What is Bay?

file server


Bay is the campus file server for storing and sharing business (campus work-related) documents. Bay is a secure, regularly backed-up document storage solution where faculty and staff can save, share, manage, open, and edit documents directly.  

There are two types of document space available in Bay:

  1. individual users (faculty or staff): 8 GB default
  2. departments (or units): 40 GB default 


Faculty can use their individual space in Bay to maintain their teaching materials and professional development documents.


It is highly recommended that departments/units use Bay to manage their business documents. In particular, it may be helpful to organize a department folder so that it directly contains at least two subfolders:

  1. Office - restricted for department office use only (e.g. chair, administrative assistant, etc.).  Chairs and administrative assistants can organize, store, and share their business documents in this folder. In case of any chair or staff changes, their files will be available in this folder in Bay for the next person (no need to use USB drives!). 
  2. Shared - restricted to all department faculty and staff.  Consider making sub-folders for department meetings (agenda and minutes), committees, syllabi, projects, forms, etc. that can be shared among everyone in the department to facilitate collaboration. 

Off-campus access

Bay is accessible from off-campus via VPN, even via an iPad ...

Additional references and resources:

ITSS Knowledge Base: Bay File Server, https://wiki.csuchico.edu/confluence/display/help/Bay+File+Server