Wastewater and Storm Runoff

54) How much wastewater (sewage) does your campus generate annually?
Chico’s Wastewater Treatment Plant and the University currently do not calculate the total amount of sewage/wastewater that the campus generates per year. 

55) Where is campus wastewater treated?
Campus wastewater is treated at the city’s Wastewater Treatment Plant located on River Road west of Chico.

56) Where is this treated wastewater discharged?
        The treated water is then discharged into the Sacramento River.

57) What percentage of the capacity of your community’s wastewater treatment facility is used to process campus-generated wastewater?
Currently there have been no measurements taken to accurately assess the percentage of wastewater that is generated specifically by the campus.

58) What kind of treatment does it receive?
The wastewater first goes through the Sewage Collection System, and then is subject to a secondary activated Sludge Treatment Process before it is finally treated and discharged into the Sacramento River.

59) What costs, if any are associated with treating campus wastewater?
In 1999 the University was billed $9,000/month for wastewater treatment.

60) Has your campus initiated any programs to reduce wastewater volume and/or toxicity?
Yes.  There are programs to capture waste streams created from such departments as Art, Biology, and Chemistry.  All of these waste streams are treated as hazardous waste. 

61) Does your school use any reclaimed water in its facilities or on landscaping? 


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