ECC Facilities

ECC Teaching Labs

The College maintains the following instructional/research labs (fewer than 15 computers/lab):
Location Lab Name Dept Computers
LANG 117 Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics Lab CIVL  
LANG 118
Polymers Manufacturing Lab MMEM  
LANG 119
Soils and Structures Lab CIVL  
LANG 120
Material Removal and
Computer-Aided Manufacturing Lab
LANG 121
Concrete Lab CIVL/CIMT/CMGT  
LANG 122
Thermal-Fluids Lab MMEM  
OCNL 130 Materials Testing Lab MMEM 5
OCNL 241
Software Engineering and Projects Lab CSCI 1
OCNL 246
Intelligent Systems Lab (ISL) CSCI 2
OCNL 247
ONR Project Research Lab EECE 6
OCNL 255
ECC Senior Projects "Clean Room" ECC
OCNL 337 Real-Time Control Lab EECE 12
OCNL 339
Communications Lab EECE 3
OCNL 340
Computer Networks Lab ECC 30
OCNL 341
EECE Sr/Grad Projects Lab EECE 14
OCNL 342
EECE Systems Lab EECE 6
OCNL 343
Embedded Systems Lab EECE 6
OCNL 344
OCNL 346
Digital Systems Lab EECE 8
OCNL 432 Design Workshop MMEM
OCNL 434
Instructional Lab CIMT
OCNL 436
Design Studio MMEM
PLMS 114 Material Removal and Robotics Lab MMEM  
PLMS 116
Material Joining and Metal Casting Lab MMEM  
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ECC Tech Shop

The College also has a Tech Shop in OCNL 249 run by Steve Eckart. The Tech Shop supports a wide variety of electrical and mechanical needs of our College.