Terry Gustafson (Gus)



MBA, CSU, Chico, 1980
BA, CSU, Chico, 1972

Terry Gustafson has been a lecturer on the CSU, Chico campus since the fall of 1976. He has taught classes in Business Management, Finance, and Social Science as well as Economics. He especially likes to teach the lower division Economic classes because of the constantly changing economic conditions that warrant explanations to new students, and to dispel preconceived myths and false logic that many students have concerning the economy. Professor Gustafson emphasizes the relationship between every day economic events and the material his students study for class. His students are required to sign up for an economics news source, such as the Wall Street Journal.

Other areas of interest include the local real estate rental market, and restoring older homes for rentals. Professor Gustafson travels with his professional woodworking wife to craft shows where they sell her jewelry boxes that are made from the local walnut, oak, and maple trees.