Where can I get training on (more current) software?

Software Training


IT Support Services (ITSS) provides training workshops for all enterprise desktop products used on campus. Faculty and staff may register individually for classes available on the ITSS website. Departments and staff groups of eight or more may request specialized training sessions designed to accommodate a specific need or simply to allow the team to train together.

A list of training and workshop class descriptions, and the ITSS training calendar, are available online. Additional information is available from the list of references below.

Additional references and resources:

  1. ITSS Service Catalog: Training, https://wiki.csuchico.edu/confluence/display/catalog/Training
  2. ITSS Training Calendar, https://atecext.csuchico.edu/itss/training/calendar/
  3. ITSS Training Sessions, https://atecext.csuchico.edu/itss/training/session/