Core Program

The Economics Major teaches skills that are highly valued by employers, skills which students can also use in their personal lives. The core of the Economics Major provides students with quantitative skills useful in business and in government. Students completing the Economics Major will also acquire writing skills desirable in any employment. Most importantly, Economics students learn a critical and analytical way to approach problem solving that is productive and highly valued by employers, graduate schools, and law schools. A BA in Economics provides opportunity for careers in both private and public job sectors. It is also excellent preparation for graduate programs in economics, business, law, and public administration.

Major Core Courses: 24-25 units

Lower Division: 12-13 units

2 courses required:

ECON 102 Principles of Macroeconomic Analysis (3)

ECON 103 Principles of Microeconomic Analysis (3)

1 course selected from:

CSCI 110 Introductory to Applications Programming (3)

MINS 301 Corporate Technology Integration (3)

SOSC 210 Computer Applications for BSS (3)

Prerequisites: completion of General Education Area A4 (mathematics)

1 course selected from:

MATH 109 Survey of Calculus (3)

Prerequisites: Completion of ELM requirement; MATH 118, MATH 119 ( or High School equivalents).

MATH 120 Analytic Geometry and Calculus (4)

Prerequisites: Completion of ELM requirement; both MATH 118 and MATH 119 (or high school equivalent); a score that meets department guidelines on a department administered calculus readiness exam.

OR (the following course may be substituted for the above)

Any upper-division ECON course that is not taken to satisfy any other requirement.

Note: For students interested in graduate school, MATH 121 is strongly recommended, as are MATH 350, MATH 351, and MATH 435.

Upper-Division: 12 units

2 courses required:

ECON 301 Microeconomic Analysis (3)

Prerequisites: ECON 103

ECON 302 Macroeconomic Analysis (3)

Prerequisites: ECON 102

1 course selected from:

BADM 103 Statistics of Business and Economics (3)

Prerequisites: For Business Administration majors: MATH 107. For others: Completion of General Education Breadth Area A4 requirement.

MATH 105 Statistics (3)

Prerequisites: Completion of ELM requirement.

MATH 108 Statistics of Business and Economics (3)

Prerequisites: For business administration students: MATH 107. For other students: completion of General Education Breadth Area A4 requirement.

1 course required:

ECON 495 Economic Literature (3)

Prerequisites: ENGL 130 (or its equivalent) with a grade of C- or higher, ECON 102, ECON 103, ECON 301, ECON 302, and senior status.

Major Option Course Requirements: 18-33 units

Students must select one of the following options for completion of the major course requirements: