Environmental Education and Literacy

What are the types of environmental studies programs offered at your school? Please provide the following information for each program:
Information for Questions #183-191 have been listed together following question #191.

183) Name of program:
184) Department:
185) School:
186) Undergraduate degree offered? Graduate degree offered?
187) Annual Budget:
188) Year program was created:
189) Enrollment:
190) Number of FTE’s (Full time enrollments):
191) Program Chair, Address, and Phone Number:

Environmental Science
Department of Geosciences
College of Natural Science
Both undergraduate and graduate degrees are offered for this program
There is not a specific budget for this degree.  The program falls under the Geosciences department, which has an annual operating budget of $18,000.
Established in 1993
43 Students Enrolled
All are Full Time
Gina Johnston
PS Building, 217

Environmental Studies
Social Science
Behavioral and Social Science
There is only an undergraduate and minor offered for this program
No annual budget
Established in 1999
20 students enrolled
Full time enrollees not calculated
Mark Stemen
Butte Hall, 502

192) Please list specific courses offered in the following subjects:

Toxic/Hazardous waste:   CE 295 Hazardous Waste Management, CHEM 203 Toxicology, PHYS 176 Nuclear Science

Solid Waste:   CE 288 Environmental Engineering I, GEOG 198A The Joy of Garbage 

Energy efficiency and management:   AGET 175 Energy Alternatives in Agriculture, ECON 165 Economics of Energy and the Environment; ECON 265 Economics of Energy, GEOS 170 Energy in the Human Environment 

Water Conservation:   GEOG 226 Water Resource Development; GEOS 260 Water Resources Management

Air Quality:   AGRI 155 Agriculture and Pollution, HCSV 162 Environmental Health, ME 253 Air Pollution Control

Water:   GEOS 215 Hydrogeology

Environmental economics:  ABUS 284 Natural Resources Economics, ECON 165 Economics of Energy and the Environment 

Environmental law:   ABUS 284 Natural Resource Policy Evaluation, GEOG 227 Environmental Impact Analysis; POLS 261 Environmental Politics and Administration; POLS 289K Internship in Public Law (Environmental Advocates), RECR 238 Recreation and Park Law and Legal Principles

Environmental business:   None

Forest management:   None

Other:   GEOG 104 Environmental Issues, GEOS 130 Environmental Science; PHIL 146 Environmental Ethics, RECR 110 Natural Resources and The Informed Citizen, RECR 246 Natural Resources Management, RECR 251 Methods and Materials for Environmental Education, RS 149 Cultural Environmental Ethics, SOCI 145 Environmental Sociology; SOSC 240 Environmental Studies Capstone

193) Which, if any, environmental courses have included the study and research of campus environmental issues in the curriculum?
GEOG 198, GEOS 130; POLS 289K, SOCI 145

194) Describe any student research projects that have resulted from these courses and any campus environmental programs that were subsequently implemented.
Students of the GEOG 198 “Joy of Garbage” class collected data for the University Waste Management Plan during the Spring 2000 Semester. 

195) Do any environmental literacy programs exist on campus that train faculty to incorporate environmental themes into their curricula?


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