Medical Waste

43) What campus facilities generate medical waste?
The Student Health Center, the Nursing Program, the Athletics Department, the Anthropology department and the Custodial department all generate medical waste.

44) How much medical waste does your campus generate annually?
Generally the campus generates 4,000 pounds of medical waste a year at a cost of $3,000 to incinerate.

45) How has this figure changed in the past five years?
There has been no considerable increase in the amount to medical waste generated on campus over the past five years.

46) How is medical waste disposed of and where does it go?
       All medical waste generated on campus is incinerated and the ash is landfilled.

47) How much is landfilled? Incinerated?
       All medical waste from campus is incinerated and landfilled.

48) What are the annual medical-waste disposal costs?

49) How have these costs changed over the past five years?
       There have been no changes in cost over the past five years.

50) Approximately, what percentage of the medical waste is recyclable?
      None of the medical waste generated on campus is able to be recycled.

51) Have any efforts been implemented to separate recyclable materials from non-recyclable medical waste?

52) Has your campus initiated a medical-waste reduction program?
No.  The amount of medical waste generated on campus is relatively small and not very expensive to discard. 

53) If so, please describe, including implementation date and cost-savings to date.


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