Chico Economics Graduate Careers - Analyst / Consultant

kieth aldrichKieth Aldrich

Keith Aldrich, who graduated with a BA in Economics in 1990, is president of Continuity Consulting Inc., a company that he founded in 2002 in Folsom, California.   After graduation Keith joined GE IT Solutions as a corporate account executive for public and private sector organizations.  After serving in several different roles over a period of almost 10 years, Keith left GE IT Solutions for KANA as a strategic accounts executive with responsibility for large enterprises, such as the State of California, Hewlett Packard, and E-Trade.  He worked there for over two years before he founded Continuity Consulting where his goal is to serve “our clients by improving their organizations performance through the effective use of people, process and technology,” according to his LinkedIn page.   (Last Updated 1/17/17)

Simon Hase PortraitAbdulruhman Al-Musharraf

Abdulruhman Al-Musharraf, who graduated in 2015 with a BA in Economics, is a junior financial analyst with RAZ Holding Group in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. He enrolled in Chico State after a year at King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM) in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. “I am working in a holding company that invests in startup businesses and I am using my economics and accounting skills to fulfill the job role,” Abdulruhman stated in a recent email. He is studying for the Certified Financial Analyst (CFA) level one exam. “My current goal is to become a CFA charter holder by passing all 3 levels of examination.”
“I moved from Dhahran to Riyadh just to take this job because I wanted to be involved in the startup world. One day, Inshallah, I would start my own business.”   (Last Updated 7/12/17)

Arthur BalizanArthur Balizan

Arthur Balizan, who graduated with a BA in Economics and the Smale Award in 2007, is a tax manager in transfer pricing with Informatica in Redwood City, California. After graduation at Chico State, Arthur entered graduate school at the University of Michigan where he earned his MA in Applied Economics in 2008. During the summer of 2008 Arthur worked as a transfer pricing intern with Ernst Young in Detroit, Michigan. After completing his internship he accepted a position with Ernst and Young in San Jose, California where he worked for 3 years. In 2013 he became a vice president at Duff and Phelps in Palo Alto where he worked for almost 4 years. In 2015 he moved on to Informatica where he is currently working as a transfer pricing tax manager.
 “An education in Economics has helped me throughout my career by encouraging open minded and analytical approaches to issues,” Arthur stated in a recent email. “In studying economics, acquiring a working knowledge of politics, philosophy, economics, history and mathematics have helped me in many facets of life after school.”   (Last Updated 1/24/17)>

Jordan BairdJordan Baird

Jordan Baird, who graduated in 2017 with a BA in Economics and the Smale Award, is a data analyst with Phoenix Marketing International in Sacramento, California.

“I made good use of my time in college, taking the quantitative pathway in the economics major while receiving honors, distinction, and the John Smale Award from the Economics Department faculty,” Jordan states on his LinkedIn page. “I have researched topics within the field, such as unemployment differentials and the yield curve's recession predicting power. However, I am also very interested in the utilization of econometric techniques to gain insights into non-economic phenomenon.”

“While in college I was employed by US Bank as a member of the credit team. At US Bank I gained valuable insights into the banking industry and learned fundamentals of commercial lending. Among my greatest abilities are my strategic and quantitative thought-process, along with my ability to adapt to dynamic situations with tact and judgement. Moreover, I am an effective presenter and communicator,” he correctly concluded on LinkedIn. “After moving to Sac early last month, I finally landed a job as a data analyst,” Jordan stated in a recent email. “I will be working remotely for Phoenix Marketing International. They look at market data/surveys and advise companies on their marketing campaigns. I start next Friday and am stoked!” (Last Updated 2/14/18)

“Honestly though--wow-- it is a pain to get a job here in Sac! People say Sac is booming right now-- and it is-- but it's competitive! I applied to around 30 jobs, was interviewed for 6, and received 2 offers. It was so discouraging to get denied on applications/interviews that you really put your heart into! It's crazy out here, but it seems to have worked out! --for now.” (Last Updated, 2/7/18)

Lee BarendseLee J. Barendse

Lee J. Barendse, who graduated in 2014 with a B.A. in Economics, works as an information management consultant for Method360 in San Francisco, California. Before transferring to Chico State, Lee worked as a support technician at Celebration Depot LLC, where he installed, configured, and maintained their e-commerce for almost 6 years. After enrolling at Chico State in 2012, Lee participated in the Economics Club, Alpha Sigma Phi, and BIS Society. During his first semester at Chico, Lee was a certified peer educator for BACCHUS Network, an organization that engages student leaders in addressing campus health and safety issues.
While completing his Economics major, Lee minored in Management Information Systems, which involved classes such as CSCI 111 (Programming and Algorithms), MINS 245 (Data Communications and Networking), MINS 350 (Business Systems analysis) and BSIS 301 (Enterprise Technology Integration). After graduation, Lee accepted his current position with Method360 where he has consulted with McKesson Corporation, Del Monte Foods, Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco, and ExxonMobil. Lee also has co-authorship credits on two technical books relating to SAP technologies.
“My economics training has given me the ability to analyze complex problems and communicate their solutions effectively,” Lee stated in a recent email.   

Andrew BarronAndrew Barron

Andrew Barron, who graduated in 1996 with a BA in Economics and a BS in Geology, is a geologist consultant in Gold Beach, Oregon.
“My masters is a fraction of a PhD I started to study landforms in the basin and range province of the American West, and specifically the morphology of fault-controlled range fronts,” Andrew stated on his blog. “After grad school, I toured with a country band and also formed my own bluegrass band. In late 2007, I moved to Rosine, Kentucky to steep in the rural music tradition from which bluegrass was born. In 2009, I came back to California and returned to corporate hell. After three months, I bailed to the southern Oregon coast.”   (Last Updated 1/20/17)

Nikita BensonNikita Benson

Nikita Benson, who graduated in 2015 with Honors and a BA in Economics, is a consultant with Steer in New York City.  She also earned a BS in Applied Mathematics and the Economics Department chose Nikita as the Outstanding Economics Major in 2015.  Nikita came to Chico State from Muscat, Oman, where she lived with her family, all citizens of India.

Between her freshman and sophomore year Nikita “worked on the collaboration of OMPT with Digital Study Hall, an Indian NGO, and created a detailed timeline of the collaboration in order to scale the process,” according to her LinkedIn page.   During the summer before her senior year she worked as a data analysis intern for Chabin Concepts.  In her senior year Nikita was a research assistant for Dr. Anita Chaudhry, “analyzing farmers’ decisions to fallow crop, sell their water or pump groundwater in the North State using econometric modeling,” according to her  LinkedIn page.  Nikita also found time to tutor, helping students with introductory and intermediate courses. 

During the summer after her graduation from Chico State, Nikita interned at the Center for Advanced Hindsight, a research laboratory at Duke University that conducts experiments in behavioral economics with Dr. Dan Ariely.  When she moved from Duke University back to Chico, Nikita worked for 6 months in Chico as an intern for DataFox collecting and analyzing data for health care in California.   Later in 2015 Nikita moved to San Francisco, California to work for assisting the firm with data processes. 

At the beginning of 2016 Nikita enrolled in the graduate program at New York University and began a strategy and business operations internship with New York City, where she “Identified areas of currency risk to provide an academic report with implementable recommendations,” according to her LinkedIn page.   During the summer of 2017 she interned with charity:water, a non-profit that supplies drinking water to people in low-income countries.  In 2018 she completed her MA in Economics.  (Last Updated 11/19/18)

Greta Bernard MacdonaldGreta Bernard Macdonald

Greta Bernard Macdonald, who graduated with her BA in Economics in 1999, is a management consultant for public and non-profit sectors at Marcias Gini and O’Connell LLP. She is an experienced management consultant and audit professional with a wide range of experience working with a variety of clients in the public and non-profit sectors, including healthcare and transportation. She has performed dozens of operational, performance, and compliance audits of public agencies, non-profit organizations, municipal governments, public hospitals and health plans. Greta has developed audit guidelines, designed, administered and analyzed the results of questionnaires, case studies, and structured interviews.
After graduation at Chico State, Greta enrolled in the Master of Public Administration program at the University of Southern California and while working on her degree she accepted a position as a consultant with Macias Gini and O’Connell in Los Angeles, California.  She completed her MPA in 2002.  Greta was promoted to manager in MGO’s Advisory Services in 2011.
"I do remember loving my public finance course, taught by Bob Fischer, who inspired me to go on to get a master's in public administration," Greta stated in a recent email.  "As a government consultant, at a high level, we are constantly advising our clients about how to efficiently and effectively allocate scarce resources, be it funds, staffing or infrastructure. Or sometimes, if it's an internal audit rather than a consulting project, we identify where there are weaknesses in a process, program, or department, which is impacts efficiency or effectiveness. I enjoy connecting with clients and providing them with solutions that focus on improving outcomes."

kevin carverKevin Carver

Kevin Carver, who graduated with a BA in Economics in 1977, is senior marketing analytics manager at PMA Research in Campbell, California.  In 1985 Kevin accepted a position as senior program analyst for Lockheed Martin in Sunnyvale, California and managed a team of 12 involved in classified projects within the space division.    In 1992 he signed on with Borland in Scotts Valley, California, as analyst where he was responsible for forecasts of worldwide software demand for the company’s products.  In 1995 he moved on the Apple as senior marketing research analyst.  After almost a year with Apple Kevin took on the responsibilities of marketing program manager for Hewlett-Packard.
In 2003 Kevin decided to enroll at the New York Institute of Technology.  While working as a consultant Kevin earned his Master’s in Business Administration in 3 years and became an investment advisor with Aegon, N.V.  Since 2007 he has been working for PMA research to provide economic analysis for Fortune 500 clients.  Kevin forecasts market trends and conducts survey research for PMA, a firm that provides marketing data for the display industry.   (Last Updated 1/17/17)

Francesca CaselliFrancesca Caselli

Francesca Caselli, who graduated in 2012 with a BA in Economics, is an accounting assistant at Crosslink Capital in the San Francisco Bay Area. She began working for Koehler and Associates in San Jose, California, as an administrative assistant while still at Chico State. After graduation she accepted her current position where she assists the finance team and reports to the CFO and controller. She also allocates profits to investors and maintains databases for portfolio companies as well as investors.
“My job requires a lot of database tracking and researching yearly behavior of our investment funds” Francesca stated in a recent email. “Day to day is always changing and my job position continues to grow.” Francesca uses the analytic skills she learned at Chico State every day when she analyzes data and writes reports for Crosslink Capital.

Jay ChamberlainJay Chamberlain

Jay Chamberlain, who graduated from Chico with a BA in economics in 1983, received his PhD in economics at UC Davis in 1987. After spending a couple years in Washington D.C. working for the federal government and a consulting firm, he moved back to California to take a job with the California Franchise Tax Board. Jay spent 20 years there, developing analytical tax models and managing the Economics and Statistical Research Bureau. He is currently the Chief of the Financial Research Unit at the State of California Department of Finance, a position he's held since the fall of 2010. His main responsibility is to oversee all the major revenue forecasts (Personal Income Tax, Corporation Tax, Sales and Use Tax, and others) that are used for the development of the Governor’s Budget. Besides developing revenue forecasts, his unit is tasked with analyzing tax legislative, as well as regulations and initiatives. Jay also provides technical advice to policy-makers and he testifies at legislative hearings regarding any tax proposals of the Governor. His unit is also responsible for the Finance Bulletin.
In a recent email Jay stated that "The quantitative, analytical, and writing skills that I developed at Chico are very important in my current position. While I did go on to get my PhD at UC Davis, I find that most of the economics questions I have to answer (as opposed to tax-law questions) relate back to things I learned at Chico. In my role in training staff and advising policy makers, most of the issues I deal with come back to basic concepts like opportunity costs, externalities, and standard methods of quantitative analysis. While I enjoyed all my economics coursework at Chico, I am particularly indebted to John Eckalbar, Michael Perelman, and Robert Fischer, both for what I learned in their classes and for their enthusiastic encouragement for me to pursue further education and a career in economics."

Michael CioccaMichael Ciocca

Michael Ciocca graduated in 2013. He is an operations specialist for Financial Telesis Inc. (Benjamin W. Wong and Associates). He is learning more about the securities industry, working with his firm's Investment Service Team to assist clients with any questions they may have as well as providing them with financial advice. He is currently working toward acquiring his Series 7 Licensing in order to advance his career in financial planning.
"I use economic thought and problem solving regularly in my position. I am constantly using techniques that I learned in economics to perform everyday tasks. I look at pricing statistics, financial growth models and many other things that all relate to what we are taught as economics majors."
"I would say the most important thing that I learned in Economics came from Michael Perelman and Anita Chaundry who taught us how to think on our own. They always taught us that the most important way to learn is to question everything. Do not settle for what someone tells you even if it is someone who you believe is smarter than you. Do your research and produce your own answer. For the 2014 grads I want to let you know that if you work hard and stay open minded you will find a job. I remember being very afraid coming out of school last year as a fresh grad. But if you follow your intuition and face your fears you will guide yourself to a career that you will enjoy. Give yourself a pat on the back this is a great time in your life, enjoy it!"

Steve CowdinSteve Cowdin

Steve Cowdin, who graduated from Chico with a BA in economics in 1972 and an MPA in 1977, worked as an economist for Department of Water Resources in Sacramento. His areas of expertise include:
Water resource project planning analysis, including plan formulation and evaluation; Consequence analysis, including economic impact analysis, population-at-risk estimation, and life loss estimation; Development of innovative methods for benefit-cost analysis of multi-objective projects; Flood damage reduction analyses using Corps of Engineers and FEMA models and methods; Risk management, risk assessment, and risk communication
I was the CA DWR lead economist for flood risk management studies and contributed economic analyses to several significant Central Valley flood risk reduction studies, including the Sacramento and San Joaquin River Basins Comprehensive Study, Hamilton City Flood Damage Reduction and Ecosystem Restoration Feasibility Study, and Colusa Basin Integrated Watershed Management Study.
He retired from state service in 2010 but am currently with David Ford Consulting Engineers, Inc. (Sacramento) still doing flood risk management studies for CA DWR and other agencies, including the Central Valley Flood Protection Plan.

Grant DechertGrant Dechert

Grant Dechert, who completed his BA in Economics with an Option in International Economics and his BS in Finance in 2015, is an analyst at BlackRock. He spent the summer as an intern at BlackRock and joined BlackRock full-time upon his graduation. He now works as an analyst in BlackRock's Exchange Traded Fund business (iShares).
While a student at Chico State Grant spent the summer of 2013 as an analyst for Franklin Templeton Investments, concentrating on strategic project management in Rancho Cordova. In the summer of 2014 he interned for Franklin Templeton in New York City, where he worked on a large capitalization equity portfolio management desk. He also worked as a philosophy T.A. at Chico State during the spring semester of 2012.
"Economics builds a strong framework for piecing together how big events impact the smaller ones and identifying trends” Grant stated in a recent email. “Connecting these dots is invaluable in any industry you wish to pursue a career in."

Jennifer DobbJennifer Dobb

Jennifer Dobb is an economic consultant in Denver, CO. She graduated in 2008 with a BA in Economics and a minor in Business Administration from Chico State, and went on to earn a MS in Agricultural and Resource Economics from Colorado State University. While working on her master’s degree Jennifer was an economics clerk and university research assistant for USDA-APHIS Wildlife Services at the National Wildlife Research Center in Fort Collins, Colorado. In her role with USDA APHIS, Jennifer researched impacts of human-wildlife conflicts and wrote proposals for new studies to quantify the economic damages of these conflicts.

In 2012 Jennifer left APHIS to join the U.S. Forest Service TEAMS Enterprise Unit. As an economist, she worked as part of interdisciplinary teams to assess the social and economic impacts of federal natural resource management plans, and how these impacts affect the benefits people derive from the natural environment. 
“As an applied economist, economics is my career, Jennifer stated in a recent email. “My work generally lies at the intersection between regional and environmental economics, providing socioeconomic and environmental justice support. “

lisa eganLisa Egan

Lisa Egan, who graduated with a degree in international economics in 2007, began working for Raytheon in July off the same year. As a subcontract specialist.  In this position she managed subcontracts multi-million dollar long term agreements in which she negotiated pricing and cost analysis.  In 2011 she was promoted to senior procurement specialist and in 2012 she was promoted to senior financial analysts.  In this position Lisa forecasts bookings, sales, profit and cash for Raytheon.
Lisa uses both the microeconomics and the macroeconomics that she studied at Chico State to do her analysis and make her forecasts.

Robert EylerRobert Eyler

Robert Eyler , who graduated with his BA in Economics in 1992, is Interim Dean, School of Extended and International Education, Professor of Economics and Director of the Center for Regional Economic Analysis at Sonoma State University . Robert earned a Ph.D. from the University of California, Davis in 1998. He is also the CEO of the Marin Economic Forum, a private-public partnership aimed at Marin County’s sustainable growth through business vitality, social equity and environmental balance.
“As an economics professor, economics is the core of what I do every day in terms of teaching, research, practical applications in economic development work, or consulting. In many cases, I am asked to provide guidance to local communities, news outlets, or private clients on the economic interpretation of events or specific microeconomic phenomena. I guide an annual economic forecast for the North Bay region in northern California, which includes Lake, Marin, Napa, Sonoma, Solano, and Mendocino counties. I am also running a public-private partnership in Marin County dedicated to economic development. That work includes various economic forecasts and analyses. My time at Chico State interested me in econometrics and forecasting and also teaching, all of which I apply daily.”
Robert is the author of two books and several academic articles concerning economic sanctions, the economics of the wine industry, and monetary economics. Dr. Eyler is often called up by the media for his expert input into the economic climate, acted as an expert witness in interstate trade litigation, and as a forensic economist. He also provides economic impact analyses for both private firms and public entities to help guide public policy at the local and state level and has been a visiting scholar at both the University of Bologna and Stanford University.

Andrew FoxAndrew Fox

Andrew Fox who graduated with a BA in Economics in 2012, is a credit risk analyst at Golden 1 Credit Union in Sacramento, California.  While enrolled at Chico State, Andrew helped support himself as a salesman at Target in Roseville, California.  During his senior year Andrew also worked as an educational assistant for the Accessibility Resource Center at Chico State.
After graduation from Chico State Andrew worked for almost a year as a teller for Wells Fargo in Loomis, California. In 2014 he enrolled in graduate school at California State University, Sacramento where he finished his MA in Economics in 2017.  While a graduate student Andrew was a research intern for the Greater Sacramento Area Economic Council, an economic development organization in the Sacramento region.  As an analyst Andrew provided data on economic and demographic trends for businesses considering location in the Sacramento region.  He also researched issues that support the organization’s marketing efforts and he assisted prospective firms in site selection using GIS mapping.  His thesis analyzed the impact that state minimum wage increases have on poverty rates and on the earnings of low income households using OLS and TSLS techniques.
”Economics has provided me with an understanding of basic concepts and economic variables that are useful in evaluating the economic performance of a particular region,” Andrew state in a recent email.  “In addition, I use basic quantitative methods at work on a frequent basis. I anticipate that the more advanced statistical and econometric techniques that I have learn in my undergraduate and graduate coursework will aid me later on.  Urban/Regional Economics and understanding of location theory has also been particularly useful for being able to identify regional assets that ultimately influence a business's location decision.”  (Last Updated 2/7/18)

FranklinConnor Franklin

Connor Franklin, who received his BA in International Economics with Honors and a minor in International Studies in 2015, works with Workforce Solutions as a consultant for the State Compensation Insurance Fund. He also participates in Workforce Solutions’ emerging leader program where he receives rotational assignments through various departments.
Connor was a recipient of John G. Smale Award for Outstanding Achievement in Economics and the John G. Smale Scholarship for Excellence in Economics, 2014-2015.
While an undergraduate at Chico State he began working for the Center for Economic Development at Chico State as a research assistant where he analyzed data and prepared reports. He was also a grader and a tutor for the Economics Department, and he found time to work in sales at Collier Hardware.
“Economics will help me in my career in that it helps me think in logical, analytical ways” he stated in a recent email.

Brett GarciaBrett Garcia

Brett Garcia, who graduated with a BA in Economics in 2011, is a doctoral student in Economics at the University of Oregon where he just passed his preliminary exams.  After graduation from Chico State Brett worked at Montage Hotels and Resorts in Park City, Utah as their group sales coordinator for almost 3 years.  During 2015 he was an economic analyst for Emperitas Services Group.  He enrolled at the University of Utah where he earned his MS in Economics and accepted a job as analyst for the National Football League in Los Angeles, California in 2016.  While working on his masters Brett was the NCAA student-athlete tutor and during the first half of 2016 Brett was a research associate for the Modellers.  He left his job with the National Football League to enroll in the doctoral program at the University of Oregon. 
“I enjoyed my time at Chico and attribute my success to low student-teacher ratios and high quality instructors such as Hasan MacNeil,” Brett stated in a recent email. (Last Updated 9/21/17)

Bryan GoularteBryan Goularte

Bryan Goularte, who graduated Summa Cum Laude in 2014 with a BA in Economics, is a financial analyst with Tony’s Fine Foods in West Sacramento, California.  He received the John Smale Award for Outstanding Achievement in Economics, an award the Department presents to its top student each year.  While an undergraduate he was a member of the Golden Key Honor Society and Phi Kappa Phi.  After graduation Bryan worked as a sport fishing guide at the Saltery Lake Lodge in Kodiak, Alaska, for seven months.
In early 2015 Bryan accepted a position as hedge fund accountant and client operations specialist with State Street in Sacramento, California.   Since the middle of 2016 he has been a financial analyst for Tony’s Fine Foods where he works directly with the president, building financial models and summarizing corporate statistics.
“Economics laid the framework to thrive in the financial sector which demands individuals to be critical thinking and possess the capacity to adapt to ever-changing market conditions,” Bryan stated in a recent email.  “It has provided me with the skill sets to recognize distinctions between causation and correlation that allow me to develop effective initiatives to support current financial goals or benchmarks within the workplace.”   (Last Updated 10/26/16)

Jenner GwinupJenner Gwinup

Jenner Gwinup graduated Summa Cum Laude in 2010 with a BA in Economics, an option in International Economics, and a minor in Business Administration. He received the Smale award as the Department’s most outstanding graduate of 2010. After graduation from Chico State, Jenner enrolled at Arizona State University where he worked as a consultant to Quicken Loans until 2013. In 2014 while still in graduate school Jenner became a Supply Chain Intern at Henkel.
Jenner received his Master of Business Administration, Supply Chain Management with areas of emphasis in International Business and Sustainability in May 2015. He graduated as a member of Beta Gamma Sigma, International Honor Society for Collegiate Schools of Business, which requires students to be in the top 20% of their graduating class.
Jenner continues to work at Henkel as a Supply Network Planner where he analyzes purchasing, production, and distribution to maximize profits for his firm. Clearly, Jenner uses the knowledge that he gained in this economics degree that stresses optimization of a goal within the constraints of the environment.
“Some of the most important skills that my economics education has instilled in me are a love of creative problem solving and root cause analysis. As a supply network planner I’m constantly striving to find more efficient and effective methods, minimizing inventory while maximizing customer service levels. Economics is all about finding the most effective levers to effect a situation and learning from our mistakes, keys to an effective supply chain organization,” Jenner stated in a recent email.

Thomas HallThomas Hall

Thomas Hall, who graduated with a BA in Economics and a BS in Business Administration in 2010, is a fellow with Velocity Venture Capital and works in marketing at CleanStart in Sacramento, California. 
While a student at Chico State Thomas spent spring and fall semesters in 2007 – 2008 with Hewlett-Packard in Shanghai, China.  When he returned for the fall 2008 semester Thomas was a founding member of the Center for Entrepreneurship at Chico State.  
After graduation Tom volunteered with SARTA, a non-profit that fosters technology and entrepreneurial growth in the Sacramento region, bringing new startups to their Clean showcase.  From there Thomas became assistant to the CEO of Vanelli Foods, LLC, a food processing start up in Roseville, California.   In 2012 Thomas returned to the Chico area to become chief financial officer for North Valley Eye Care in Chico and Ridge Eye Care in Paradise.  After successfully expanding eye care groups Thomas moved on to Mindful Health Solutions in Sacramento where he oversaw its rebranding and transition into TMS Health Solutions.  In 2016 he joined Velocity Venture Capital  researching and analyzing seed investments in the Healthcare field.
"My economics background enables me to identify and articulate market trends from knowing when to buy raw materials, to identifying when current supply is not going to meet future demand,” Tom stated in a recent email.  “Recognizing changes in the market enables me to stay ahead on what to expect from potential investments, marketing opportunities, cost of goods, and even appropriate employee compensation.  Economics has complemented all areas of my work."   (Last Updated 11/3/16)

garth hansenGarth Hansen

Garth Hansen, who graduated in December 2011, works in the Healthcare Informatics Department at Cambia Health Solutions as a Consulting Research Analyst Associate. He works on a small 7 person team that serves as consultants for Cambia and their company portfolio. They conduct program evaluations, and provide statistical, methodological, and content-specific consulting on a variety of projects. His team is involved in many facets of the company ranging from actuarial to provider care. 
In a recent email Garth said, “I have always wanted to understand how the world works. This has led to a diverse set of interests from history and sociology, to physics and geography. I studied mathematics and economics because I felt those encompassed many of my interests, albeit in an indirect fashion. Similarly, this is why I decided to study for a master’s degree in statistics. Every field uses statistics to some capacity and I want to learn new subjects and fields during my entire career.” 

“At the Center for Nutrition and Activity Promotion, I started as an intern and was eventually hired as a research assistant. This job was a great experience because it helped give me a sense of direction with my studies and career path which was to continue on with a master’s degree in statistics to get a job in either research and evaluation, or analytics.” 
When asked how he uses economics in his career, Garth stated that “Despite economics being a hodgepodge of theories explaining how one situation happened, economics somehow manages to weave its way into anything and everything making it a useful field of study. As a person with a mathematics and statistics background, my studies in economics provided a focus for applying those skills to real world problems by developing my analytical, quantitative, writing, and research skills. While I may not be employed in the economics field, I consistently apply these skills in both my professional and personal life.”

Andy HaysAndy Hays

Andy Hays, who graduated in 2005 with a BA in Economics and a minor in Business, is an auditor for Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E).  After graduation Andy worked for Wells Fargo selling mortgages during the housing bubble.  Sensing that something was wrong in 2007, Andy left Wells Fargo to become General Manager for Game Stop in Chico.  “The company merged with EB Games and the climate of the job became much more sales oriented rather than management oriented,” Andy stated in a recent email. 
In 2008 he moved to the San Francisco Bay Area and worked for Comcast as a technician installing cable until 2011 when he began working for Gas Transmission Systems (GTS), a local Chico business with an office in Walnut Creek.  Andy transferred back to Chico in 2012 still working for GTS as an Auditor for PG&E.  In 2015 he got a job with PG&E doing the same thing that he was doing at GTS but as an internal employee instead of a contractor.  “Basically what I do is ensure that all our paperwork follows the standards written by PG&E to avoid any possible violations to the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). I can't get into specifics due to the non-disclosure agreement that I signed.”
“To be honest I don't use my Econ degree at all, but It is the only reason I have the job since in order to get hired I needed to have a college degree.   I would like to have a job that uses my Econ degree, maybe with the federal government, but government jobs don't pay so well.  I make decent money at PG&E and great money for Chico.”

heckBrandon Heck

Brandon Heck, who graduated in 2011 with a BA in Economics and a BS in Mathematics, finished his Ph.D. in Economics at the University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC) in 2016 and accepted a position as research associate with IMPAQ International.  He will be working in the health division of IMPAQ’s Oakland office.  “The company contracts both with the federal government and non-profit to do policy evaluation and implementation,” Brandon stated in a recent email.  “I will mostly be using econometrics to do policy evaluation.”
As an undergraduate at Chico State Brandon was a member of the Econ Club, Pi Mu Epsilon Mathematical Society, the Phi Eta Sigma Freshmen Honor Society, and the vice president of the Math Club.  During his junior year he worked as a bookkeeper for Amber Treasure
After graduating from Chico State Brandon enrolled at UCSC where he was the lead consultant for the Center for Statistical Analysis in the Social Sciences and a teaching assistant.  He also consulted as an assistant expert witness in a biotech firm’s case for San Mateo County, California. 
“The training in Economics that I received at Chico State came from excellent teachers that propelled me toward seeking a PhD and gave me the insights to succeed in that program and  ultimately in my career.”

Daniel HendryxDaniel Hendryx

Daniel Hendryx, who graduated in 2014 with a BA in Economics and an option in International Economics, is a business analyst for The The FruitGuys in Belmont, California. During his junior and senior years at Chico State Daniel taught glass blowing in the Art Department. During the summer between his junior and senior years he was a business associate and linguistic consultant for Hunter Programs Education Services in China where he managed small groups of local employees in various projects. Daniel gained “firsthand experience in conducting international business and financial affairs throughout Mainland China,” according to his LinkedIn page.
After graduation Daniel went to work as an accounts receivable analyst for Canon Financial Services in Foster City, California, where he worked with vendors including Gilead Sciences to process invoices and payment requests.  Daniel’s duties also included creating Excel based reports for their revenue and expenditures.  After about 8 months with Canon Daniel moved on to The FruitGuys where he is now working.

Michael HodgkinsonMichael Hodgkinson

Michael Hodgkinson, who graduated with a BA in Economics in 2011, is a financial analyst with the Grosvenor Group in San Francisco. During the summer before he graduated, he was an intern with Kinsell, Newcomb and DeDios Inc in San Diego, California, where he analyzed financial statements, projected discounted cash flows, and performed due diligence for public private partner deals. During the fall semester of his senior year, Michael interned for Stifel Nicolaus in Chico. In this internship Michael helped the firm’s clients, developed a media advertising campaign, and outlined a mock proposal for a hostile takeover bid.
After graduation Michael accepted a position as an engineering analyst for Gas Transmission Systems. In less than a year he moved on to a position as a business analyst with Gas Transmission Systems. After almost 4 years he accepted his current position with Grosvenor Group. While at Grosvenor (a REIT), Michael developed underlying debt and equity assumptions for Grosvenor’s North American portfolio and providing investment recommendations to the company’s investment committee. Throughout his career, Michael has applied his economics framework to each of the positions he has held.
“Studying economics helped me develop a habit of careful, analytical thought— always considering opportunity costs of each decision being made,” Michael stated in a recent email. “This has benefited me in both my personal and professional endeavors, and aided me in strategically mapping out how a given decision may have greater implications within a business context."

Elvira A. HoweElivira A. Howe

Elvira A. Howe, who graduated 2001 with her BA in Economics and the Smale award for outstanding academic achievement, is manager of non-residential rate options with Pacific Gas and Electric in San Francisco, California. 
“The Manager of Non-Residential Rate Options will oversee a team responsible for implementing critical rate strategies and options, including:*Non-Residential Rate Options - Non-residential rate options continue to evolve with changing policy and customer need. Pricing Products works closely with the Rates department and key stakeholders to identify changes and shape policy.”  (Source)   (Last Updated 7/1/17)

Tommy HydeTommy Hyde

Tom Hyde, who graduated with a BA in Economics in 2012, is a business consultant at HydeConsulting LLC, a company that he founded in 2014 in Portland, Oregon.  Hyde Consulting provides business services “with the goals of fostering entrepreneurship and facilitating sustainable growth, as well as helping to solve, or altogether prevent, problems and complications faced by businesses, in this evermore interconnected and complex global market,” according to Tom’s LinkedIn page. 
Tom transferred to Chico State from Montana State University in 2009.  After graduation Tommy worked as a ski and snowboard technician for about a year and one-half at Mt. Bachelor in Bend, Oregon. “I was in my mid 20's and trying not to let life get too serious too fast,” Tom stated in a recent email.  “I also enjoyed working in a place where my favorite recreation is part of the job. However, I knew it wouldn't be enough to satisfy my desire for critical thinking and problem solving or get me compensation to live comfortably.” 
Tom started working as a contractor with Vista Partners, also in Bend, in 2013.  After almost 2 years as a contractor, Tom opened his own business, Hyde Consulting LLC, in Bend, Oregon, shortly before moving to Portland, Oregon, where he is now working.  “I founded the firm to find and gain some advantages as a contracted financial analyst and consultant while working with Vista Partners and a number of small startups.”
“I also passed with high scores on my Series 3 FINRA licensing exam to become a commodities futures and options broker and worked at a commodities brokerage firm, Excel Futures.  Unfortunately, I only worked with the company for around 2 weeks as I found that I was not satisfied by the work. This ties into my college experience, as one thing Chico State University's Department of Economics gave me was an understanding of myself and the type of environment that will allow me to reach my full potential.”
“I'm looking at moving forward into getting my Series 65 or 66 license from FINRA so I can give advice on investing and the markets, but until then I'm planning on getting back into making commentary, observations and conclusions via writing on my site and for clients on everything from the wider global economy to individual markets, both those I respect and those I have issues with, which are at the core of the whole system of the study we call economics.  I am also looking into expanding into a podcast, as I think it's probably a better format for the subject matter than a vlog unless I'm interviewing somebody.  Thinking critically about details is another lesson college taught me.”   (Last Updated 10/17/16)   

JohnsonBobbi Jean Johnson

Bobbi Jean Johnson, graduated in May of 2012, and she landed a job as elections analyst for Yuba County in July of 2012. She is involved with the entire election process from planning, data collection and forecasting to processing candidate documents and poll site coordination. In a recent email she said, “I love my job and Chico prepared me well for the job market.”

David KelleyDavid Kelley

David Kelley, who graduated with a BA in Economics in 1995, is manager for the City of Cloverdale, California. While an undergraduate he worked for Regional and Economic Sciences and just before he finished his economics degree at Chico, he began working for another local firm, Rural Consulting Associates, where he was busy as a planning consultant engaged in economic analysis and political negotiations. In 1998 he became Director of Planning at the LAFCO Executive Office for Colusa county.

In 2001 David moved on to Rocklin, California where he worked for three years as Senior Project Manager for Foothill Associates. In this role David managed the application processing for private development companies. After leaving Rocklin he accepted a position as senior management analyst with the Town of Windsor, California. In this position David was responsible for information technology and IT training programs, capital planning and budgeting, risk management, and project-based accounting. In 2011 David was promoted to assistant town manager for Windsor. In 2013 David graduated with an MBA from Sonoma State and continued working for the Town of Windsor for another 2 years as special projects manager. In early 2016 David accepted a position as assistant city manager for Cloverdale.

When asked about the importance of his degree in economics, David stated that "The program provided training in qualitative and quantitative methodology and facilitated understanding of economic theory and policy as well as the ability to apply that theory to the real world." (Last Updated 6/4/2018)

Kyler KellerKyler Keller

Kyler Keller, who graduated with a BA in Economics and an Option in Environmental in 2016, is the supply chain coordinator for Figueroa Mountain Brewing in Buelton, California.  While a student at Chico State Kyler helped support himself by work in Conference Services for Associated Students.  During his junior year at Chico State Kyler volunteered for CAVE as an adopt-a-park group leader.  He worked for the San Antonio Office of Emergency Management as a data intern during the summer between his junior and senior year.  After graduation Kyler worked as the team lead for the Big C Athletic Club in Concord before accepting his current job with Figueroa Mountain Brewing.
“Within my supply chain position I see the entire process, from purchasing raw goods, to selling a final product,” Kyler stated in a recent email.  “My time in the classroom prepared me for this role because it taught me how to efficiently use each of my resources. It taught me how to be proactive rather than reactive. By entering an industry that excites me, I feel more passionate and eager to learn each process and each ingredient that goes into crafting my final product.”  (Last Updated 7/12/17)  

brian klattBrian Klatt

Brian Klatt, who graduated with a BA in Economics in 2007, is project manager at Underground Construction Company Inc in Benicia, California.   After graduation Brian took a job with Underground Construction as a project engineer, and in 2014 Underground promoted him to project manager.
“My responsibilities are flexible and change based on the project(s).” Brian states on his LinkedIn page. “I'm currently involved in Design Consulting, Plan Review, Estimating, Budgeting, Planning, Change Management, Customer Relations, Cost Tracking, Forecasting, Stakeholder Relationship Management, Subcontracts, Vendor Management, and whatever else it takes to get the project completed successfully.”
Brian uses economics to analyze costs. “I've been involved with the development and improvement of our internal cost to complete forecasting model, as well as the vendor management process company wide.”  (Last Updated 9/20/17)

Lillian Kotlarz Lillian Kotlarz

Lillian Kotlarz, who graduated in 2013 with a BA in Economics and a concentration in International Economics, is a business analyst with Wedgewood Inc. in Los Angeles, California.  During her fall semester of 2011 she worked as a research analyst for Chico State’s Center for Economic Development.  After graduation Lillian worked for Macy’s as a technical analyst in San Francisco, California.  She analyzed large data sets and software application while during the 2 years that she worked at Macy’s.  In 2015 Lillian accepted a job as technical consultant for Sail Golden Gate Consulting, a firm providing website monitoring and performance services in San Francisco, California.  Lillian developed reports for management and monitoring strategies for clients.  She also managed global teams and worked on site with clients. 

In the middle of 2015 Lillian accepted a position as business analyst for Wedgewood Inc. in Los Angeles where she is currently working.  She develops the “requirements, documents and test all new enhancements and bug fixes for both the web and mobile applications,” according to her LinkedIn page. Lillian also uses “Microsoft Sql and SSRS regularly to complete all ad hoc reporting requests by upper management,” and  develops “agile methodology, participates in daily scrum meetings, oversees all sprint planning meetings and defines sprint objectives” at Wedgewood.  (Last Updated 7/27/18)

Jim LangJim Lang

Jim Lang, who graduated with a BA in Economics in 1989, is a construction management consultant with North Star Engineering in Yuba City where he manages public works construction projects for state, local and federal clients.  While a student at Chico State Jim with the University Academic Senate office and he worked for Regional and Economic Sciences assisting in economic surveys. 

After graduation Jim took a position as a public services planner at EIP Associates in Sacramento where he performed NEPA and CEQA documentation studies for numerous general plans including the siting of a CSU campus in Ventura County, the Richards Boulevard and Southern Pacific Railyards Economic Redevelopment Areas.  Jim then joined Environmental Chemical Corporation in Burlingame, CA and worked on numerous US Army Corps of Engineers Remediation sites in California, Texas, Oklahoma and Iowa.  He took a position for PSC in Fernley, Nevada where he had primary responsibility for renewing EPA permits and then moved on to ITSI (now Gilbane Co.) where he worked for 13 years supervising a variety of construction projects for federal clients including the US Air Force, US Army Corps of Engineers and the US Navy NAVFAC. 

After several years as a construction management consultant to Beale AFB Engineering Flight, Jim has returned to his private sector roots with the family owned North Star Construction in Yuba City performing a variety of vertical and horizontal construction projects for local, state and federal clients throughout North America.

"The main value of my degree in Economics towards my career has been expressed in my capabilities to simultaneously understand the metrics of project progress, with the performance-oriented nature of the construction business,” Jim stated in a recent email.  “You have to understand trends, shifts and degrees of forward progress in way that you can effectively communicate with home office accounting and staffing personnel while simultaneously understanding the language of the numerous trades of construction, architecture and engineering.  The emphasis on statistics, quantitative and qualitative analyses gives you the necessary mental structure from which to grow professionally into areas of greater responsibility." (Last Updated 3/6/18)

TiffanyTiffany Lightle
Tiffany Lightle, who graduated in 2016 with a BA in Economics with honors in Environmental Economics, is the assistant city planner for the Anderson, California.  She began her career with the City of Anderson as a planning intern in April of 2017, and in November of that year the City promoted her to assistant city planner.  Tiffany was senior research assistant at the Center for Economic Development (CED) at Chico State for almost 2 years before she began working for the City of Anderson.
 She transferred to Chico State from Shasta College with an Associate’s Degree in Social Studies in 2014.  During her junior year at Chico State she completed an internship as research assistant for the Sacramento River Conservation Area Forum, collecting and entering survey data.  After completing her internship, Tiffany began working as a student research assistant at the CED, researching data, creating maps and helping write reports.  After graduation Tiffany decided to take one more semester at Chico State in order to finish her minor in Geography.  She continued working at CED while completing her minor.
“The economics department at Chico State has given me a great deal of skill sets which I am able to apply in real-life settings,” Tiffany stated in a recent email.  “Many of the classes at Chico State, such as Econometrics and Economic Statistics, have prepared me for data collection and analysis in the real world. I am able to think more critically and am better able to see the bigger picture. The Center for Economic Development has given me the ability to collect and analyze regional data, assist in creating reports, and provide spatial representations of data collected by using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software and interactive mapping.”   (Last Updated 1/1/18)

Thomas LoganThomas Logan

Thomas Logan graduated in 2012 with majors in economics (honors) and finance and minors in mathematics and accounting. Since February 2013 he has been working in San Francisco, California, as an analyst on the institutional sales team that supports J.P. Morgan’s business development and capital raising efforts. His team works with clients, corporations, unions, and state and local governments, to raise capital for a variety public and private investments across equity, fixed income, and real estate markets around the world. More specifically, he is responsible for answering client inquiries and developing customized presentations based on client concerns, investment outlook and financial market conditions. Client responses and presentations cover a range of portfolio management topics, but broadly focus on asset allocation, investment strategies, macroeconomics and financial economics.

Jake LovisoloJake Lovisolo

Jake Lovisolo graduated in 2013 with honors in the economics major. He now works for Deloitte Consulting in Pleasanton, California. As a Human Capital Analyst, he helps companies align their employees with their overall business strategy. “More specifically,” Jake explained, “I work with the clients to figure out their specific needs from Workday based off of their strategies and processes. I then take this information and configure the system to work according to the way the client needs.”

Iris MaskaIris (Ponsano) Maska

Iris (Ponsano) Maska, who graduated with honors in 2004, completed her BA in economics with a minor in math.  She is an economist at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in Sacramento, California. While at Chico State she served as president of the Economics Club. She left Chico State for Sacramento State to enter their graduate economics program. After completing her course work for an MA in economics she worked as an intern for Tetra Tech, a consulting firm that provides engineering and technical services. From there she moved to the US Army Corps of Engineers where she served as regional economist. She also found time to serve 2 years as a volunteer editor for the Progressive Congress. She left the Corps in 2012 as senior economist to join the US Fish and Wildlife Service in Arlington, Virginia, where she worked as an economist at their headquarters until 2016 when she moved to Sacramento where she currently works for USFWS. Iris works with National Environmental Policy Analysis (NEPA) documents to evaluate their economic impacts. She is also looking for opportunities to provide skills-based volunteering.
Being a federal government economist is not only a steady job but a very rewarding and challenging career. Coupling it with a math minor had been immense help in the last decade. My job title has always been as an economist. I'd say do what you are good at. I was always bad at the business side but loved the math, graphs, and proofs. I leveraged those skills into doing risk modeling for systems. Economists are needed in interdisciplinary natural resource teams" Iris stated in a recent email.  (Last Updated 1/27/18)

Marcy McCormickMarcy McCormick

Marcy McCormick , who graduated with a BA in Economics in 2012, is principal data scientist at Oracle in Denver, Colorado. After graduate school in Economics at the University of Colorado, Denver, she accepted an internship with Datalogix , a firm that Oracle purchased at the end of 2014.

In 2013 Marcy moved from the internship into a permanent position as analyst with Datalogix as an analyst. "I analyze our methodologies and results to contribute to industry whitepapers on marketing analytics," Marcy stated in a recent email. Her official duties from her offer letter are as follows: “(a) Work closely with Datalogix team leads to become one of the most knowledgeable analysts in the industry when it comes to measuring campaign performance. (b) Leverage Datalogix Analytics resources to develop best in class investigative reporting to identify and help resolve issues that compromise campaign performance. (c) Identify opportunities for improvement in internal systems and processes, investigate hypotheses, report findings, and drive necessary change/advancements to various internal groups (R&D, Account Management, etc.) (d) Structure projects and guide technical team members in the creation of dashboards, KPIs, and reports to lead adoption of fact-based decision making in the organization.”

After Oracle purchased Datalogix in 2015 Marcy worked for Oracle as a data scientist.  In 2016 she was promoted to senior data scientist with Oracle.  She has been working a principal data scientist with Oracle since June 2018.

As an undergraduate at Chico State Marcy was a research assistant at the Center for Economic Development at Chico State. She also found time to be president of the Chico State Economics Club[WU1] , , Vice President of Chico State Investors Club, and a representative of the Student Leadership Council.  (Last Updated 6/7/18)

Richard McKinnonRichard McKinnon

Richard McKinnon , who graduated with a BA degree in Economics in 1997, is CEO of MetaVista Consulting Group (MVC) and Disabled Veterans Business Enterprise Technology Group (DVBETG) in Sacramento, California. Both firms provide IT (information technology) consulting services for the public and private sectors. Their specialties include project and program management, technology consulting, IT strategic planning, change management, IT implementation services, business analysis, data architecture, data center network and infrastructure training, and IT security consulting.
Richard was recently chosen in December 2015 as the diversity technology owner to work for in Sacramento by Fortune, Money, and Blomberg Magazines.
“Our 18 years of experience consulting in state and local governments afford us a unique perspective on the culture, structure, and human resource challenges of government – allowing us to support the delivery of state and local government technology goals with IT and business expertise. This is illustrated by our proven track record of successfully managing large IT projects , ” a ccording to Richard. Before organizing DVBETG and taking over ownership of MVC, Richard was CEO of Technical and Management Staffing Associates in Redding, California for 14 years.
Richard is a volunteer in many organizations including the VetFund Foundation, the Military Order of the Purple Heart, Sacramento Children’s Home, American Cancer Society, Living Room Ministries International, CASA, and Foster Youth Education Fund. “I was the first person in State of California to receive the Purple Heart Gold Coin for my service to the Military Order of the Purple Heart organization, Veterans, and their families.”
“My economics degree helped me get my first job after graduation with a tech company in Irvine. The manager was an econ grad from UCLA, and she wanted me on her team because we both had economic degrees. I did not truly understand how much economics could help until I owned a business. Then I had to start forecasting sales months down the road, because I was responsible for a couple hundred employees and their families. Now I use the tools of economics on a daily basis in my businesses . More than that I learned that Economics is used in EVERY business in the world on a daily basis.”

Arthur MeyerArthur Meyer

Arthur Meyer, who graduated with a BA in Economics and Political Science in 2008, is an audit analyst with Sutter Health in Sacramento, California.  While at Chico State Arthur helped support himself as a data entry student assistant for University Housing and Food Service.  During his junior year Arthur interned with the Community Legal Information Center (CLIC)

After graduation Arthur went to work as an auditor/evaluator in the California State Auditor’s Office in Sacramento, California.  He “conducted audits of state entities to ensure effective and efficient function of government programs, including project planning, developing working papers, and writing audit reports,” according to his LinkedIn page.  In 2010 while still working for the Auditor’s Office Arthur enrolled at the University of California, Davis Graduate School of Management.  In 2011 Arthur was promoted to senior auditor and in 2013 he finished his MBA with specialties in Marketing, Business Analytics and Technology at UC Davis. 

After finishing his MBA Arthur accepted a position as associate merchant for HD Supply in San Diego, California.  In 2014 he moved on to the California Department of Transportation where he worked as a staff management auditor.  In 2015 Arthur accepted a job as audit analyst for Sutter Health in Sacramento, California, where he is currently working.  (Last Updated 10/13/18)

Eric S. Miller

Eric S. Miller, who graduated in 1995 with a BA in Economics, is a regulatory reporting production manager for Union Bank in San Francisco, California.  After graduation Eric got a position as a bank examiner for the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco.  In his role with the Federal Reserve Eric “assessed the financial condition of banks and bank holding companies” according to his LinkedIn page
After more than seven years with the Fed Eric moved on to a position with Stone and Youngberg in fixed income sales to institutional investors.  About 2 years later in 2005 he accepted a position as senior risk management analyst for E-Loan.  In 2006 he moved to E.M. Financial  as president and broker for the real estate brokerage firm.  In late 2008 he became portfolio manager for the Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco.  In 2012 after 4 years with the Federal Home Loan Bank Eric accepted employment as a financial analyst for, a firm in San Francisco that produces banking analytics. 
In 2015 he moved on to Union Bank as senior financial analyst and they quickly promoted Eric to regulatory reporting production manager.  In this role he manages a team of 3 analysts responsible for producing approximately 90 regulatory reports per month according to his LinkedIn page.

Ryan MillerRyan G. Miller

Ryan G. Miller, who graduated with a “double major” in Economics and Geography in 2012, is an instructor in the Department of Geography and Planning, a researcher in the Geographical Information Center, and a project manager in the Center for Economic Development, all positions held on campus. After graduation Ryan enrolled at the University of Washington in Seattle where he received his Master of Urban Planning (MUP) in 2014. In fall 2014 he returned to Chico to work at the Geographic Information Center and the Center for Economic Development. Ryan has been teaching in the Department of Geography and Planning since Spring 2015. He uses economics in his geography classes to help students understand the overlap between the disciplines.
Ryan began his career as an intern at the Center for Economic Development while an undergraduate at Chico State. As an intern, Ryan analyzed broadband data mapping to answer important economic questions. This inspired Ryan to pursue an interdisciplinary approach with economics and geography.

Kelly MoffittKellsey Moffitt

Kellsey Moffitt, who graduated with her BA in Economics and a minor in Management Information Systems in 2014, is a human capital analyst for Deloitte Consulting LLP in Pleasanton, California. As a human capital analyst, she helps businesses align their goals and their employees’ functions. Kellsey began her career as an intern at KPMG while she was an undergraduate at Chico State. At KPMG she assisted in the evaluation of technology that the firm used and analyzed the firm’s growth and its strategic goals and helped write reports that required technical writing skills. She used her internship at KPMG as a springboard to get her current position at Deloitte which was waiting for her when she graduated.
Kellsey uses the analytical skills that she learned in her microeconomics classes at Chico State every day in her position as a human capital analyst.

Alexander Morgan

Alexander Morgan , who graduated with a BA in Economics in 2015, is a planning analyst for Aerojet Rocketdyne at their headquarters in Sacramento, California. According to Aerojet’s website, it “provides propulsion and energetics to the space, missile defense and strategic systems, tactical systems and armaments areas, in support of domestic and international markets.” Alexander’s duties include managing material requirements planning (MRP) which is a software based system for production and inventory control.
While at Chico State during the summer of 2014 Alexander interned with Northwestern Mutual where he talked with clients interested in insurance and referred them to a financial advisor. He worked as an agent for Health Markets Insurance during the summer before his senior year.  After graduation Alexander went to work for Aerojet.

Takahiro Nakao

Takahiro Nakao, who graduated with a BA in Economics in 2003, is a credit analyst for Wells Fargo in Denver, Colorado.  After graduation Takahiro, or Tom as he is known among his friends, became an intelligence analyst for the U.S. Army serving in Fort Polk, Louisiana.  “An understanding of incentives provided insight into likely actions and reactions of organizations and individuals acting at odds with his unit’s objectives,” he explained in a recent email. As an intelligence analyst Tom conducted research for the squadron commander and staff.  He also trained incoming troops in intelligence and security procedures.   
In 2009 he left active duty to pursue master’s degrees in economics and finance at the University of Colorado Denver.  He continued serving in the Reserves, as well as the Department of Veteran’s Affairs on a part-time basis until he graduated. He left Army Intelligence in 2010 to work in Veterans Affairs in Denver, Colorado.  Tom has been a credit analyst for Wells Fargo since 2013. 
“Studying economics, and specifically econometrics, has taught me to better appreciate that there are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.  Bad news can be obscured in the financial statements I examine.  Businesses may have extra incentive to deceive the bank since the applied interest rate on their loans is sometimes determined by a financial ratio.  World events can have an impact on the performance of our loans.  Recently, OPEC agreed to reduce production, which may have a positive impact on our customers in the energy field.  Knowledge of these events and their impacts help us determine possible exogenous shocks, and help us determine sector and individual entity prospects.”   (Last updated 10/7/16)
Erik NixErik J. Nix
Erik J. Nix received his BA in Economics in 2011. He works for APX in San Jose as a Market Operator. Erik works one-on-one with clients such as energy trading firms or power plants to assist them in participating in various energy markets both domestic and international. In a recent email Erik said that “I use analytics that I learned at Chico to create and change how we work with our clients and how best to view and work with different real time data streams. My degree has been very helpful in doing analysis on the job and particularly with Excel, which I constantly use. I have used my knowledge of economics to great effect in my workplace; I was hired because of it.”

Ann Nock pictureAnn Nock

Ann Nock, who graduated with a BA in Economics in 1986, is president of AMN Key Solution  a firm in Sacramento, California, that helps school districts pass voter approved bond measures.  During her junior year at Chico State Ann was elected president of Associated Students.  After she graduated Ann entered the University of Oxford on a Rotary International Scholarship and earned her MA in Politics and Economics.
Before joining AMN in 2013 Ann was senior vice president of George K. Baum and Company where she had worked since 1994.  In her role as vice-president Ann managed the sales and promotion of municipal bonds.
Ann has 23 years’ experience as a consultant to public schools and other agencies with a 90% success rate in passing bond measures.  As a result of her efforts more than $4.5 bond measures have passed that allowed repair of “K -12 classrooms, expanded community college facilities, improved public hospitals, water, sewer and road infrastructure and protected vital funding for city police and fire services,” according to her LinkedIn page.

Chris OlesenChris Olesen

 Chris Olesen, who graduated in 2012, with a BA in Economics and a BS in Business Administration with an option in Finance, is a senior assurance associate at Burr Pilger Mayer, an accounting and consulting firm in San Francisco, California. 

“I held an internship position with Bank of America Merrill Lynch where I was able to apply much of what I learned in my finance and economics classes to real world applications,” Chris states on his LinkedIn page.  He held the internship with Merill Lynch during the summer before his senior year and during his senior year at Chico State.  Chris also worked in sales for the Wildcat Recreation Center to help support himself and he found time to take an active role in the Finance Club during his last 2 years as an undergraduate. 

After graduation Chris accepted a position as an accounting and pricing specialist with State Street in Sacramento, California.  He left State Street to take on the duties of compliance auditor for Lindquist LLP in San Ramon, California.  From there he moved to to Burr Pilger Mayer as an assurance associate.  Chris was promoted to senior associate in 2018.  (Last Updated 11/17/18)

James PadinhaJames Padinha

James Padinha, who graduated with his BA in Economics in 1990, is a financial consultant in Jackson, Wyoming.  After graduation James entered the University of California at Santa Barbara where he received his MA in Economics in 1992.  
Upon completion of his masters, James accepted a position as the macroeconomic and financial research editor for Trim Tabs Investment Research in Santa Rosa, California.  In 1993 he moved on to First Interstate Bancorp (later merged with Wells Fargo) as a macroeconomic forecaster and a year later he accepted a position as principal fixed income strategist at  James spent the next 2 years working as a macroeconomic columnist for
beginning 1997 James worked as a macroeconomic advisor for Standard and Poor’s, Grant’s Interest Rate Observer, and Arnhold and S. Bleichroeder.  James has been an independent consultant in Jackson, Wyoming, since 2011.  

Juan PinedaJuan Solis Pineda

Juan Pineda-Solis graduated in 2006 with the Economics Department’s highest award, named in honor of John G. Smale. After graduation Juan accepted a position as financial analyst with Hewlett-Packard . After almost 2 years with Hewlett-Packard he signed on as budget and senior financial analyst for Fremont-Rideout Health Group in Marysville, California. In 2011 he was promoted to his current position as budget and decision support manager for Fremont-Rideout.
Juan uses the microeconomic principles that he studied at Chico State every day when he analyzes financial documents and reports his findings to executives at Rideout in order to promote sound fiscal operations.

Roger Pink StaffRoger Pinkstaff

Roger Pinkstaff , who graduated with a BA in Economics in 1995, is economist and branch chief at the Bureau of Labor Statistics in San Francisco. Roger has worked with data since he was in high school when he worked as an appraiser assistant for Harold Larsen Appraisal Services collecting and entering primary data for residential appraisals.
Roger enrolled at Chico State in 1991 and after getting his economics degree in 1995 he worked as an economic assistant collecting primary data for the US Army Corps of Engineers . He moved on from the Corps to BLS in 1996, and he has been there since.
The position at BLS required an economics degree, and Roger uses the tools of economics that he studied at Chico State every day in his job. He is in charge of the employees who collect and analyze employment and price data throughout the western region. According to BLS , “Typical an economist’s typical duties may include:
  • planning and conducting surveys to collect economic data
  • analyzing and interpreting data 
  • preparing reports on economic trends and activities 
  • briefing the news media, industry, labor, andFederal and State governments about economic trends 
  • assisting in the development and application ofcomputer software 
  • reviewing specialized methods, tools, and analysis,and techniques for quantifying, measuring, and understanding economic relationships 
  • writing and editing articles, reports, and othercommunications published by the BLS”

Katty PitcherKatherine “Katie” Pitcher

Katherine “Katie” Pitcher, who graduated in 2015 with a BA in Economics, works in the membership development and sales campaign with the Sacramento Kings. While a student at Chico State Katie interned with the Oroville Economic Development Corporation.  “I was very happy to have that opportunity, as I think it has helped open doors with my career,” Katie stated in a recent email.  During her senior year she also interned with Professor Pete Tsournos and Professor Anita Chaudhry in their Sacramento River Survey for the California Department of Water Resources.  (Last revised 10/6/16)
After graduation Katie accepted an internship position with the Sacramento River Cats in their corporate partnerships department that required her to use her economics background, particularly her experience with econometrics, to analyze data and statistical trends of sponsors of the River Cats. “I dealt with corporate partners of the team and worked with them to discuss options for marketing around the ballpark. I built proposals for these partners using the data analysis and statistics that I had gathered, and put everything together into a report that I would present to the each partner.”
After the internship with the River Cats ended, she accepted a position with the Sacramento Kings in their membership development and sales campaign department.  She works closely with season ticket holders and helps plan, budget, and organize events designed to increase ticket sales.  “In order to plan a successful and meaningful event, I use statistical programs to gauge the average Sacramento resident's interest in the Sacramento Kings, and use this knowledge to better market to our clients.”   (Last revised 10/6/16)

Jerrod PorteurJerrod Porteur

Jerrod Porteur, who graduated with a BA in Economics in 2008, is a business analyst at Oracle in Rocklin, California.  After graduation Jerrod went to work for Wells Fargo as a personal banker in San Francisco, California.  He left after 5 months to work as project manager for Tattoo Brand Strategy in San Francisco.  In 2011 Jerrod accepted a position as director of sales for Leal Vineyards in Morgan Hill, California.  After almost three and one-half years with Leal, Jerrod moved on to JP Morgan Chase in Portland, Oregon. While he was working at JP Morgan, Jerrod enrolled at Maryhurst University in Maryhurst, Oregon, where he earned his MBA in 2016.  Jerrod joined Oracle in 2016.  (Last Updated 9/12/18)

Katherine Puliafico-DiPasquaKatherine Puliafico-DiPasqua

Katherine graduated from Chico State in 2006 and received her master's degree in public policy from Mills College in 2009. As part of her graduate thesis she conducted an award-winning economic impact analysis of a tax increase on alcohol in California. The analysis, which was published by Mills' Policy Journal in 2013, utilized price elasticity of demand to predict how a price increase on alcohol would impact sales and jobs within the alcohol industry. She works as an analyst for Sonoma-Marin Area Rain Transit (SMART Train).
In a recent email, Katherine stated that, "My degree in economics provided me with a solid foundation in quantitative analysis, critical thinking, and problem solving, which has helped me immensely in both post-graduate work and in my career.

Rick SaverienRick Saverien

Rick Saverien, who graduated with a BA in Economics in 1988, is an expert system analyst with Pacific Gas and Electric in San Francisco, California. “I have a particular area of support here at PGE and that's for our internal Supply Chain Operations,” Rick stated in a recent email.  “That includes procurement, logistics, and warehouse/inventory management.”
Inspired by “an Econ Energy class with Professor Gallo that I remember fondly,” he has been working for PG&E since 1990.
"Econ really kick started my interest in data, data mining, trend analysis and how data contributes to process change and process improvement. I've been part of numerous projects where we turn to data to drive process improvement. For me, this kind of attention to detail and analysis began in the Econ program at Chico.”

Ben SchusterBenjamin Schuster

Benjamin Schuster, who graduated in 2016 with a BA in Economics and a BS in Business Administration with an option in finance, is a Capital Markets Analyst at BlackRock in their iShares division in San Francisco, California. While a student at Chico State Benjamin was a member of the Investors Club where he finished in the top 20 percentile while competing against students in 500 other colleges.  He was investment director of the Finance Club during his last 2 years at Chico State.
Starting his sophomore year Benjamin was a volunteer with the Butte Humane Society where he helped supervise and rehabilitate animals and host events to increase awareness of the organization’s efforts.
Benjamin interned as a financial analyst with Stifel Financial Corporation in Chico during his junior year.  In the summer between his junior and his senior year he interned with State Street as a mutual fund accountant.  During the fall semester of his senior year he was a research analyst for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic.
He credits his Economic and Finance professors for his success and curiosity for financial markets and global macroeconomic trends. "I continue to lean and build off the analytical and macroeconomic fundamentals I learned during my time as an Econ undergraduate to help me excel in my current role," Benjamin stated in a recent email.

bob shennumBob Shennum

Bob Shennum, who graduated with a BA in Economics in 1989, is CEO and owner of Evolve Companies in Salt Lake City, Utah and Phoenix Arizona. While a student at Chico State Bob worked as a tutor for the Economics Department and he was a member of the Economics Club and the Entrepreneurial Club. After graduation Bob studied econometric forecasting at Wharton. He was regional manager and VP of Wells Fargo Bank at 400 Capital Street in Sacramento from 1989 to 1997. He joined Franklin Covey in Salt Lake City, Utah as Area Director in 1997. Bob ran a $100 million dollar bridge capital fund and was heavily involved in Real Estate. In 2008 Bob had created an ownership position with one partner and owned 50% of a $500 million dollar Real Estate development portfolio. After the economy crashed Bob had to start all over again. Bob went back to Franklin Covey and in 2015 they promoted him to managing director of sales performance practice. In late 2016 Bob purchased Evolve Companies (ECS) where he is CEO. In 2017 Bob launched his Business Consulting practice and continues to also serve as CEO of ECS. You can see both of Bobs companies at and  (Last Updated 8/30/17)

Heather ShickHeather Shick

Heather Shick, who graduated in with a BA in Economics in 2002, is an economic research analyst at Clear Capital in Truckee, California.

Matthew SilvaMatthew Silva

Matthew Silva, who graduated Cum Laude in 2013 with a BA in Economics and a minor in anthropology, is a data researcher for Standard & Poor’s and a Master’s candidate at the University of Denver.  In 2011 Matthew transferred from Butte College, where he earned a 3.7 GPA to Chico State.  He spent 2011 winter intersession studying abroad in Turkey.  Matthew was a member of Golden Key and Phi Kappa Phi
Matthew helped support himself at Butte and at Chico State by working as a shift supervisor at Papa Murphy’s in Chico. 
After graduation from Chico State Matthew enrolled at the University of Denver to pursue his Master’s degree in Economics and to work as a graduate teaching assistant. For his thesis research, Matthew is investigating “how public policy can affect general welfare in the face of a changing labor market due to technological progress in the fields of automation and artificial intelligence,” according to his LinkedIn page.
Matthew joined Standard & Poor’s as a data researcher in 2015.  His duties include data, collection, and reporting.  
“Economics helps me in my career by giving me the tools I use to look at bond markets and other financial markets during my day to day activities at work,” Matt stated in a recent email.  “Plus a degree in Economics provides the obvious benefits for furthering a career in finance or research in general, but the methods used to analyze the economy are applicable to nearly everything.”

Brett SoaresBrett Soares

Brett Soares , who graduated in 2007, is a marketing business intelligence analyst for CSAA Insurance Group in San Francisco. As a business intelligence analyst Brett uses data to determine how to increase CSAA’s profits and efficiency. He analyzes his company’s data and compares it to the industry data while keeping an eye out for any changes in the economy.
In 2008 Brett accepted a position as economic specialist with PMI Mortgage Insurance Company where he helped develop a market condition scoring system that the firm evaluate distressed properties. He was also responsible for 2 of the company’s publications, The Economic and Real Estate Trends and the Housing and Mortgage Market Review and the Economic Department’s website. About a year and a half later, Brett was promoted to economic analyst where he developed new data tools for top level management decisions.
In 2013 CSAA hired Brett to be a business intelligent analyst. Every day Brett uses the tools of economics analysis that he learned at Chico State. He works with data, models, statistics and computers to make his employer more profitable and efficient.

David Nicolau SuckauDavid Nicolau Suckau

David Nicolau Suckau, who graduated with a BA in Economics in 2002, is a financial analyst at Orin Green Financial in San Diego, California.  While a student at Chico State, David was lead computer assistant during his last 2 and one-half years.  After graduation David worked as funder and consumer loan officer for HSBC Auto Finance.  After 2 years he moved on to Union Bank of California as mutual fund processor where he worked for almost half a year until 2008 until he accepted a job as relationship manager for TD Ameritrade Institutional.More than 6 years later David moved on to Pure Financial Advisors as a portfolio analyst in San Diego, California. David completed the Chartered Financial Analyst CFA program and became a CFA charter holder in 2015. In 2016 David accepted a position as a financial analyst with Orin Green where he currently works. 
"I work in finance now so my econ degree gives me a broad perspective from which to draw upon. I've found that my knowledge of macroeconomics, international trade and econometrics were particularly helpful” David stated in a recent email.   (Last Updated 12/18/17)

Alarice SyAlarice Sy

Alarice Sy, who graduated in 2012 with a BA in Economics, is senior campaign manager at Drawbridge Inc., in Millbrae, California.  After graduation Alarice worked as an intern for Pandora in Oakland, California, where she researched markets for advertisers. In early 2014 Pandora promoted Alarice to client services coordinator, and after only 5 months in this position, they promoted her to performance account manager. In August 2016 she joined Drawbridge as senior campaign manager where she is currently analyzing Internet traffic and managing other analysts.  According to their website Drawbridge “is built using probabilistic, or predictive, technology that observes user access patterns, demographics, interest segments, and other information to make predictions about consumers and their device ownership.” (Last revised 10/6/16)

Daniel WhiteDaniel White

Daniel White, who graduated in 2010 with a BA in Economics and a BS in Finance with a minor in Mathematics, is a senior pricing analyst at Saxco International LLC in Concord, California.  After graduation Daniel went to work as a financial representative for Northwestern Mutual in San Francisco, California.  Six months later he moved on to SEO by the Bay (not Brandfish) where he worked as a search engine optimization specialist, increasing the traffic “a minimum of 2,000% month over month,” according to his LinkedIn page.  After 4 months with SEO by the Bay Daniel accepted a job as customer service representative for Mechanics Bank in Oakland where he remained for almost one and a half years.  In 2012 he worked for 6 months in Wells Fargo ATM Strategic Deployment as a project analyst helping them design statistical reports to be used in selection of ATM vendors. 
Daniel left Wells Fargo to become an actuarial student and assistant underwriter for XL Catlin.  In his three and one-half years at XL Catlin, Daniel passed four actuarial exams while analyzing and modeling risk and producing and reviewing insurance policies.  Since April 2016 he has worked for Saxco International LLC.

WojnowskiPeter Wojnowski

Peter Wojnowski, who graduated in 2013 with a BA in International Economics is a senior analyst for Pacific Gas and Electric in San Francisco, California.  He credits his internship at Inmet in Kielce, Poland with much of his success. When he began his internship, he worked as administrative support and that job evolved into an analytic role where he “helped carry out financial analysis at multiple levels including rate of return, depreciation, working capital, investments, budgeting, cost analysis, job analysis and financial and expense performance comparisons,” according to his LinkedIn page. Peter also found time to participate in the Econ Club, the Investors Club, and the Finance Club.
After graduation Peter accepted a job in Pleasanton, California, with PepsiCo as a finance and trade analyst, managing trade promotions and spending for major customers on the west coast. The role was fast paced and multifaceted. His favorite aspects were forecasting analysis and post-sales analysis. "Forecasting goes hand-in-hand with demand-planning, which is a huge topic in economics. In fact, a lot of the seemingly complex analysis I have done can be related back to some of the most basic models taught in economics."
In a recent email, Peter stated that, "My microeconomics courses taught me how to find optimal points of production and efficiency. These types of quantitative modeling/reasoning skills helped me evaluate and analyze data pertaining to sales, operations, and manufacturing." (Last Updated 8/26/17)

Chris Yost-BremmChris Yost-Bremm

Chris Yost-Bremm, who graduated with honors in 2011 with a BA in Economics and a minor in International Accounting, is a quantitative researcher for BlackRock and Real Property Analytics Inc in San Francisco, California.  Before earning his degree in economics, Chris completed a BS in Business Administration and Management at Chico State in 2008.  In 2010 he finished his BS in Engineering and Industrial Management.  After completing his undergraduate degrees Chris finished his Master of Business Administration in 2011.
In 2011 Chris left Chico State for Texas A&M University where he completed his Ph.D. in Finance in 2015.  Before completing his Ph.D. he entered Georgia Tech’s (Georgia Institute of Technology) Master’s Degree program in Computer Science.  He plans to complete his Master’s with a specialization in Machine Learning at Georgia Tech in 2017.
“Economics has helped me take a broader perspective about how countries relate, and helped me appreciate that while many events happen randomly and suddenly, predictable economic relationships can still exist over the long run” Chris stated in a recent email.