Chico Economics Graduate Careers - Marketing

Rachel CoulsonRachel Coulson

Rachel Coulson graduated in 2013. She is an account manager at Point of View Communications, an advertising, public relations and integrated marketing firm in Valencia, CA. She works very closely with the President/CEO as her executive assistant and is directly responsible for producing content on four client accounts, all of which are based on economic analysis. She ghostwrites a monthly feature article in the Santa Clarita Valley Business Journal for an independent community bank, tracks advertising ROI in the San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles Business Journals and researches FDIC reports for list rankings in various publications. She also develops and implements promotion and publicity campaigns for a nonprofit health organization, CPA firms and the Santa Clarita Valley Economic Development Corporation. Rachel said that “Studying economics helped me gain an intuitive understanding of how my clients respective industries interact with their various consumers, as well as how to clearly articulate complex information in writing.”

Elissa RaigosaElissa Raigosa

Elissa Raigosa graduated in 2011 with a BA in Economics and an option in International Economics. She works at 5.11 tactical, an internationally distributed apparel company that outfits law, military and first responders at their design development headquarters in Irvine California. 5.11 Tactical, the leader in the tactical industry, has been ranked on 500.Inc in top privately held companies for revenue growth. In her role as project manager within the marketing department, Elissa works with many teams in their domestic and international offices, bringing campaigns, promotions and all collateral to their distributers and sales team through various mediums. 

In a recent email she stated that “My background in economics has been instrumental in aggregating all our marketing metrics through our various platforms. I analyze our key performance indicators with recommendations on future investments where we are seeing a high return on investment in relation to our initial marketing and sales goals from each quarter.”

Elissa added that “Having a background in economics has been extremely beneficial in helping me understand the various methods of reviewing data sets, as well as my apperception of business models that are essential in being a successful leader in the competitive landscape of the apparel industry. I will continue building on the analytical foundation my economics degree helped set and apply it in the continued growth of my career.”

Jessica ZotzJessica Zotz

Jessica Zotz graduated in 2010 with a bachelor's in economics. She is project manager at GAP Specialty, NA, where she is responsible for managing multiple cross functional projects and initiatives. Her role encompasses all product related tasks from a store execution perspective and she serves as a liaison between headquarters and field business partners, working closely with Gap's field communications team. She began her career with Gap working at the local Chico store while she was an undergraduate.

Jessica stated that, “My education in economics at Chico State gave me the foundational building blocks to expand upon my problem solving skills in a way that enables me to think and work outside the box but within the blue box that is Gap. Expanding upon the skill set garnered at Chico State, my educational experiences at the University of New Mexico further built out my understanding of consumer duality theory and the appropriate application of such theories in a business environment. Additionally, I was able to fine tune my quantitative and analytical skills through econometric modeling and analysis, providing my team with a specialized niche skill set, previously under represented.