International Economics

(Minimum of 21 Units is Required)
BA in Economics Required

The BA in Economics with an Option in International Economics is designed for those seeking a structured program in Economics with an international emphasis. Those declaring this option must complete the Economics core program courses, additional courses in Economics (see below), and courses from the International Economics electives listed below.

FOUR courses required:

ECON 370 Int'l. Finance & Trade Policy (3)
ECON 375 Developing Countries (3)
ECON 376 Econ. of the Pacific Rim (3)
ECON 470 International Economics (3)

THREE courses selected from:

AFAM 206 Comparative Slavery (3)
AFRI 300 Contemp. Problems and Prospects (3)
ANTH 303 Cultural Anthropology (3)
ANTH 338 Culture & Tourism (3)
ANTH 373 Pacific Cultures (3)
ANTH 437 Anthro. & Development Issues (3)

ASST 300 or AAST 300 Asian Studies: Contemp. (3)
ECON 389 Internship (3)

GEOG 357 Land and People: Central America (3)
HIST 475 Modern China (3)
MEST 362/HIST 362 Middle East (3)

MKTG 477 International Marketing (3)
POLS 341 International Relations (3)

POLS 446D/ INST 466D International Relations: Pacific Basin (3)
POLS 413 Politics: Developing Nations (3)
POLS 417 Politics: Industrial Societies (3)

RELS 332 World Religions and Global Issues (3)

Those selecting this option are strongly encouraged to complete one or more of the following:
  • An intermediate foreign language course.
  • A study-abroad program. Contact International Studies.
  • Either the cultural immersion in Mexico (fall semester) or Costa Rica (spring semester) offered by the Latin American studies and Geography programs. Contact International Studies.
  • An international internship outside the U.S. Contact Experiential Education in Continuing Education.

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