Pest Control

64) What pesticides are used on campus and in what quantities?
On campus, 85% of pest control is done by use of natural methods and substances.  In 1998, 960 ounces if Round-Up were used.  There is an effort on campus to cut out the use of Round-Up completely.  56 ounces of Merit were used in 1998.  This pesticides targets aphids, white flies, and beetles.  160 ounces of Defense were used in 1998.  This is a fungicide that is made of organic tree oil.  Also in 1998 there were 10 pounds of POTA used, 1 pound of Heritage, and 986 ounces of Subdue (turf treatment) applied.  In 1999 only 300 ounces of Subdue were used.

65) How has this quantity changed over the past five years?
The quantity of pesticides used on campus has gone down almost 90% in the past five years.

66) What kind of pests are they controlling and where?
Indoors ants, roaches, mice and rats are being controlled.

67) What are the total costs for contracts and purchases related to pest control?
The total costs are not available, but have tended to decrease due to the reduction of pesticides used and the switch to natural methods.

68) How have these costs changed over the past five years?
       See question above (#67).

69) Has your campus initiated an Integrated Pest Management program?
Yes.  There is an effort to reduce the use of harmful biocides each year.  One of the main reasons is to avoid lawsuits and health costs. 

70) If so, please describe, including implementation date and cost-savings to date.
The discussion for a campus Integrated Pest Management Program began around 1992.  The actual IPM program was initiated around 1996-1997   There was an initial increase in cost due to buying new products, but over time there has been a decrease in costs. 


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