Common Learning Environments

Several class definitions and use cases exist:

  • Lecture
  • Lecture and lab with all students
  • Large lecture with small breakouts

For reference, we're including the following glossary terms:

  • Combined Class  Two separate classes taught at the same time and location, such as Ballroom for men and women.
  • Cross-listed Course  One class owned by two departments, such as Women's Studies and Psychology.
  • Common Learning Environment  Sharing one BbLearn space between two or more classes with different enrollment populations.

By default, each section of a course is given its own space in BBLearn. Instructors can request a common learning environment to group multiple sections together. For example, an instructor who is teaching one course with two lecture sections and four lab sections might prefer to keep all of their BBLearn content in one place.

To request a common learning environment, contact your department’s ASC, who can configure sections in PeopleSoft.

Note for ASCs: when editing a common learning environment that already exists, please notify DLT if you add a section, remove a section, or change the master section.