Frederica Shockley

Professor of Economics


Ph.D., Economics, Georgia State University, 1978
M.A., Economics., Mississippi State University, 1969
B.A., Economics, Mississippi University for Women, 1967

Frederica Shockley likes to use computing applications in her classes. She usually teaches Econ 103 (introductory microeconomics) with Aplia, a web-based tutorial/ homework program and clickers in the classroom which she used to prepare students for their Aplia assignments. Her approach, developed over a seven year period, was recently recognized by the Chancellor’s Office as a model for redesign of introductory microeconomics.

Professor Shockley also teaches the capstone course for economics majors, ECON 495. In this class students develop papers on a topic related to a student learning outcome (SLO) and they present their papers for review by a panel of professors from the Economics Department who determine if students are meeting the criteria of the SLO.

She teaches ECON 495 and her other upper-division courses, ECON 462 (Urban and Regional Economics) and ECON 345 (Economics of War) in the computer lab where she teaches students to find data on the web and use spreadsheets to analyze the data.

Professor Shockley stresses application more than theory, and she frequently cites examples from her work as a consultant in northern California. She and her husband, Professor Jon S. Ebeling, have worked together as consultants in their business, Regional and Economic Sciences. Since 1988, they have consulted with numerous local governments and private firms in northern California.