Third Party Integrations

The LMS integrates with many other systems, both on and off campus. Click the image below for a full chart:

Chart showing LMS integrations

This information is also available as a spreadsheet.

For the purposes of this document, an “integration” is any code or plugin that extends the functionality of the University’s Learning Management System (LMS). Integrations can add new tools or capabilities to the system, potentially including new options for content, grading, and assignments. Many integrations rely on services that are hosted externally by third-party vendors.

Some products you want to use may already be installed. You can check listings on this website, such as the spreadsheet or chart that are linked above.

Before a new integration can be used at CSU Chico, it must go through a process to ensure that it does not compromise the stability or security of existing infrastructure.

As exciting as it can be to use a new tool, we must remember that Blackboard Learn is an indispensable component of CSU Chico’s learning environment. A defect in an untested integration could introduce risks such as security breaches, data loss, system instability, or software crashes. This third-party integration process will help the University to continue improving the LMS in a way that is secure and stable.

Faculty or departments who request a new integration will be included in the testing and review process.

Requesting a New Integration

In order to properly asses a new integration, support staff will need some additional information from the requesting party.

During this step, the requestor will provide the following:

  • Brief description of the integration
  • Overview of academic value
  • Contact information for the integration vendor

To begin this process, submit a project request.