Business Ties

178) Does your school have a policy that makes the environmental practices of a company a criterion in selecting campus supplies and vendors?
The University has some standards relating to the environmental practices of the companies with which it does business.  For example, the University has a practice of purchasing recycled products whenever feasible, and on its bid document there is a section that queries the vendor’s policies regarding use of recycled products and materials.  Prospective vendors are also required to complete a “Recycled Content Certification” form.  In the “General Provisions For Commodity and Service Acquisitions” document, Section 41, asks the contractor to certify the percentage of recycled materials to be used in the performance of the contract.  The University periodically reports on recycled purchases to the California Integrated Waste Management Board. 

The Associated Students does not currently have any policy that makes the environmental practices of a company a criterion in selecting supplies and vendors.

179) Has your school chosen to stop doing business with a particular company because of environmental reasons?
Yes.  For example, the University has rejected the bid of a vendor when it was discovered that some of their practices were harmful to the environment (e.g. improper disposal of unhealthy substances into the sewers).

180) What companies have the top ten largest contracts with your school?
The campus does its largest trade with companies such as Office Depot, Gateway Computers, Xerox, Anixter, Cisco, Yumas Controls (heat and air controls), Fisher Scientific (laboratory chemicals), and Collins & Aikman (carpet).

The largest of the Research Foundation’s grants and contracts are with governmental agencies (such as the National Institute of Health), and 90% of the expenses of those contracts are personnel costs. 

181) What are their environmental records? Do these companies have environmental policy statements?
The University screens for the information listed in Question #178 above, beyond that the campus has no record of the environmental policies of its suppliers. 

182) Does your school have an Environmental or Social Responsibility Policy which enables the campus community to formally scrutinize the companies your school does business with? 
No, the University does not have a policy that enables the campus community to formally scrutinize the companies with which it does business. 
The Associated Students Environmental Affairs Council often advocates for environmental concerns regarding many facets, including supplies and vendors, of the University. 


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