General Campus Info

1) Name of School: California State University, Chico

2) Address: 400 West 1st Street, Chico, California, 95929-0750

3) Is your campus public or private? Public

4) Is your campus located in a rural, suburban, or urban area? Rural

5) Number of students on campus: Numbers listed are an average from the 1999 school year
Undergraduates: 13,096
Graduates: 1,869
Part-time: 1,977
Full-time: 12,988

6) Number of employees on campus:
Faculty: 861
Non-student staff (non-faculty): 700
Student employees: Associated Students-800 to 900/year
University/State side- approx. 600-1200 depending on specific month

7) Total campus population:  Approximately 16,526

8) Total acreage: 119 acres, Campus
                            1,050 acres, University Farm and Range

9) Building space (total square feet): Approximately 1,590,000 total square feet

10)  Are there any environmental organizations or committees on campus?
Yes.  They include the Associated Students Environmental Affairs Council, Campus    Conservation Committee, Environmental Resource Program, Associated Students Chico Recycling Program, and the Students for Environmental Studies.

11) Does your school have an environmental ombudsmen or vice-chancellor?
No, our school does not have an environmental ombudsmen or vice-chancellor. 

12)  What are the names and affiliations of the members of the Board of Trustees or Regents?
Gray Davis- Governor of California 
Cruz Bustamante- Lt. Governor of California 
Antonio Villaraigosa- Speaker of the Assembly 
Delaine Eastin- State Superintendent of Public Instruction 
Dr. Charles B. Reed- Chancellor of California State University 
William Hauck- Chairman of California State University 
Dr. Joan Otomo-Corgel- Vice Chairman 
William D. Campbell- Pacific Family Investment Company 
Martha C. Fallgatter 
Bob Foster- Edison International 
Dr. Harold Goldwhite 
Laurence K. Gould, Jr.- Sheppard, Mullin, Richter, and Hampton 
Eric C. Mitchell 
Dee Dee Myers 
Ralph R. Pesqueira- El Indio Shops, Inc. 
Frederick W. Pierce, IV- The Pierce Company, LLC. 
Ali C. Razi- The Stratham Group 
Michael D. Stennis 
Anthony M. Vitti- Attorney at Law 
Stanley T. Wang- Pantronix Corporation


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