128) How do people get to campus everyday? If possible provide estimates of the percentage by each mode:

        Single-occupancy vehicle or motorcycle: 35%
        Van-pool: 6%
        Bicycle: 30%
        Carpool: 6%
        Transit: 6%
        Walking: 28%

129) How many vehicles travel to campus daily?
Currently there have been no studies performed to calculate the approximate number of cars that travel to campus daily.  As stated in the previous question, 35% of all students drive to campus each day.  This figure does not include faculty and staff that also drive to campus daily.  The only other record that is kept regarding vehicles travelling to campus is the number of parking decals sold.  For the Spring 2000 semester, for faculty, staff and students, there were 2,658 parking permits sold.  The Office of Institutional Research is currently working on a parking survey that will include data regarding the number of vehicles that travel to campus.

130) How far do people commute on average?
 A recent survey of 11,074 students revealed the following data:
  -54% commuted 1 mile or less.
  -20% commuted 2-3 miles.
  -9% commuted 4-10 miles.
  -17% commuted more than 10 miles.

131) What percentage of your campus area is developed to roads and parking lots?
The total surface area of campus that is paved is 4326 ksf (thousand square feet).

132) Does the campus have a program to promote ride-sharing?
In the old Bell Memorial Union, there were ride share boards available for student use.  At the BMU Information Center there is information available regarding the Butte County Ride Share Program.

133) Are transit passes subsidized for students, staff, or faculty? If so, please describe.
Students, faculty, and staff are able to use the Chico Area Transit and Butte County Transit bus services for free during the fall and spring semesters.  During the 1998-1999 school year there were 284,769 student, faculty, and staff rides given.  Out of this figure, 253,750 were students alone.  This service is subsidized both by the Associated Students and the University through an agreement with the City of Chico.  The Associated Students fund the Student Shuttle, which is Routes 8&9.  During the 1999/2000 fiscal years, the cost for this service was $69,594.  The University currently funds all other routes for a cost of $45,000/year. 

134) Does the campus have enough parking to meet the demand?

135) Is it campus policy to provide parking to meet demand?

136) Are students, staff, and faculty charged for parking?
Yes.  Currently the charge for a parking decal is $63.00 for automobiles and $15.75 for motorcycles per semester.  There is also R Parking available that comprises of leased land and is more expensive for a parking decal.  The current cost is $306.00 for the academic year, or $348.00 for the calendar year.

137) Are any campus fleet vehicles operated using alternative fuels?
Yes.  CSU, Chico currently has 32 electric vehicles that are used on campus.  The Associated Students owns one Student Shuttle Bus that is used by the Chico Area Transit service and is run by natural gas. 

138) Does your school own or lease any electric vehicles? If so, please describe.
The school owns 25 electric vehicles, which are used on campus by various departments.  There are also seven electric Ford Rangers that are currently being rented. 


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