ECC Computing

ECC Computing Accounts

For all ECC Computing accounts, you may go to to either create a new account or to update your existing account. All ECC Computing issues should be directed to Elbert Chan, our ECC Systems Administrator.

ECC Computer Labs

The College maintains the following computer labs (with at least 15 computers/lab):
Location Lab Name Dept Computers
OCNL 127 CMGT Arch CAD Lab CMGT 32
OCNL 131
Construction Management CMGT 32
OCNL 133
Graphics Lab APCG 50
OCNL 136
Graphics and Animation Lab APCG 64
OCNL 244 Windows Lab CSCI/EECE 30
OCNL 251
Linux Lab CSCI 35
OCNL 334 Civil Engineering CIVL 30
OCNL 431 Mechatronics Lab MMEM 18
OCNL 438

For a list of non-computer lab facilities, click here.

For information about the College of ECC Required Student Laptop purchase, click here.

ECC Unix servers

The College also maintains the following Unix servers:
Note: tiglon is running Open Solaris; jaguar is running Slackware 13.1 x64.