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Chico State on Diversity and Inclusion

We asked members of our campus how they define Diversity and Inclusion:

Diversity is:

Ting Thao“Diversity is a place that contains different ethnicities, sexes, color, religion, cultures, beliefs, and nationalities.”
Ting Thao
Biological Science | Sophomore

Michael Anthony Lang-Perry Jr.“Diversity to me is a mixture of backgrounds”
Michael Anthony Lang-Perry Jr.
Psychology | Sophomore

Roger Thor“Diversity portrays race, beliefs, opinions, interests, gender, sexual orientation, physical looks, body size, talents, languages, skills, and other things that vary to each unique individual.”
Roger Thor
Computer Graphics | Junior

Sarena Kirk“Diversity is an infinite sea of voices all struggling to be heard, sometimes creating harmony and sometimes creating dissonance, but all equally valuable and distinct.”
Sarena Kirk

Nicole McAllister“Diversity to me is understanding. It’s far more than just’s different types of people… different perspectives, it’s more than acknowledging differences. Diversity is understanding where people come from, their history.”
Nicole McAllister
Political Science and Women Studies | Junior

Nicole Walker“Diversity is being accepted for who you are.”
Nicole Walker
Journalism with double option in Public Relations and News Education | Senior

Patricia (Micki) M. Lennon“To me, diversity simply means celebrating and honoring our differences – whether these be differences based on culture, race, gender, sexuality, language, ability, experience, or any other aspect of life – rather than allowing ourselves to be divided by our differences.”
Patricia (Micki) M. Lennon
Lecturer - Department of Comparative Religion and Humanities | 2000-Present (12 years)

Jessica Trammell“To me diversity is not culture color or status induced. Diversity is being able to cast a wide net based on character, because sharing an ethnic or racial heritage often is displaced by cultural and economic differences, the same follows for gender and sexual orientation. The spice of life is not one bland flavor it’s a mixture of the entire cupboard.” 
Jessica Trammell
Pre-Nursing | Junior

"The coming together of people from all walks of life. Not just of ethnic or racial differences but variations of personalities and interests.”
Spencer Carroll
Environmental Science | Sophomore

Inclusion is:

Angel Downey“Inclusion means my voice is being heard. I value my opinions but also hope others do to.”
Angel Downey

“Being able to let others be a part of your group or community.”
Lauren Sanchez

“To be included. Whether it be social or academically”
Steven Huff
Math Education | Sophomore

“To accept and not exclude any member of a particular group. Accepting diversity”
Katherine Denny
Recreation Administration | Junior

“Allowing everyone, no matter race, gender, sexual orientation, or whatever makes us different, be a part of things”
Maggie H.