Office of Diversity & Inclusion

Nomination Guidelines

Nominations can originate from any CSU, Chico faculty, staff member, student, alumni or community member. Please provide a brief rationale for your nomination, such as relevant activities that promote diversity.

Selection Process

Recipients will be selected by the Conversations on Diversity committee based on his/her/their commitment to diversity.

Presentation of Awards

Awards will be presented at the Conversations on Diversity and Inclusion Achievement Awards and Reception on Wednesday, April 26 at 12:00 pm in the Bell Memorial Union 203


Nominations must be submitted no later than Friday, April 7, 2017 to:

  • Tray Robinson
    Office of Diversity and Inclusion
    Campus Zip 123 or Kendall Hall, Room 118

The Awards

Taking it to the Classroom

Individuals who address diversity issues in the classroom often must deal with sensitive and challenging subjects, resistant or apathetic students, and/or professional scrutiny. It is a daunting task that many choose not to address. The Taking It to the Classroom award recognizes an outstanding faculty member who possesses the courage and creativity required to successfully engage diversity issues in the classroom.

Behind the Scenes Award

Just as in a movie or in theatre, much of the diversity efforts, the real work, is conducted and maintained behind the scenes, out of public view. This award honors the individual behind the scenes, working diligently and often without recognition to ensure that the show goes on seamlessly and successfully.

Promising Newcomer Award

This award is presented to an individual whose fresh perspective and energy galvanize campus diversity work and facilitate new approaches to old problems. The award honors the newcomer's vision and invites a sustained commitment to its realization.

Lifetime Achievement Award

Understanding diversity is the work of a lifetime. Helping others to understand it is the work of an extraordinary lifetime. This award is presented to an individual who has brought the campus closer to its vision of inclusiveness through her or his cumulative daily efforts to promote understanding and collaboration across lines of gender, race, culture, class, and sexuality.

The After Chico Award

The After Chico Award recognizes that the proof of a good education is what you do with what you've learned. In this award we honor Chico alum's outstanding contributions in the field of diversity activism, service, education, and/or celebration.

Pulling Us Together Award

This award is presented to the organizer(s) of an event that was noteworthy for drawing people together to take a bold step towards social change. The event may involve teaching the campus community eye-opening lessons about diversity issues, galvanizing a response to a particular social justice issue, or representing those who are often marginalized in U.S. society.

Taking It to the Streets

This award highlights a group's or individual's timely response to an event or issue of local, national, or global significance. We particularly want to honor students, staff, or faculty who have provided a direct service to communities or individuals impacted by the topic.

Walk the Line Award

The Walk the Line award recognizes that the work to achieve social justice is both demanding and risky. Risks include excessive scrutiny and burn out from juggling multiple roles (e.g., mentor, teacher, advocate). This award recognizes one who takes such risk without the protection of privilege and safety nets such as tenure or secure fulltime employment.

The Teach Back Award

The Teach Back Award recognizes the fact that while students most often learn from their professors, they also teach their instructors and peers. With this award we honor one of our students who has consistently been active either inside or outside of the classroom and contributed to diversity education on campus. The recipients will receive a $500 award, donated by SF Invest and Enterprise Rental.