Blackboard Managed Hosting Migration

CSU Chico's Blackboard system will be undergoing a significant behind-the-scenes change in late December 2017. Up until now, our Blackboard system has been hosted right here on campus; after December, the same system will instead be running on Blackboard's managed hosting environment in Virginia.

When will this happen? Will Blackboard be offline?

We will begin the migration at Friday, December 22nd at 12:01 AM. Blackboard will be offline for several days while the process is running. Blackboard will be back online by Monday, December 25th at 11:59 PM.

migration calendar

How will this affect instructors?

Aside from Blackboard going offline during the migration window, changes to the user experience should be minimal. Course and content management for instructors will remain the same.

Should faculty take any action before the migration?

No action is needed if you plan to take a break while Blackboard is offline.

Can faculty continue their work during the migration?

Faculty have the option of exporting gradebooks and/or assignment files, but that is only necessary if they need access to those materials while Blackboard is offline. TLP will be posting additional materials regarding this topic.

Can faculty communicate with students during the migration?

Blackboard email services will be unavailable, but you can email students directly. If you need a copy of your course roster, you can find one in the Faculty Center within PeopleSoft.

Can faculty still enter final grades into PeopleSoft?

PeopleSoft will be available during the migration, except for an unrelated maintenance downtime on Saturday, December 23rd from 6:00 PM to midnight.

Does this move affect my intellectual property rights?

Our licensing agreement with Blackboard does not grant any rights to CSU's content or to intellectual property that faculty upload onto Blackboard's MH servers. The agreement also includes language ensuring that both parties will protect confidential information in accordance with FERPA.

How will this affect students?

Aside from Blackboard going offline during the migration window, changes to the user experience should be minimal.

Can students communicate with instructors during the migration?

Your course syllabus should include contact information for your instructor, or you can check the staff directory.

Will I be able to submit assignments or view grades during the migration?

If you need to submit any coursework, please work with your instructor to make sure that can happen either before December 22nd or after December 25th.