Job Placement and Environmental Careers

196) Does your Career Placement Center, or other entity, organize job fairs focused on environmental careers?
The Career Placement Center has not ever specifically organized a job fair focusing on environmental careers.  In 1998, there was a premier Liberal Arts and Sciences Career Fair that had many environmentally oriented companies present.

197) Does your career center provide information on environmentally oriented jobs?
Yes.  The Career Placement Center provides newsletters and job announcements that are specifically focusing on environmental careers. 

198) Does your center place access fees on a sliding scale so that small environmental firms and non-profit organizations can afford to recruit university graduates?
Environmental firms and non-profit organizations can recruit on campus for free.  They may also post job announcements in the career center and on their web site for free.  There is a $25.00 fee for non-profit organizations and small firms to recruit at job fairs held on campus.

199) Have students organized any boycotts against particular companies recruiting on campus for environmental reasons?  If so, which companies and why?
         There is no knowledge of any boycotts against specific companies recruiting on campus. 

200) Do you know of any efforts on campus to get students to sign a pledge encouraging them to work for socially responsible companies upon graduation?
In 1990 there was an Associated Students funded effort to give out social and environmental pledge cards at graduation.  Currently the career center has no such pledge on file, however the Associated Students Environmental Affairs Council does have a copy of this type of pledge, which is available for members and other students to sign. 


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