Chico Economics Graduate Careers - Consultant

Steve CowdinSteve Cowdin

Steve Cowdin, who graduated from Chico with a BA in economics in 1972 and an MPA in 1977, worked as an economist for Department of Water Resources in Sacramento. His areas of expertise include:

Water resource project planning analysis, including plan formulation and evaluation; Consequence analysis, including economic impact analysis, population-at-risk estimation, and life loss estimation; Development of innovative methods for benefit-cost analysis of multi-objective projects; Flood damage reduction analyses using Corps of Engineers and FEMA models and methods; Risk management, risk assessment, and risk communication

I was the CA DWR lead economist for flood risk management studies and contributed economic analyses to several significant Central Valley flood risk reduction studies, including the Sacramento and San Joaquin River Basins Comprehensive Study, Hamilton City Flood Damage Reduction and Ecosystem Restoration Feasibility Study, and Colusa Basin Integrated Watershed Management Study.

He retired from state service in 2010 but am currently with David Ford Consulting Engineers, Inc. (Sacramento) still doing flood risk management studies for CA DWR and other agencies, including the Central Valley Flood Protection Plan.

FranklinConnor Franklin

Connor Franklin, who received his BA in International Economics with Honors and a minor in International Studies in 2015, works with Workforce Solutions as a consultant for the State Compensation Insurance Fund. He also participates in Workforce Solutions’ emerging leader program where he receives rotational assignments through various departments.

Connor was a recipient of John G. Smale Award for Outstanding Achievement in Economics and the John G. Smale Scholarship for Excellence in Economics, 2014-2015.

While an undergraduate at Chico State he began working for the Center for Economic Development at Chico State as a research assistant where he analyzed data and prepared reports. He was also a grader and a tutor for the Economics Department, and he found time to work in sales at Collier Hardware.

“Economics will help me in my career in that it helps me think in logical, analytical ways” he stated in a recent email.