Chico Economics Graduate Careers - Medical Economics

brian fitzgeraldBrian Fitzgerald

Brian Fitzgerald graduated in 2007 with a B.A. in Economics. He went to work for a private consulting firm in Sacramento specializing in efficiency and compliance auditing for local and state agencies across the country. In 2009, he went to work for the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) in a project management capacity where he leveraged information technology resources and quantitative methods to increase operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Currently, he serves as the Section Chief over the Cost Avoidance Section (CAS) within DHCS, a program that impacts approximately 1.7 Californians each year. Under his direction, the CAS is responsible for cost avoiding roughly $3 billion annually, and ensuring compliance with federal and state statutes.

Thomas HallThomas Hall

Thomas Hall, who graduated with a BA in Economics and a BS in Business Administration in 2010, is a fellow with Velocity Venture Capital and works in marketing at CleanStart in Sacramento, California. 

While a student at Chico State Thomas spent spring and fall semesters in 2007 – 2008 with Hewlett-Packard in Shanghai, China.  When he returned for the fall 2008 semester Thomas was a founding member of the Center for Entrepreneurship at Chico State.  

After graduation Tom volunteered with SARTA, a non-profit that fosters technology and entrepreneurial growth in the Sacramento region, bringing new startups to their Clean showcase.  From there Thomas became assistant to the CEO of Vanelli Foods, LLC, a food processing start up in Roseville, California.   In 2012 Thomas returned to the Chico area to become chief financial officer for North Valley Eye Care in Chico and Ridge Eye Care in Paradise.  After successfully expanding eye care groups Thomas moved on to Mindful Health Solutions in Sacramento where he oversaw its rebranding and transition into TMS Health Solutions.  In 2016 he joined Velocity Venture Capital  researching and analyzing seed investments in the Healthcare field.

"My economics background enables me to identify and articulate market trends from knowing when to buy raw materials, to identifying when current supply is not going to meet future demand,” Tom stated in a recent email.  “Recognizing changes in the market enables me to stay ahead on what to expect from potential investments, marketing opportunities, cost of goods, and even appropriate employee compensation.  Economics has complemented all areas of my work." (Last Updated 11/3/16)

garth hansenGarth Hansen

Garth Hansen, who graduated in December 2011, works in the Healthcare Informatics Department at Cambia Health Solutions as a Consulting Research Analyst Associate. He works on a small 7 person team that serves as consultants for Cambia and their company portfolio. They conduct program evaluations, and provide statistical, methodological, and content-specific consulting on a variety of projects. His team is involved in many facets of the company ranging from actuarial to provider care. 

In a recent email Garth said, “I have always wanted to understand how the world works. This has led to a diverse set of interests from history and sociology, to physics and geography. I studied mathematics and economics because I felt those encompassed many of my interests, albeit in an indirect fashion. Similarly, this is why I decided to study for a master’s degree in statistics. Every field uses statistics to some capacity and I want to learn new subjects and fields during my entire career.” 

“At the Center for Nutrition and Activity Promotion, I started as an intern and was eventually hired as a research assistant. This job was a great experience because it helped give me a sense of direction with my studies and career path which was to continue on with a master’s degree in statistics to get a job in either research and evaluation, or analytics.” 

When asked how he uses economics in his career, Garth stated that “Despite economics being a hodgepodge of theories explaining how one situation happened, economics somehow manages to weave its way into anything and everything making it a useful field of study. As a person with a mathematics and statistics background, my studies in economics provided a focus for applying those skills to real world problems by developing my analytical, quantitative, writing, and research skills. While I may not be employed in the economics field, I consistently apply these skills in both my professional and personal life.”