Warm Greetings from Chico State and the College of ECC!

Recently we held our annual “Welcome Back” barbeque for students, faculty, and staff of the college, providing for many in attendance, their very first taste of the “Chico Experience”. This was the perfect setting in illuminating the power of what goes on here within our programs. The energy and excitement around the prospect of discovery – new knowledge, new friends, new conversation, new connections, and new possibilities – was indeed, palpable. I personally am invigorated and share in the enthusiasm that comes with this new academic year and the endeavors that lie ahead.

You no doubt have heard that the campus is celebrating our 125th anniversary and has a full palate of opportunities for engagement with us in marking this historic achievement. We have been tasked by President Zingg as a campus body to provide 125,000 hours of community service to commemorate John and Annie Bidwell’s gift to the City of Chico and State of California. ECC students have taken the challenge head-on – as they do in most endeavors – and have contributed over 31,974 hours of the 98,720 hours credited toward the goal to date. You’ll hear more about the details of our effort here in the days to come, but know that ECC’s history of leadership in serving others is warmly embraced by the current crop of very bright and capable students.

As in years past, a large emphasis will be placed on hands-on experiences in all of our technical programs. In-class collaborations, student competitions, industry sponsored capstone and senior projects, as well as faculty-driven research, all provide robust and meaningful opportunities for our students to put theory into practice. These avenues provide the margin of distinction that separates our programs from those who consider themselves competition. The success of our graduates, alumni, and within each of our student groups speaks for itself, and perpetuating our standard of excellence is central to my mission as Dean. I’ll be talking to you in the future about the achievements made in these efforts and the ways you can help support these critically important needs.

For now, I wish you all a productive month of September and look forward to the opportunity to share our story with you later in the year. I welcome your feedback, or any questions you might hold. Please feel free to contact my office and I’ll respond as quickly as I can.

Warm regards,

September 2012