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Darrin AdamsDarrin Adams

Darrin Adams, who finished his BA in economics in 1987, is product marketing manager for Fujitsu Computer Products of America. He is responsible for outbound messaging and marketing programs for what Darrin describes as “the world’s most popular document scanner line.” One of the keys to this position is to make powerful technologies both easy to understand and easy to sell. In addition to presenting and messaging, he captures feature requirements for hardware, does competitive analysis, develops software, and works closely with our business development team for partnership opportunities.

In a recent email he stated, “My Economics degree helped me understand and look at complex business and technical systems. At Chico, I learned critical thinking and how to look at a problem from more than just a dollar-now perspective. There are hidden values, benefits, and even pitfalls to everything we do which are not always apparent in the short term. While I did graduate work and San Francisco State and Temple University, I personal found the non-commuter atmosphere of Chico to be one of the best learning and social environments I have ever had.”

Shaun CarriganShaun Carrigan

Shaun Carrigan graduated in 2011 with a BA in economics. He works at, Veeva Systems, a software company in Pleasanton, California. Veeva is a cloud-based software company that provides solutions to the Life Sciences Industry. As a Release Engineer, Shaun manages the software builds and releases for all of Veeva's supported platforms including Online, Windows Tablet, iPad, iPhone and Blackberry. This role requires in-depth knowledge of multiple operating systems (Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux), programming and very quick problem solving skills.

“My degree in Economics has helped me to think outside the box and to have a more analytical approach to solving problems. It also opened the door for interning at the Center for Economic Developer (CED) where I had the opportunity to work with regional data, economic indicators, and Geographic Information Software (GIS).”

Matt DeatrickMatt Deatrick

Matt Deatrick graduated in 1998. He is a marketing executive for Verizon Wireless Connected Devices where he focuses on bringing 4G LTE speeds to consumer devices. His goal is to enhance consumer devices, such as connected homes, gaming, health/wellness, security, and tablets. Matt’s duties include initial market research and analysis, partner engagement, business modeling and strategy, design of product road maps, negotiations, and go-to-market support. “We find, vet, and launch the next generation of mobile devices (non-smartphones) on the world’s most reliable 4G network,” Matt stated in a recent email.”

Sam EnriquezSam Enriquez

Sam Enriquez graduated in 2011. He said It was during the summer following my graduation that I made one of the most difficult decisions of my life, to leave California for the big apple, New York City.” He had accepted a job working for a digital advertising agency where he had interned during the previous few summers while at Chico State. Advertising agencies have long been sought after by companies big and small for brand positioning, creative ideas, and overall revenue driving strategies. Sam’s company, Resolute Digital, works as a strategic business advisor for clients who want to expand their brand's footprint whether it is by mobile application/web development, and/or by Sam’s area of expertise, media and analytics. In his role as an Analytics Manager, he oversees the implementation of web and increasingly, mobile analytics strategies to track key pieces of business data. Analytics is the foundation of any marketing strategy, and Sam’s company helps give businesses the tools to analyze important metrics to make smarter data driven decisions. According to Sam, this is a very new field and a critical part in bridging the gap between marketing strategy and the decisions key business stakeholders make. Although this role is more technical in nature than his economics courses, according to Sam, “It has proved incredibly valuable throughout my career thus far. The ability to analyze data, construct theories and draw conclusions is the key thought process which will bring you success in your career, regardless of the path you take. I'm now responsible for all west coast operations and help manage the marketing strategy with one of our key clients on-site in Orange County, Local Corporation.”

Andrew FingersonAndrew Fingerson

Andrew Fingerson graduated from Chico State in 2005 with a Bachelors degree in Economics with minors in Business Administration and Communication Design. He has been a salesman working in the wholesale electrical supply business since 2007 with Rexel, a worldwide company based in Paris. Rexel purchased Platt, a company out of Oregon, a few years ago and Andrew's branch in Grass Valley changed its name to the Platt moniker.

"My job is to find electrical and data communications solutions for contractors, electricians, homeowners, and maintenance personnel for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings, Andrew stated in a recent email. "Our products range from utility power, lighting, dimming controls, timers, solar/clean energy, security, data, video, audio, power tools, and industrial controls and automation. We have the best web site and smart app in the industry; customers can take photos with their Smartphone and our online team can find pricing/availability on that product in just a minute or two via chat texting 16 hours day/7 days a week!"

"I use economics to explain to customers how certain products such as LED lighting retrofits and solar panels will pay off down the road on utility costs and reduced maintenance. We work with the Sierra Business Council and their Sierra Nevada Energy Watch program to quote businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies on products that will reduce energy consumption and lower their utility bills."

jake lovisloJake Lovislo

Jake Lovisolo, who graduated in 2013 with honors in the economics major, works as a business analyst for Cisco in Pleasanton, California. He runs Cisco’s quantitative models and he assists in the development of mobile applications.

Before Cisco, Jake worked as a Human Capital Analyst for Deloitte Consulting where he helped companies align their employees with their overall business strategy.  “More specifically,” Jake explained, “I worked with the clients to figure out their specific needs from Workday based off of their strategies and processes.  I then took this information and configured the system to work according to the way the client needs.”

Qasim MalikQasim Malik

Qasim Malik graduated in 2011 with a bachelor’s in economics with an option in international economics. He started his own technology firm in Dubai, UAE, where he forecasts market trends for the technology sector. We try to use our forecasting skills to always reduce the risk and to make decisions that allow us to capitalize on potential tech investment opportunities. Qasim stated that “My economics degree is very helpful in business development as it provides an opportunity to forecast and simulate different strategic decisions for our clients and the implications of that for the business environment. I use economics to derive the most efficient business development in house and for our clients.”

Kimberley MazzaKimberley Mazza

Kimberley Mazza graduated with a BA in economics in 2005. She is a senior consultant at Cardinal Health's Operations Technology Pharmaceutical Segment in Dublin, Ohio. She is responsible for identifying and integrating technology that will help Cardinal Health become more efficient. In a recent email, Kimberley stated, “The job I recently accepted requires an Economics degree. I have been very lucky with my degree; specifically econometrics and medical economics have been the most useful courses in my career as I work in medical and pharmaceutical supply chain.”

Jamie MendozaJamie Mendoza

Jaime Mendoza graduated with a degree in economics in 1996. He is CEO and founder of GoAhead Solutions, LLC, a San Francisco Bay Area firm that provides IT talent and Oracle software resell services. He stated in a recent email, "The analytical skills that I developed in route to obtaining my Economics degree enabled me to clime the corporate ladder and eventually form my own company. There are a lot of factors that change in the economy and being able to adapt and change are crucial to sustaining a business in any economy."

Crystal D. NashCrystal D. Nash

Crystal D. Nash, who graduated in 2002, joined Peace Corps after graduation.  After leaving Peace Corps she worked in rural economic development in California.  In a recent email Crystal Nash, stated that “The requirements for collaborative writing, computer/technical skills and just basic statistical math that I learned while pursuing my BA in Economics have been invaluable to me.”

“I made the cross country move to work in Washington, DC around August of 2013 and have been in "full sprint" work mode since then.”  Crystal currently works as a program analyst for the Department of Veterans Affairs in Washington D.C. “I'm a certified Project manager and my career/interests have evolved to more of an IT based project/program management role.”

“The writing components, communication, critical thinking/analysis and team work/building skills that I learned while in college as an economics undergraduate have helped me tremendously.”  

Carmen NgCarmen Ng

Carmen Ng, who graduated in 2010, is a recruiting coordinator for Facebook where she helps organize the entire process of hiring new employees from sourcing their resumes to scheduling their interviews with management. She joined Facebook in October 2013 after working as a relocation coordinator for Google.  During the year that she worked for Google, Carmen helped new hires from around the world with their relocation needs driven by their move to Mountain View, California. 

John SpadeJohn Spade

John Spade, who was recognized for his technological contributions to the Economics Department and to the University, graduated with a major in economics in 1995. He owns a company providing Cisco networking and technology consulting services for SMBs in Pompano Beach, Florida.

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Michael TocceMichael Tocce

Michael Tocce, who graduated in 2009 with a major in economics and a minor in political science, works as a cartographer for Google. He creates and maintains map enhancement projects that keep Google Maps competitive on mobile, table, and desktop computers. In a recent email he stated that "My economics background has been crucial in allowing me to think like an economist; to be a better problem solver. Economics has trained my brain to think of ways to make our mapping processes more efficient; think of incentives to make an operation of 1000s of people more productive; and communicate across teams in an effective manner."