Chico Economics Graduate Careers - Politics

Randall StoneRandall Stone

Randall Stone graduated in 2004 with a BA in economics and a BA in finance, and opened his own financial firm, Randall Stone Financial Planning and Real Estate in Chico, CA. While working in real estate and finance, he became interested in developing affordable housing throughout California. “As an affordable housing developer, I was responsible for managing development, financing, and entitlement processes for his affordable housing projects and for administering proposed relocation plans, coordinating with social services groups for the developments, and functioning as the primary bookkeeper and financial manager of each development,” Randall stated in describing his duties.

Randall won a seat on the Chico City Council in 2012. The Chico City Council consists of seven elected officials who serve staggered four year terms. The Mayor and Vice Mayor are voted by the other Council members, and serve two year terms. The City Council is the legislative body for the City of Chico, implementing policy and procedures, municipal laws, committee appointments, budget review, and community non-profit grant funding to name a few of the responsibilities. The City Manager and City Attorney report directly to the City Council. The City Council meets twice a month, and the agenda is approved by the Mayor.