cuba - Dance Class (pdf)
Noon | Acker Gym 204 

February 27
Orisha: Africa to Cuba - Lecture Demonstration (pdf)
6:00pm | PAC 134

March 2013

Chico State Celebrates Women's History Month (pdf)

March 1
Orisha: Africa to Cuba - Performance (pdf)
7:30pm | BMU Auditorium

March 4
Women's History Month
Miss Representation Movie and Discussion (pdf)
3:00-5:00pm | CCLC

March 5
Women's History Month
A Million Pieces Art Project (pdf)
1:00-3:00pm | CCLC
(Please bring a personal picture from home for this project)

March 6
Conversations on Diversity
Women's History Month 
She Said, She Said: A Multigenerational Conversation on Feminism (pdf)
Facilitated by the Gender & Sexuality Equity Center
Noon-1:00pm | BMU 210 

March 6
Women's History Month
It's My Body; I Can Show What I Want. Or Can I? (pdf)
Noon-1:00pm | CCLC

March 7
Women's History Month
Dinner and a Story (pdf)
6:00-8:00pm | CCLC
Sign Up at the CCLC

March 7
Women's History Month
Women's Organizations Fair (pdf)
6:30-9:00pm | Chico Women's Club

March 8
Women's History Month
Kitchen Stories (pdf)
3:00-7:00pm | Tehema 118
Pre-registration required and $5 fee is required

March 8
Women's History Month
Perspectives on Global Women's Issues (pdf)
7:30-9:00pm | Ayres 120

March 9
Women's History Month
Half the Sky and The Red Tent Movie and Discussion (pdf)
1:00-4:00pm | Pageant Theatre

March 10
Women's History Month
Reception and MaMuse Concert - $25 (pdf)
4:00-7:00pm | Women's Club

March 13
Women's History Month
Women's Rights, Are We a Thing of the Past? (pdf)
2:00-3:00pm | CCLC

March 14
Women's History Month
Women Only Survivor Speak-out (pdf)
6:00-7:30pm | BMU 210
Gender Inclusive Survivor Speak-out (pdf)
6:00-7:30pm | BMU 204
Gender Inclusive Workshop (pdf)
6:00-7:30pm | BMU Auditorium
Spoken Word Poetry (pdf)
7:30-8:00pm | BMU Auditorium
Silent Candle-Lit March (pdf)
8:00pm | Trinity Commons

March 26
Women's History Month
Half the Sky and The Red Tent Movie and Discussion (pdf)
6:00-9:00pm | CCLC

March 27
Conversations on Diversity
Advancing the Dream for Students Without Status (pdf)
Facilitated by the Dream Student Support Team
BMU 210 

April 2013

April 1-11
Butte College Diversity Days
Butte College Diversity Days Event Schedule (pdf)
Events Open to Everyone

April 3
Cultural Dialogues for Staff Development: Serving the Saudi Arabian student Community (pdf)

April 10
Conversations on Diversity
Across Cultures: Being a Man Then, Being a Man Now (pdf)
Facilitated by Joe Wills (Public Affairs)
BMU 210

April 13
Men's Conference
Mis-Education of Manhood (pdf)
9:00am - 4:00pm | Colusa Hall 100A

April 16
Mitigating the Arab-Israeli Conflict, One Goal at a Time (pdf)
4:00pm | Ayres 120 

April 24
Conversations on Diversity
Conversations on Diversity and Inclusion Awards (pdf)
Facilitated by Tray Robinson (Office of Diversity and Inclusion)
BMU 210 

May 2013

May 15
The Dream is Now - Documentary (pdf)
4:00pm | CCLC 

May 22
Celebrating Harvey Milk Day (pdf)
10:00am | Trinity Commons
6:00pm | Trinity United Methodist Church

Diversity & Inclusion Graduation Celebrations

May 17
Lavender Graduation Celebration
6:00pm | BMU Auditorium 

May 22
Veteran Graduation Celebration
5:00pm | Trinity Hall 100

May 23
Asian Graduation Celebration
6:00pm | Harlen Adams Theater (PAC 144)

May 25
Latino Graduation Celebration
1:00pm | Laxson Auditorium

May 25
Black Graduation Celebration
2:00pm | Harlen Adams Theater (PAC 144)