Chico Economics Graduate Careers - Environment

Fletcher AlexanderFletcher Alexander

Fletcher Alexander graduated from California State University, Chico in 2010 with a degree in Economics with an option in Environmental Economics and thematic studies in Environmental Issues. He is currently the Campus Sustainability Coordinator at CSU, Chico. He works collaboratively across campus on the development and implementation of sustainability initiatives in support of the campus’ long-term sustainability goals and on further developing the campus’ culture of sustainability. Before returning to the University in Fall 2011 he worked for a year and a half as an Analyst & Planner with the City of Chico on the development of a community-wide 2020 Climate Action Plan.

“My education in economics has been an invaluable tool in the sustainability planning and environmental accounting work I’ve done with the City of Chico and CSU, Chico. In particular, the ability to perform long-range cost-benefit analysis of environmental initiatives is a skill I’ve used time and again on feasibility and prioritization analyses.”

Keith S. EvansKeith S. Evans

Keith S. Evans received his B.A. in Economics with Honors in 2002 from Chico State where he competed on the Speech and Debate team. He earned his Ph.D. in Economics from Iowa State University in 2011. Keith was awarded a pre-doctoral research fellowship in Environmental and Resource Economics from the Center for Environmental Economics and Sustainability Policy at Arizona State University. Here, he researched the impact of remediation of Superfund sites in Maricopa County, AZ on the housing location decisions of households. After completing his doctorate in 2011, he joined the economics faculty at St. Lawrence University in Canton, New York. Since July of 2014, he has been an assistant professor in the School of Economics and School of Marine Sciences at the University of Maine in Orono.  

At Chico State, Keith had the opportunity to work with Professor David E. Gallo in research regarding population targets and recreational salmon fishing. In a recent email Keith stated that "My time at Chico State was important to my success in graduate school. The course work trained me to think conceptually about economic problems, rather than attempt memorization or brute force methods. This allowed me to address new research questions using the ideas introduced in other situations. The economics faculty are the department's greatest asset. During my time as a student they inspired me to enter academia and both prepared and encouraged me to attend graduate school."

Dave SteindorfDave Steindorf

Dave Steindorf graduated with a BA in economics in 1985. He is stewardship director American Whitewater. He has been an active river advocate in California since 1997. As the primary negotiator for American Whitewater, Dave has gained a reputation as a consensus builder. He has been able to gain the respect of Agencies, NGO's, and Licensees while successfully achieving the goals of his constituents. He was a signatory to the Rock Creek Cresta Settlement agreement, along with past AW Board President Kevin Lewis, and AW Conservation Director John Gangemi. This agreement provide for the first whitewater releases in California. He has since worked diligently to organize and sustain the releases on the North Fork Feather River.

Dave has a diverse range of recreational, professional and educational experiences that make him uniquely suited for his role at AW. Dave has more than 8 years of experience working on FERC Relicensing. Dave is somewhat of an anomaly, in that he has not only worked in an advocacy role but also as a consultant for several Utilities in the West. During that time he has had a role in 12 recreational flow studies as well as studies on angling and flat-water boating. Dave is also able to draw on his vast experience in a variety of recreational pursuits including having worked professionally in the areas of Paddling, Angling, Cycling, and Outdoor Retail.

Tamzen StringhamTamzen Stringham

Tamzen K. Stringham, who graduated from Chico State in 1981, went to Oregon State University where she completed her M.S. in Agriculture and Resource Economics and her PhD in Rangeland Science.

In a recent email, Dr. Stringham stated that, “I began my higher education career at Chico State in 1977 in the field of Agricultural Business. I soon found a fascination and enjoyment with the subject matter of Economics and a mentor in Dr. John Orr. Dr. Orr and many other professors within the Economics Department at Chico State provided me with a strong analytical foundation and enhanced critical thinking skills that have served me well as I pursued advanced degrees in Agricultural and Resource Economics and in Rangeland Science.” Dr. Stringham had a successful career in the rangeland ecology research and teaching arena both at Oregon State University from 1997 to 2008 and now at the University of Nevada, Reno. She currently holds the Donna Anderson Endowed Professorship in Rangeland Management at UNR. In 2010 she won the Outstanding Achievement Award for Research from the Society for Range Management and in 2013 she won the USDA Secretary of Agriculture Honor Award given for significant contributions to the Agriculture Industry of the United States.

“Although I do not specifically work in the world of economics today it is important to remember that the root word for economics and ecology are the same – meaning house or home. I use the analytical and critical thinking skills learned within the economics profession on a daily basis. My approach to solving difficult land management problems is three pronged:

  1. Economically sustainable
  2. Ecologically sustainable
  3. Socially sustainable

Without all three the management plan will fail.  My background in economics, which began at Chico State, provided me with the understanding and the tools to develop sustainable management plans that work for society, the environment and the economy.”