What is VSL?


VSL stands for Virtual Software Library. (Note: Campus initially referred to this technology as Virtual Software Delivery, or VSD.)  VSL provides anytime and anywhere access to licensed MS Windows applications without the need to install and store those applications on local devices.

With VSL, licensed software runs on campus servers while the (video) output is sent to a remote (potentially mobile) device; hence, users can access software remotely rather than what has traditionally only been available in select computer labs on campus. Confirmed ECC licensed software that can be accessed via VSL include Matlab and Solidworks. Requests for licensed software to be added to the list can be made by contacting Elbert Chan, ECC Computing Systems Administrator and ECC's VSL Contact Person.

Citrix Receiver

For VSL to work, one needs to install a VSL client on their computer or mobile device.  Chico State is using Citrix XenApp and Citrix XenDesktop to implement VSL.

VSL on a desktop machine or a laptop ...

If you are using a Windows PC, Mac or Linux machine point your browser to https://vsl.csuchico.edu.

VSL on a tablet ...

If you are using a mobile device, you need to download and install the Citrix Receiver app (instructions for iPad users available here) ...

Citrix on iPad

Using VSL for your course(s) ...

In order to use VSL in your course(s), you will need to complete a Request for VSL Course Access form on our campus's Service Catalog (see references below). You should consider consulting with Elbert Chan before you decide to complete a request, particularly if you have any questions about this technology.

Additional references and resources:

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