California's Economic Payoff

In April 2012, the Campaign for College Opportunity released a report detailing their key findings to a study called "California's Economic Payoff: Investing in college access and completion."  The report covers a wide number of compelling reasons why it is extremely important and beneficial for the State of California to continue investing in higher education. The report is a "must read" for anyone affiliated with the UC and CSU systems so we can clearly articulate how important our efforts in higher education are to our community and the State of California.

Some interesting key findings include:

  • For every $1 California invests in students who graduate, it will receive a net return on investment of $4.50.
  • Past graduates of UC and CSU return $12 billion annually to the state.
  • By entering and completing college, the average Californian will spend 4 years less in poverty, reducing the expected number of years they receive cash aid by more than 2 years.
  • By the time a college graduate reaches 38 years old, the state's initial investment is repaid in full.

The report is authored by Dr. Jon Stiles, Dr. Michael Hout, and Dr. Henry Brady of the Institute for the Study of Societal Issues, UC Berkeley and is commissioned by The Campaign for College Opportunity (  The report and slides are available here: