109) Who operates your campus food service?
The food services available from Whitney Hall and The Garden Café are both run by the Associated Students.

110) Does your campus administration manage the operation or do they contract for services?
The university has no outside contracts for campus food services.  The Associated Students holds the main contract from the university.

111) Does your school have a food service committee?
The university in general does not have a food service committee.  Both the Housing Department and the Garden Café have their own food service committees. 

112) Who sits on the committee?
The Whitney Hall food service committee is comprised of Roger Becker (Director of Food Services), the Housing Conference Coordinator, the Resident Director, and one representative from each dorm/resident hall.  The members of this committee change each year.  The food serve committee for the Garden Café is comprised of Linda Bechtel, who is the manager, and the supervisors. 

113) To what extent does food services purchase from regional growers and food processors?
Both Whitney Hall and the Garden Café receive all their produce from S&S, which is a local business.  All other food products are ordered from Alliant Food Service and are generally not regional products.  There is a possibility in the future that Garden Café will obtain vegetables grown at the University Farm.

114) Does your food service operation offer vegetarian meals on a regular basis?
         Both Whitney Hall and the Garden Café offer vegetarian meals on a regular basis.

115) Does your school purchase certified organically grown produce or meat and dairy products?
Whitney Hall and the Garden Café do not intentionally order organic produce, meat, or dairy products.  Their produce is ordered from S&S, which does carry a large variety of organic produce, which may be included in the schools order.

116) Have any surveys been conducted to estimate the demand for vegetarian food on campus?
No specific surveys have been conducted.  The Garden Café does occasionally receive comment cards that are regarding vegetarian food.

117) Have food services discontinued the purchase of food products for environmental reasons?
In the past both Whitney Hall and the Garden Café have discontinued the purchase of grapes and tuna that was not dolphin safe.  Both these products were not purchased, for a given time, due to environmental reasons.  During the 1999 school year there were no products discontinued due to environmental reasons. 

118) Have any programs or events taken place on campus highlighting the connection between diet and the environment? 
There have been no specific programs in the Garden Café, Whitney Hall, or in any of the other resident halls/dorms that highlighted the connection between the diet and the environment.  The AS. Environmental Affairs Council has sponsored many educational tables in the Bell Memorial Union and the Free Speech Area that have highlighted the connection between diet and the environment, and has also included this issue in many of its events.  There have also been various speakers and forums on campus that have addressed the connection between diet and the environment. 


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