Chico Economics Graduate Careers - Technology

Darrin AdamsDarrin Adams

Darrin Adams, who graduated with a BA in Economics in 1987, is product marketing manager for Fujitsu Computer Products of America. He earned his MA degree in English Language and Literature from San Francisco State in 1993.  Darrin worked for Open TV as director of technical marketing from 1999 to 2001 when he moved on to Fujitsu as product marketing manager.

As product manager Darrin is responsible for outbound messaging and marketing programs for what Darrin describes as “the world’s most popular document scanner line.” One of the keys to this position is to make powerful technologies both easy to understand and easy to sell. In addition to presenting and messaging, he captures feature requirements for hardware, does competitive analysis, develops software, and works closely with our business development team for partnership opportunities.

In a recent email he stated, “My Economics degree helped me understand and look at complex business and technical systems. At Chico, I learned critical thinking and how to look at a problem from more than just a dollar-now perspective. There are hidden values, benefits, and even pitfalls to everything we do which are not always apparent in the short term. While I did graduate work and San Francisco State and Temple University, I personal found the non-commuter atmosphere of Chico to be one of the best learning and social environments I have ever had.”  (Last Updated 6/7/18)

Lou AhttyLou Ahtty

Lou Ahtty, who graduated with a BA in Economics in 2008, is a development technician at UC Berkeley.  Before joining UC Berkeley Lou worked for 2 years as project manager for AT&T at Pleasanton, California.  (Last Updated 11 20 2017)

Shan Alpay

Shan Alpay, who graduated with a BA in Economics in 1993, is the lead senior software developer and line manager at Gilead Sciences headquarters in Foster City, California. He talks with the scientists at Gilead to determine their requirements for new computer programs and he utilizes many different computer program languages to write and develop the programs. Shan has worked in several different industries including biotechnology, mass storage, high-performance computing and electronic media during the past 20 years.

Shan began working for Gilead Sciences in 2011-12 as a contractor in Clinical Virology when he helped develop a web database application that allowed Gilead’s scientists to study amino acids, detect mutations in their research, and generate FDA reports.

“My economics degree did serve as a good basis for my computer science career,” Shan stated in a recent email. Some who chose computer science as a career learn computing skills on the job or on their own. Economics stresses evaluation of costs and benefits to determine the optimal outcome, a skill that is useful in many careers.

karen bajzaKaren Bajza

Karen Bajza, who graduated with a BA in Economics with a concentration in International and her BA in Communication and Public Affairs in 2011, works in community marketing with Docker, Inc. in San Francisco, California.  “Docker is the world’s leading software container platform,” according to their LinkedIn site.  While at Chico State Karen was active in Beta Gamma Sigma, the national business honor society, and Lambda Pi Eta, the national communication studies honor society.  She was also treasurer of the Judicial Affairs Council and she was a member of the track and field team.  In 2008 Karen co-founded R’s Inc, a magazine recycling business in Chico and she volunteered as a dialogue facilitator with Threshold 2008 in San Mateo, California, a group advocating more housing choices.  She did all of this while on the Dean’s list.

During her senior year Karen took a job as a development and marketing associate with the International Trade Education Programs, Inc. in Los Angeles, California, and she continued working with them for almost 2 years. In late 2012 Karen took a job as fundraising and partnership manager with BDI Development Group in Los Angeles. In 2015 Karen moved on to Docker, Inc where she is now working in community marketing.

Karen has considerable experience as a volunteer.  In June of 2012 she volunteered with Lambda Legal, a group that pursues civil rights and social action.  In December 2012 Karen began a 4 month campaign as field manager for a candidate who ran for West Hollywood City Council.  In September of 2013 Karen volunteered with LA Pride Team 45 to help produce special events.  (Last Updated 10/6/17)

Sean BarclaySean Barclay

Sean Barclay is an executive manager with a passion for leadership and organizational dynamics.  Sean graduated in 1999 with a BA in Economics and with the Rawlins Merit Award for Outstanding Achievement, and is the General Manager at the Tahoe City Public Utility District in Tahoe City, California.  While a student at Chico State, Sean was a member of the Golden Key National Honor Society and the Omicron Delta Epsilon International Honor Society for Economics.  During his senior year, Sean was president of the Economics Club and graduated with Honors in General Education and Honors in the Major

 After graduation from Chico State, Sean followed a brief stint in the finance industry with a ten year career in land surveying.  In 2009, after earning his Professional Land Surveying licenses in California and Nevada, Sean was hired by the Tahoe City Public Utility District to design and build an enterprise Geographic Information System (GIS).  Sean’s passion for leadership and interest in learning led to multiple opportunities with the Tahoe City Public Utility District, culminating with his appointment as General Manager in 2017. 

 “My economics education at Chico State provided a tremendous foundation for my professional success.  The ability to research, analyze and understand complex systems and issues is a skill which I developed during my studies and has been a tremendous asset to me.  The focus at Chico State on articulating complex ideas in writing has been valuable as well.  One of the things I’m most thankful for was the encouragement and active mentoring I received from numerous faculty members at Chico State.  From leading study sessions for Michael Perelman’s Intro to Macro Economics students, to serving as President of the Economics Club, the encouragement and opportunities I had at Chico State, helped inspire my passion for leadership.”  (Last Updated 11/27/17)

Lee BarendseLee J. Barendse

Lee J. Barendse, who graduated in 2014 with a B.A. in Economics, works as an information management consultant for Method360 in San Francisco, California. Before transferring to Chico State, Lee worked as a support technician at Celebration Depot LLC, where he installed, configured, and maintained their e-commerce for almost 6 years. After enrolling at Chico State in 2012, Lee participated in the Economics Club, Alpha Sigma Phi, and BIS Society. During his first semester at Chico, Lee was a certified peer educator for BACCHUS Network, an organization that engages student leaders in addressing campus health and safety issues.

While completing his Economics major, Lee minored in Management Information Systems, which involved classes such as CSCI 111 (Programming and Algorithms), MINS 245 (Data Communications and Networking), MINS 350 (Business Systems analysis) and BSIS 301 (Enterprise Technology Integration). After graduation, Lee accepted his current position with Method360 where he has consulted with McKesson Corporation, Del Monte Foods, Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco, and ExxonMobil. Lee also has co-authorship credits on two technical books relating to SAP technologies.

“My economics training has given me the ability to analyze complex problems and communicate their solutions effectively,” Lee stated in a recent email.   

Daniel BarnettDaniel Barnett

Daniell Barnett, who graduated in 2009 with a BA in Economics, works on inside sales at FileMaker Inc., an Apple subsidiary, in San Jose, California. After graduation form Chico State Daniel accepted a position in sales with Barracuda. After 3 years he moved to his current position with FileMaker.

ryan bentzRyan Bentz

Ryan Bentz, who graduated with a BA in Economics in 2005, founded RN Instruments in Portland, Oregon where he creates electronic musical instruments.  After graduation from Chico State Ryan worked as project accountant for Balfour Beatty Construction in London, England.  A year later Balfour promoted him to project engineer.  In 2009 Ryan took a job as cost estimator for Brussel Consulting and Construction Management in Costa Mesa, California.  He was soon given additional responsibilities as inspector for Brussel.  In late 2010 Ryan began working as a visual basic programmer for Brussel, a job that he held until early 2015 when he entered Portland State University to pursue a degree in Computer Engineering.  In the meantime Ryan founded his own company, RN Instruments, in 2012.  He hopes to complete his BS in Computer Engineering at Portland State in 2018. (Last Updated 10/3/17)

Nick BolesNick Boles

Nick Boles, who graduated with a BA in Economics with a concentration in International in 2009, is a digital media consultant in Los Angeles, California.  Nick was a member of the Economics Club, the Omicron Delta Epsilon Honors Society, the AS Government Affairs Council, the Academic Senate, AS board of Directors and other organizations listed on his LinkedIn page.  During his senior year Nick wrote a paper on the Venezuelan oil dependency for his honors in the major class.  He was one the Model United Nations team that was awarded best delegation.   Nick also studied Spanish at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid while he was working on his degree at Chico State. 

After graduation Nick accepted a job managing sales with La Curacao, a retailer in Los Angeles, California.  While working for La curacao, Nike moved began a digital media and promotions internship with Shangri-La Music.  After working one year for La Curacao and completing his internship in 2010, Nick signed on as business manager for Forte Management, a firm based in New York City.   In 2013 Nick worked for 3 months as a tour accountant for H2 Business Management in Santa Monica, California.  Later in 2013 the Coro Fellows admitted Nick into Public their program which prepares people for leadership roles in public affairs.  In 2014 Nick ran for the Santa Monica city council.   He also began working for Trusted Messenger Marketing (TMM) where he is currently employed as a digital media consultant.  “TMM utilizes the power of online branding, messaging and social media to enhance the online and collateral presence of organizations,” according to their website.  (Last Updated 9/28/18)

Portrait of Erick CalderonErick Calderon

Erick Calderon, who graduated in 2017, is a sales development representative at Demandforce in San Francisco, California.  While a student at Chico State, Erick was a member of Lambda Chi Alpha and the Economics Club.  He also found time to volunteer as a mentor for the Boys and Girls Club during his junior year.  During his senior year he worked as in inventory clerk for the University.  After graduation Erick worked in sales for the Garland Company in Palo Alto, California. 

“My Economics degree helps me approach my everyday life in a sustainable and efficient way. It also gave me the tools needed to solve complex problem in strategic manner at my workplace,” Erick stated in a recent email.  (Last Updated 1/24/18)

Shaun CarriganShaun Carrigan

Shaun Carrigan graduated in 2011 with a BA in economics. He works at, Veeva Systems, a software company in Pleasanton, California. Veeva is a cloud-based software company that provides solutions to the Life Sciences Industry. As a Release Engineer, Shaun manages the software builds and releases for all of Veeva's supported platforms including Online, Windows Tablet, iPad, iPhone and Blackberry. This role requires in-depth knowledge of multiple operating systems (Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux), programming and very quick problem solving skills.

“My degree in Economics has helped me to think outside the box and to have a more analytical approach to solving problems. It also opened the door for interning at the Center for Economic Developer (CED) where I had the opportunity to work with regional data, economic indicators, and Geographic Information Software (GIS).”

carlton c caven ivCarlton C. Caven, IV

Carlton C. Caven IV, who graduated in 2011 with a BA in Economics, is an enterprise regional manager at indeni, a computer software firm specializing in IT network security in San Francisco, California. During his sophomore and junior year at Chico State, Carlton was head coach for Chico State Women’s Soccer Club. During his senior year he worked in operations for Bizness Apps a successful CSU Chico startup currently headquartered in La Jolla, CA.

In 2013 Carlton accepted a position as senior lead development representative at Intuit. In 2014 Intuit promoted him to territory manager for Texas. Carlton moved on to LeadGenius in Berkeley, California as sales executive in late 2014. After a year and one-half helping build LeadGenius, he signed on as enterprise regional manager with indeni where he is currently working with major enterprise IT network environments.

“Earning a degree in economics allows me to understand and contribute complex business situations,” Carlton stated in a recent email.  “Trend analysis, forecasting, resource allocation as well as many other economic skills are applicable in high tech. My favorite "term" that I administer both inside and outside of work is resource allocation.”  (Last Updated 10/28/16) 

Eric ChestermanEric Chesterman

Eric Chesterman, who graduated in 2000 with a BA in Economics, is a finance and business systems consultant, currently working with CFO Tools in San Francisco, California.   After graduation Eric became a financial consultant for Marlin and Associates where he worked for over 5 years.  During that period of time he also worked as a financial consultant for Oraxion and as a consulting controller for Siliquent.  Current clients include IronKey, Marble Security, Nextbit, Translarity, and AppLovin.  Eric has also consulted on financial issues with Integrity Block, Imation, Xeralux, IronKey Inc., EVNTLIVE, Lithium Technologies, and other Silicon Valley businesses.  (Last Updated 10/18/16)

Gary ColemanGary Coleman

Gary Coleman, who graduated with a BA in International Economics in 2002, is vice-president of recruitment at US Tech Solutions in Rocklin, California.  After graduation Gary accepted a position as a recruiter with ITC Service Group where he worked for 3 years recruiting workers for the industrial technology, telecommunication and cable TV industry. In 2005 he began working for Randstad Technologies (formerly Sapphire Technologies) in Sacramento where he worked with both international and domestic companies to develop technology that is appropriate for their products and services. (Last Updated 1/1/18)

Chris ConradChris Conrad

Chris Conrad, who graduated with a BA in Economics in 2005, is account manager at Elemental LED in Emeryville, California. While a student at Chico State Chris worked at a summer internship for Quester Technology, a Silicon Valley semi-conductor company. During his senior year he began working for the Tutoriale Center For Education in Castor Valley, California, and he continued working there for another 6 years. “I automated every aspect of this tutoring business, managing 15+ employees and educating hundreds of clients,” Chris stated on his LinkedIn site. He moved on to Zeagle Systems as account manager in 2008. After leaving Zeagle Chris accepted a position as sales manager at Gatco in San Leandro, California where he worked for a year and a half. In 2012 Chris he moved to Elemental LED.

“I learned a thing or two about MS Excel from a class that I took from Professor Shockley,” Chris replied in a recent email when asked how his economics degree helps his career.

Jesus CruzJesus Cruz

Jesus Cruz, who graduated in 2016 with a BA in Economics, is member support representative for Lending Club. “I provide support over the phone and respond to questions about loan status, assisting clients with navigating our website, and resolve member issues,” Jesus stated in a recent email. “My plan down the road is to move into the Investor/ Capital Markets division with Lending Club, the world’s largest online credit marketplace”.

While a student at Chico Jesus was a member of the Sigma Nu International Fraternity. During his junior and senior years he was vice president of philanthropy and community service for Sigma Nu at Chico State, managing community relations and planning events such as visits to local Boy’s and Girl’s Clubs according to his LinkedIn page. In his junior year Jesus also found time to be group leader of the American Cancer Society. (Last Updated 1/20/17)

mark dahlstromMark Dahlstrom

Mark Dahlstrom, who graduated in 1991 with a BA in Economics, is business segment manager at Hewlett Packard Enterprise in Nevada City, California.  After graduation Mark worked for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) performing “comprehensive risk analysis of federally insured financial institutions,” according to his LinkedIn page.  After four and one-half years with the FDIC Mark accepted a position as vice president and chief financial officer with Placer Credit Union in Auburn, California.  At the Credit Union he “led accounting, budgeting and financial reporting functions of institution” and he “developed activity based costing model to eliminate non-value add activities from loan and deposit generation.” 

In 1998 Mark accepted a position as vice president in charge of credit review and compliance at Sacramento Commercial Bank in Sacramento, California, where he “managed internal credit review and regulatory compliance functions.”  After a year and one-half with the commercial bank Mark enrolled at the University of California, Davis where he earned his Master of Business Administration in Accounting and Finance in 2001.

After graduation from UC Davis Mark joined Hewlett Packard (HP) as a financial analyst and manager.    In 2013 Mark was promoted to business segment manager in charge of HP’s long-run technology plans and the way that top management communicates its plans to those outside the corporation.  (Last Updated 10/31/16)

Matt DeatrickMatt Deatrick

Matt Deatrick graduated in 1998. He is a marketing executive for Verizon Wireless Connected Devices where he focuses on bringing 4G LTE speeds to consumer devices. His goal is to enhance consumer devices, such as connected homes, gaming, health/wellness, security, and tablets. Matt’s duties include initial market research and analysis, partner engagement, business modeling and strategy, design of product road maps, negotiations, and go-to-market support. “We find, vet, and launch the next generation of mobile devices (non-smartphones) on the world’s most reliable 4G network,” Matt stated in a recent email.”

John DooleyJohn Dooley

John Dooley, who graduated in 1994 with a BA in Economics, is regional sales manager at Epson Electronics America in San Jose, California.   After graduation John took a job in outside sales at Future Electronics in San Jose, California where he worked for 3 years.  In 1998 he moved on to Arrow Electronics (Wyle Electronics) in Phoenix, Arizona, and in 1999 John moved to Mountain View, California where he worked for Nexus Technology.  For the next 5 years John worked in sales and assisted with design and development of applications including integrated circuits.

In 2004 John accepted a position as sales manager reporting directly to the vice-president of operations with Prediwave in Fremont, California.  After a year with Prediwave John went to work for TAARCOM in Mountain View, California as a manufacturer’s representative and sales engineer. In 2008 John accepted a position as regional sales manager for the northwest at Bourns, Inc. where he managed personnel and provided technical support.  In 2011 he moved on to Kashiyama USA in Fremont, California as their sales manager for North America.  During the next 4 years John manage all sales activities, calling on semiconductor and foundry companies throughout North America.   He has been working for Epson where he manages sales throughout northern California and Nevada since 2015.  (Last Updated 1/30/17)

Sam EnriquezSam Enriquez

Sam Enriquez, who graduated with a BA in 2011, is a digital marketing and analytics consultant at Accenture in Los Angeles, California. 

It was during the summer following my graduation that I made one of the most difficult decisions of my life, to leave California for the big apple, New York City,” Sam stated in an email.  He had accepted a job working in NYC for Resolute Digital, LLC, a digital advertising agency where he had interned during the previous few summers while at Chico State.  In 2012 Sam moved back to California and began working for Resolute Digital in their Santa Monica office.  I'm now responsible for all west coast operations and help manage the marketing strategy with one of our key clients on-site in Orange County, Local Corporation.” 

In 2015 Sam accepted a position with Accenture where he currently works as digital marketing and analytics consultant.  Advertising agencies have long been sought after by companies big and small for brand positioning, creative ideas, and overall revenue driving strategies.  In his role as an analytics manager, Sam managed the implementation of web and mobile analytics strategies to track key pieces of business data.

Analytics is the foundation of any marketing strategy, and Sam helps give businesses the tools to analyze important metrics to make smarter data driven decisions. Sam explained that this is a very new field and a critical part in bridging the gap between marketing strategy and the decisions key business stakeholders make. Although this role is more technical in nature than his economics courses, according to Sam, “It has proved incredibly valuable throughout my career thus far. The ability to analyze data, construct theories and draw conclusions is the key thought process which will bring you success in your career, regardless of the path you take.”  (Last Updated 8/18/18) 

 “Studying Economics at Chico allowed me the opportunity to view social interaction, specifically business, through a set of rational and process-oriented lenses, “Eric stated in a recent email. “In situations that call for strategic planning in my line of work, I tend to evaluate opportunity cost and what actions have the highest likelihood of putting forward the most utility. Possessing this point of view has been immensely helpful.” (Last Updated 8/19/18)

Andrew FingersonAndrew Fingerson

Andrew Fingerson graduated from Chico State in 2005 with a Bachelors degree in Economics with minors in Business Administration and Communication Design. He has been a salesman working in the wholesale electrical supply business since 2007 with Rexel, a worldwide company based in Paris. Rexel purchased Platt, a company out of Oregon, a few years ago and Andrew's branch in Grass Valley changed its name to the Platt moniker.

"My job is to find electrical and data communications solutions for contractors, electricians, homeowners, and maintenance personnel for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings, Andrew stated in a recent email. "Our products range from utility power, lighting, dimming controls, timers, solar/clean energy, security, data, video, audio, power tools, and industrial controls and automation. We have the best web site and smart app in the industry; customers can take photos with their Smartphone and our online team can find pricing/availability on that product in just a minute or two via chat texting 16 hours day/7 days a week!"

"I use economics to explain to customers how certain products such as LED lighting retrofits and solar panels will pay off down the road on utility costs and reduced maintenance. We work with the Sierra Business Council and their Sierra Nevada Energy Watch program to quote businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies on products that will reduce energy consumption and lower their utility bills."

Coleman FoleyColeman Foley

Coleman Foley, who graduated in 2011 with a BA in Economics, is software engineer at Natera in San Francisco.  After graduation Coleman became a technical consultant for Sprint Nextel in Yuba City, California.  

Coleman freelanced as a software engineer from 2013 – 2014.  In 2013 Coleman took a Javascript immersion course from Hack Reactor and he put his skills to work at Quyay.  “I implemented redesigns for several views in this Pinterest-for-games web app, Coleman states on his Linkedin Page. “I also created a store view and populated it with dummy data. We didn't end up going through with the plan to add a store component to the app, though.” Coleman also worked on other games including Playlist Me and Puckhead and he worked for DareDvl Inc. as a software engineering consultant. 

In 2014 Coleman worked as a front end engineer for Contextly in San Francisco before moving to RealQuidity in San Mateo, California.  He has been a software engineer for Natera since November of 2015.

“The emphasis on writing papers and making presentations in economics helped me develop my written and oral communication skills,” Coleman stated in a recent email. These skills have been important throughout my career.”

Spencer HardeySpencer Hardey

Spencer Hardey, who graduated with a BA in Economics in 2009, enrolled in the graduate program at Chico State where he completed his MBA in 2011.  He manages information technology at Yardi, a real estate and property management firm, and he is an officer at State Street Bank in Sacramento, California.  He oversees the implementation of computing systems and provides support to CEO’s, CPA’s, and IT staff at Yardi.

After completing his BA Spencer worked as office manager with 120 paralegal interns who he managed for the Community Legal Information Center in Madrid, Spain which is part of Chico State’s Associated Students CLIC.  After leaving Spain in 2010 and enrolling in the MBA program at Chico State he accepted a position as fund accountant and senior associate for State Street. 

“I was project manager for outsourcing a 25-employee workload of equity mutual fund accounting tasks to India. I developed relationships and trained 25 employees in India. I remotely managed an accounting team in India and designed and executed the offshoring of fixed income mutual funds,” Spencer stated in a recent email.

Ted HarrisTed Harris

Ted Harris, who graduated with a BA in Economics in 1994, is Senior Director of Information Products at Visa in Foster City, CA. After he received his MS in economics from the University of Oregon in 1999, he went to work for the National Council on Crime and Delinquency in Oakland, CA, where he developed a model for forecasting prison populations. After a year with the Council he moved on the fashion industry with Byer of California as Senior Developer. "My team was charged with creating systems to better automate and simplify all aspects of Byer's operations including shipping,warehouse management," Ted stated in a recent email. After he left Byer Ted spent the next 5 years as manager of Research and Development for Quality Planning Corporation (QPC) in Las Vegas. Since leaving QPC he has worked for Visa..Ted filed more than 60 patents and brought to market dozens of new analytical and modeling products, many of which are still in production a decade after release. He invented a modeling language and run-time engine which turns out Visa's core real-time analytical products.

"Studying Economics enabled me to readily adapt the needs of the organizations I join by providing a solid foundation based on math, analytical reasoning and economic common sense. Chico taught me the importance of openness to new ideas and cultures, building long-term friendships and flexibility in how I perceive myself and others," Ted stated in a recent email.

Kier LaCrosseKier LaCrosse

Kier LaCrosse, who graduated with a BA in Economics in 1992, is founder and president of Allegra Entertainment and Events in San Francisco, California.  After graduation Kier accepted a position as vice president of AECL of Chalk River, Ontario, where he worked for almost seven and one-half years.  In 2002 Kier founded Allegra Entertainment and Events, a firm that produces “whatever is needed to make an event a "smashing success," according to his LinkedIn page. (Last Updated 11/13/18)

Brandon LeeBrandon Lee

Brandon Lee, who graduated in 2015 with a BA in Economics and Philosophy, is a quality assurance tester for Rainforest QA in San Francisco, California.  The Economics Department awarded Brandon the distinction of Outstanding International Economics Student in 2016.  While a student Brandon was a logic tutor at the Chico State Student Learning Center, a student TA for the Philosophy Department, and treasurer for the Philosophy Honors Society.  He earned both of his degrees in less than 4 years.

After graduation Brandon worked for Oracle in Redwood City, California as a software engineer for nine months.  In 2017 he worked as a quality assurance tester and internet technology business analyst for Serena and Lily.  In 2018 Brandon took a job as software tester for Rainforest QA where he currently works.  (Last Updated 11/23/18)

Julianna HaysJulianna Louise Hays

Julianna Louise Hays, who graduated in 2000 with a BA in Economics and a double minor in Accounting and Mathematics, is a Manufacturing Planner, Staff at Lockheed Martin in Sunnyvale, California. Julianna finished her AS in Mathematics, Liberal Arts, and Social and Behavioral Sciences at Butte College in 1996 and enrolled at Chico State in 1997. After graduation at Chico State Julianna accepted a position as a Satellite Systems Engineer at Lockheed Martin. In 2005 Lockheed promoted Julianna to Satellite Systems Engineer, Senior and she began working on her MBA at Golden Gate University. She graduated with an MBA, specializing in Information Technology and Operations & Supply Chain Management in 2008. She changed jobs to an Items Analyst, Senior at Lockheed Martin in 2008 to better align with her MBA. In 2013 Julianna changed positions to a Manufacturing Planner, Senior at Lockheed Martin. She was promoted in 2016 to a Manufacturing Planner, Staff.

“My economics education has played some significant roles in my career,” Julianna stated in a recent email.  “It taught me to look outside of the box and search for alternative answers to the questions. Always anticipate the opportunities that are going to be available. The most important lesson that I learned while at Chico State in the Economics Department is that networking is your lifeline for your career!”    

Rand HutchisonRand Hutchison

Rand Hutchison, who graduated from CSU, Chico with a BA in Economics in 1973, is a professor in the Chico State’s Management Department and founding president of several companies.  Rand completed his Master of Business Administration (Information Systems Emphasis) at Chico State in 1977, while concurrently working with a startup health economics company, and teaching courses in both business and economics at CSU, Chico.   Rand was instrumental in starting the Graduate Business Students Association and became its first president.

After a diverse career spanning 40+ years, Rand is semi-retired, and teaches courses in applied strategy, entrepreneurship, and professional consulting in Chico State’s College of Business.  Other current activities include consulting engagements, managing angel investments, a member of the CSU, Chico University University Foundation Board of Directors and College of Business Dean’s Advisory Board, and also a board director on several private and public sector organizations. 

While in graduate school, Rand worked as general manager for a health economics company that supervised and coordinated studies for national and state prescription drug reimbursement programs, analyzed and prepared guidelines for national health Insurance programs, and performed systems analysis, design and engineering for the system that became the federal Medicaid Management Information System.  The company also completed many economic research projects for major global pharmaceutical companies.

Rand formed and was director of management advisory services for Matson and Isom Accountancy Corporation from 1980 to 1990.  The new profit center lead the company into the digital era, and provided management consulting,  business development and technology services to a diverse clientele, including manufacturing, agriculture, health care, retail, professional services, education, and government clients.

At Option Care, Rand was a key senior team member for a franchise health services company.  Rand was instrumental in completing a successful IPO, which ultimately led to its acquisition by a major drug chain for several hundred million dollars.  Rand was responsible for strategic and competitive information and technology planning.   A major accomplishment was the integration of all franchises into a network that involved the development and implementation of two proprietary franchise office operations software products, including integrated applications for pharmacy, nursing/clinical and financial systems.

Rand was Executive Vice President/Chief Financial Officer for a technology company that developed casino gaming technology that was ultimately acquired by major industry leaders.  Responsibilities included strategic planning and operational execution for the two divisions of the company.     

Rand founded Travidia Inc., and at various stages served as President, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer and Chairman of the Board.  Travidia was acquired in November 2011 by a consortium of 12 of the largest domestic media companies and was rebranded as Wanderful Media.  Using the brand name Find n Save, Wanderful Media offers local media affiliates and advertisers a local online consumer shopping platform that provides an engaging shopping experience for consumers.  With its network of affiliates, Travidia focused on bringing shopping solutions to the 80%+ of US markets that it serves across mobile, web, tablets, and social platforms.

“My undergraduate experience in economics provided exposure to broad  “macro” perspectives of business and government, and I was extremely fortunate to have an economics professor as my mentor and supervisor in a business startup right after graduation,” Rand stated in a recent email.  “Building on my early experiences, my position in public accounting filled in the tactical details of how diverse organizations operate.  The combination of training and experience in my early career enabled me to get unusual perspectives, and provided the background to think both strategically and tactically.  The result instilled me with the confidence to eventually pursue entrepreneurial opportunities, and the skills to manage either startup or mature businesses.” (Last Updated 8/15/17)

IvanievVasily Ivaniev

Vasily Ivaniev, who graduated in 1998 with a BA in Economics, is president and general director of Intransit, LLC in Orange County, California.  He has worked for Intransit since 2001.  “InTransit, LLC is a team of functional specialists who provide administrative support in technical areas including information technology, human resources, internal audit, mergers & acquisitions, over-weight/over dimensional permits and general administration,” according to their website.  (Last Updated 9/25/17)

Bruce JohnsonBruce Johnson

Bruce Johnson, who graduated with a BA in Economics and a minor in Marketing in 1978 has for many years worked for cyber security companies. He is currently vice president of global sales at Vaultive, a cloud data security focused company, based in Boston, Massachusetts. He was vice president of worldwide sales and business development for Vormetric in San Jose, California, from 2003 to 2014. Vormetric had a successful outcome and was acquired in 2016 by Thales. Prior to Vormetric Bruce held multiple sales leadership positions with leading cyber security companies many of whom were also acquired by leading companies like Symantec and Computer Associates.

Bruce believes that his economics and marketing educational background from Chico State uniquely qualified him for the sales and sales leadership positions he has held over the last 30 years. Understanding the fundamentals of economics can enable you to see the strategic and tactical sides of business and make good decisions.

Dan JohnsonDan Johnson

Dan Johnson, who graduated with a BA in Economics and a BS in Business Administration and Finance in 2008, is treasury manager at eBay and at PayPal in Luxembourg. Dan interned with Smith Barney during his junior year at Chico State and with Merrill Lynch during his senior year. After graduation Dan accepted a position with Fisher Investments in sales and he was quickly promoted to regional operations. After leaving Fisher, Dan worked as an administrative manager for the Institute for Regulatory Training in Mill Valley, California. In 2010 Dan signed on with CoPilot Financial as director of Investment Operations in San Jose, California. In 2015 Dan accepted an appointment as treasury analyst for both PayPal and eBay where he is currently employed.

Dan uses the economics he learned at Chico State when he estimates short-run costs and revenues and the impact of long-run fiscal decisions affect the two technology firms in his role as treasury manager.

JusticeDoreen Bender Justice

Doreen Bender Justice, who graduated in 1980 with a BA in Economics and a BS in Business Administration, is a self-employed contractor providing transcription and editing services to technology firms.  After graduation she wanted to travel and became a tour guide for Contiki Holidays, a tour company that arranges camping tours for Australians, New Zealanders, South Africans and Canadians in international settings.  Contiki promoted her to sales manager for Australia. 

After 3 years with Contiki Doreen took a position in 1983 as research assistant for Hambrecht and Quist in San Francisco, California.  A year later she enrolled in Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management where she completed her Master of Business Administration with an emphasis in finance and marketing in 1986.  While a graduate student Doreen also worked as research associate for Golder, Thoma and Cressey in Chicago, Illinois. 

Upon completion of her master’s degree, Doreen accepted a position as vice-president of institutional equities for Goldman Sachs in San Francisco and New York City. Since 2012 Doreen has worked in her own business supplying transcription and editing services.

Michael KarpMichael Karp

Michael Karp, who completed his BA with honors in Economics in 2014, runs a startup company, Copytactics where he works with firms to increase their web traffic and market their products.  During his the first semester of his senior year at Chico State Michael worked as a research assistant for the CSU Chico Center for Economic Development.  During the second semester of his senior year he worked as a features columnist for The Orion, Chico State’s student newspaper. 

"After graduating in the spring of 2014, I spent four months learning how to build an online business so I could travel the world. I started off freelance writing, but quickly transitioned into becoming a digital marketing consultant,” Michael stated in a recent email.

“I launched, my digital marketing blog and the online home of my business, in November of 2014. I then emailed over 150 marketing agencies to pitch my services. Three agreed to work with me, and I was off to the races."

My economics background has helped me think strategically about my business and how I help my clients grow theirs. The research papers also helped me become a strong writer, which helped tremendously in a digital marketing world where content reigns supreme.

Here are a few of the pieces I've written, to give you an idea of what I do for my clients:

Cost Effective SEO: How I Drove 34,000 Search Engine Visits in 60 Days (For Free)

21 Strategies to Drive More Free Website Traffic Today

Viral List Building Case Study: How One Blog Gained 3,200 Subscribers in 7 Days

I also published a 180-page ebook that teaches people how to do what I do for my clients. It's called The Content Marketing Guidebook.  It's my first digital product, and as I grow my business in 2016, I'm planning to launch more of these products in the form of ebooks and online courses.

My econ degree gave me the foundation I needed to be confident starting my own business. It has helped me think like a business person and put those thoughts into action to achieve real world results."

Portrait of Christopher Kaufman Christopher Kaufman

Christopher E. Kaufman graduated Magna Cum Laude in 1984 with a BA in Economics and was the Smale Award for the Department’s most outstanding graduate. Prior to Chico he earned his Associate of Arts degree in Business Administration. After leaving Chico he went on to earn his MA in Economics from CSU Los Angeles. It was at CSULA where he transitioned into a career in Information Technology. Starting at an entry level position in 1987 Christopher rose to Assistant Director of Internet Technology in 2005 and the Director of IT for Fuller Seminary in 2007. He continues to work as an IT professional currently consulting for the University of California at Davis.

Christopher attributes his ability to fashion a career in the Information Technology field back to the training he received from his Economics courses. "The problem solving skills I developed at Chico is the main reason I was able to go from an entry level position to being an IT Director,” he stated in a recent email. This thing called the Internet exploded and I was able to catch that wave and figure out my way always being that person between those who make the technology and those who use it. That's been my niche and I couldn't do that without the analytical/problem solving skills I was able to learn while at Chico

Keiko KitaoKeiko Kitao

Keiko Kitao, who is Community Manager at UberJapan , graduated in 2000 with the John G. Smale award , the Economics Department’s highest recognition. As community manager for Uber Japan, Keiko manages public relations, marketing, social media, customer support, social listening, new business development and partnership development.

After graduation Keiko accepted a job with Borland as administrative and marketing assistant where she wrote articles for their customer newsletter and designed materials for their R&D Department. After 2 years at Borland she moved to O’hara College of Business in Japan as an analyst. In this position Keiko designed a survey and collected and analyzed survey data on prospective students. She left O’hara to become senior account executive at Fleishman-Hillard where she won awards for her achievement in public relations for the firm. In 2011 Keiko joined Acronis as Public Relations Specialist. In late 2013 she moved to her current position with UberJapan. Keiko completed her Master of Business Administration at Temple University in 2014.

Michelle KoskyMichelle Kosky

Michelle Kosky, who graduated with a BA in Economics in 2002, is a senior client lead recruiter at Amazon Web Services in Austin, Texas. (last Updated 12/11/17)

Robert KurtzRobert Kurtz

Robert Kurtz, who graduated in 2013 with a BA and Honors in Economics, is scrum master at Surge Software, a firm that develops custom software, in Chico.  As scrum master Robert manages a team of software developers by helping them exchange information much the way a rugby team does.  

In order to help finance his education at Chico State Robert worked for Best Buy as a home theater sales associate.  During his junior year Robert interned for First Grain Inc in Chico; as a junior commodity analyst Robert helped forecast rice crops and prices.  In his senior year Robert worked as an intern for Stogan Ag Investment, also in Chico.

After graduation in 2013 Robert accepted a position with Surge Software where he currently works.  Early in 2014 he became a certified scrum master.

“Studying economics helped me develop problem solving skills that I have used every day since. It changed the way that I look at the world and how I address problems,” Robert stated in a recent email.  “I truly believe that my degree opened up job opportunities that a degree in a related field wouldn't have. It will make your resume stand out amongst the others in the pile by showing the employer that you have a wide set of skills and a well-rounded education.”

Ruskin LandrethRuskin Landreth

Ruskin Landreth, who graduated with a BA in Economics and in International Relations in 2011, is the product manager for ShareThis, a marketing firm for social networks, in Palo Alto, California.   While a student at Chico State Ruskin participated in the 2009 National Model United Nations where he received an Outstanding Research Award.  In 2010 Ruskin volunteered for the Guatemala Project as a community interaction manager constructing schools for children in poverty.  After graduation from Chico he earned his certifications in CPR and First aid from the Red Cross, google analytics from Google, and certified professional from BrightEdge.

For most of 2012 Ruskin worked as chief media representative for AmeriCorps. He also worked as  media strategist and reconstructive lead at HOPE village in Minot, North Dakota, where he helped “develop a media strategy to publicize disaster relief utilizing corporate and non-profit resources to rehabilitate the affected area and overcome severe flood damage,” according to his LinkedIn page.  In 2012 Ruskin also found time to work as the media planner for Custer State Park in South Dakota and media representative and job site coordinator for Habitat for Humanity in Iowa City, Iowa.  In 2013 Ruskin accepted a position as internet marketing specialist for, a division of RealPage Inc. in San Francisco, California.   He has also worked as a marketing analytics and strategy consultant for various firms from 2012 to 2014. 

During 2015 Ruskin worked at as senior product manager.  He “Fully integrated with multiple engineering teams to drive technical optimization for speed and performance in one case improving Google’s page speed score from 51 to 83,” according to his LinkedIn page.  In December of 2015 Ruskin was promoted to senior product manager at IAC Publishing Labs (formerly  He has been working for ShareThis since April of 2017. 

“Econ is invaluable in my every day decision making,” Ruskin stated in a recent email.  “Combined with statistics, economic minded decision making has empowered me to be confident in the proposals I pitch to stake holders and has earned me the authority among all members of the software development process to make hard decisions on their behalf. There is a term, “data derived decisions” that is incredibly simple to understand, but difficult to implement. Thankfully with the skills I inherited via my education I have been able to dive head first in to data analysis to understand market opportunities, user behavior, and specific technical improvements. Industries and jobs may change, but the foundational understanding instilled by economics will always be indispensable.“  (Last Updated 8/17/17) 

Micheal LarsonMichael Larson

Michael Larson, who graduated with a BA in Economics and a BS in Business Administration in 2010, is project manager at ABLSoft, a firm that produces a cloud-based lending software. While a student at Chico State Michael began working for Moonblink Communications, a firm specializing in wireless and video surveillance, as an online marketing coordinator. He continued working for Moonblink after graduation and they made him the technical engineer for web development. He remained with Moonblink for 5 years and worked his way up to a management position. Michael worked briefly for Miracle Software Systems before moving to ABL Soft in 2015.

Portrait of Brianne LaVoyBrianne LaVoy

Brianne LaVoy, who graduated with a BA in Economics in 2006, is an e-commerce sales manager at Earl and Brown in Portland, Oregon.  While a student at Chico State Brianne help support herself as a buyer for Lares Research in Chico. After graduation she worked as product manager for Earl and Brown. In 2012 Brianne earned her Masters of Public Administration from Portland State University in 2012.  

jake lovisloJake Lovislo

Jake Lovisolo, who graduated in 2013 with honors in the economics major, works as a business analyst for Cisco in Pleasanton, California. He runs Cisco’s quantitative models and he assists in the development of mobile applications.

Before Cisco, Jake worked as a Human Capital Analyst for Deloitte Consulting where he helped companies align their employees with their overall business strategy.  “More specifically,” Jake explained, “I worked with the clients to figure out their specific needs from Workday based off of their strategies and processes.  I then took this information and configured the system to work according to the way the client needs.”

Raphael Machado

Raphael Machado graduated in 2000 with a BA in Economics is upstream IT Planning Advisor at ExxonMobil in Houston, Texas.   After graduation Raphael enrolled in the master’s degree program at Chico State where he completed his MBA and his MIS in 2003. 

In 2004 he went to work for ExxonMobil as a SAP Security and Control system analyst.  In 2007 ExxonMobil promoted him to team leader for SAP Security and Controls.   In 2009 ExxonMobil again promoted Raphael to supervisor of SHE/OI application support.  From there he moved up to supervisor of technical services and to upstream IT planning advisor where he is currently located.  (Last Updated 10/25/16)

Qasim MalikQasim Malik

Qasim Malik graduated in 2011 with a bachelor’s in economics with an option in international economics. He started his own technology firm in Dubai, UAE, where he forecasts market trends for the technology sector. We try to use our forecasting skills to always reduce the risk and to make decisions that allow us to capitalize on potential tech investment opportunities. Qasim stated that “My economics degree is very helpful in business development as it provides an opportunity to forecast and simulate different strategic decisions for our clients and the implications of that for the business environment. I use economics to derive the most efficient business development in house and for our clients.”

Kimberley MazzaKimberley Mazza

Kimberley Mazza graduated with a BA in economics in 2005. She is a senior consultant at Cardinal Health's Operations Technology Pharmaceutical Segment in Dublin, Ohio. She is responsible for identifying and integrating technology that will help Cardinal Health become more efficient. In a recent email, Kimberley stated, “The job I recently accepted requires an Economics degree. I have been very lucky with my degree; specifically econometrics and medical economics have been the most useful courses in my career as I work in medical and pharmaceutical supply chain.”

andrewmckayAndrew McKay

Andrew McKay, who completed his BA in Economics with honors in 2010, is a sales representative at Anaplan in the San Francisco Bay Area. While a student at Chico Andrew was treasurer and fund raising chair during his sophomore year, vice-president during his junior year and president of the Economics Club during his senior years. He also served as student ambassador to the Dean of Behavioral and Social Sciences and he was a member of Phi Eta Sigma Honors Society. Since 2006 Andrew has been a member of the San Francisco SurfRider Foundation , an organization dedicated to protecting oceans and beaches. He joined the San Francisco Young Executive Council in 2014 and Andrew is a sponsorship co-chair.

During his sophomore year Andrew began supporting himself as a self-employed economics tutor helping students with statistics, calculus as well as most economics courses. He also assisted student who needed help with writing assignments and instructors who needed help with introductory economics.

After graduation Andrew accepted a job as project manager for Green Swan in Novato, California, where he led a team effort to fabricate patent designs, organize trade shows, research markets, and launch products. After almost a year and one-half at Green Swan, Andrew moved on to Prudential Financial where he worked as a financial professional associate and in 2013 he got a job as a financial services representative with MassMutual Financial Group, both firms located in the Bay Area.

In 2014 Andrew accepted a job as a platform specialist with SalesForce in San Francisco “helping customers turn ideas into apps via the Salesforce1 platform,” according to his LinkedIn page. Since 2015 Andrew has been in sales with Anaplan.

Richard McKinnonRichard McKinnon

Richard McKinnon , who graduated with a BA degree in Economics in 1997, is CEO of MetaVista Consulting Group (MVC) and Disabled Veterans Business Enterprise Technology Group (DVBETG) in Sacramento, California. Both firms provide IT (information technology) consulting services for the public and private sectors. Their specialties include project and program management, technology consulting, IT strategic planning, change management, IT implementation services, business analysis, data architecture, data center network and infrastructure training, and IT security consulting .

Richard was recently chosen in December 2015 as the diversity technology owner to work for in Sacramento by Fortune, Money, and Blomberg Magazines.

“Our 18 years of experience consulting in state and local governments afford us a unique perspective on the culture, structure, and human resource challenges of government – allowing us to support the delivery of state and local government technology goals with IT and business expertise. This is illustrated by our proven track record of successfully managing large IT projects , ” a ccording to Richard. Before organizing DVBETG and taking over ownership of MVC, Richard was CEO of Technical and Management Staffing Associates in Redding, California for 14 years.

Richard is a volunteer in many organizations including the VetFund Foundation, the Military Order of the Purple Heart, Sacramento Children’s Home, American Cancer Society, Living Room Ministries International, CASA, and Foster Youth Education Fund. “I was the first person in State of California to receive the Purple Heart Gold Coin for my service to the Military Order of the Purple Heart organization, Veterans, and their families.”

“My economics degree helped me get my first job after graduation with a tech company in Irvine. The manager was an econ grad from UCLA, and she wanted me on her team because we both had economic degrees. I did not truly understand how much economics could help until I owned a business. Then I had to start forecasting sales months down the road, because I was responsible for a couple hundred employees and their families. Now I use the tools of economics on a daily basis in my businesses . More than that I learned that Economics is used in EVERY business in the world on a daily basis.”

Jamie MendozaJamie Mendoza

Jaime Mendoza graduated with a degree in economics in 1996. He is CEO and founder of GoAhead Solutions, LLC, a San Francisco Bay Area firm that provides IT talent and Oracle software resell services. He stated in a recent email, "The analytical skills that I developed in route to obtaining my Economics degree enabled me to climb the corporate ladder and eventually form my own company. There are a lot of factors that change in the economy and being able to adapt and change are crucial to sustaining a business in any economy."

Shayaan MotamediShayaan Motamedi

Shayaan Motamedi, who graduated in 2016 with a BA in Economics and an option in International, is a customer technical support staff for Everlance in San Francisco. Everlance is an app that tracks mileage and expenses.  While a student at Chico State, Shayaan interned as a radio host and staff member for KCSC Radio from 2012 to 2014.  During his junior year he studied at the University of the Basque Country in Bilbao, Spain.  He was an internship advisor for Chico State Study Abroad from 2015 to 2016.  In 2017 Shayaan began working for Everlance.   (Last Updated 7/15/17)

Crystal D. NashCrystal D. Nash

Crystal D. Nash, who graduated in 2002, joined Peace Corps after graduation.  After leaving Peace Corps she worked in rural economic development in California.  In a recent email Crystal Nash, stated that “The requirements for collaborative writing, computer/technical skills and just basic statistical math that I learned while pursuing my BA in Economics have been invaluable to me.”

“I made the cross country move to work in Washington, DC around August of 2013 and have been in "full sprint" work mode since then.”  Crystal currently works as a program analyst for the Department of Veterans Affairs in Washington D.C. “I'm a certified Project manager and my career/interests have evolved to more of an IT based project/program management role.”

“The writing components, communication, critical thinking/analysis and team work/building skills that I learned while in college as an economics undergraduate have helped me tremendously.”  

Carmen NgCarmen Ng

Carmen Ng, who graduated in 2010, is a recruiting coordinator for Facebook where she helps organize the entire process of hiring new employees from sourcing their resumes to scheduling their interviews with management. She joined Facebook in October 2013 after working as a relocation coordinator for Google.  During the year that she worked for Google, Carmen helped new hires from around the world with their relocation needs driven by their move to Mountain View, California. 

Jeff NicolJeff Nicol

Jeff Nicol, who graduated in 1989 with a BA in Economics and a BS in Business, is a senior privacy analyst with Intel in Hillsboro, Oregon.  While a student at Chico State, Jeff was a business exchange student at the University of London, studying comparative US-EU business practices.  Jeff was also a cost accounting intern at Mood Publications in spring of 1988. During the summer of 1988 he was a team business analyst intern with men’s lacrosse. 

After graduation Jeff went to work as cash administrator for Altos Computer Systems where he managed a $45 million portfolio and hedged foreign currency. In 1990 Jeff signed on with Intel as a strategic accounts customer service representative.  In 1993 Intel promoted to business analyst in 1995 Intel promoted him to technical program manager, a position that he kept until mid-1999, when he was promoted to global privacy compliance manager. 

While working for Intel Jeff also found time to start his own company, Privacy Ready LLC in Hood River, Oregon.  He was an “industry consultant on privacy topics such as strategy development, policy authoring, training, compliance auditing/monitoring, self-regulatory mechanisms (e.g. TRUSTe), data protection regulations, and issue management,” according to his LinkedIn page.   Jeff managed this firm from its founding in 2013 until 2014.

Eric O'NeilEric O'Neil

Eric O’Neil, who graduated in 2010 with a BA in Economics and a minor in Philosophy, is an account executive at Super Micro Computer, Inc (SMCI) in San Jose, California where he is  “bridging business requirements with technology implementations by way of providing the right talent on time and on budget,” according to his LinkedIn page.

After graduation Eric O’Neil started his career in technology as the lead recruiter for Jobspring Partners.  In this role Eric helped software developers, network engineers, and system administrators find jobs with technology firms. At the same time, he helped firms find the talent that they needed. After a little over 2 years he moved on to CyberCoders where he was lead recruiter at its headquarters in Irvine, California.  In 2016 he accepted a position as lead recruiter with Eastridge Workforce Solutions.  In 2017 Eric left Eastridge to join SMCI where he is currently working.

chris pachingerChris Pachinger

Chris Pachinger, who graduated with a BA in Economics in 2001, is director of business development at CircleUp, an investment platform for consumer and retail VC and private equity, based in San Francisco, California.  After graduation Chris accepted a position as district manager for ADP, a firm that provides payroll services.  Two years later in 2004 Chris moved on to PeopleSoft, a firm that provided human resource and financial management systems.  After a year with PeopleSoft, Chris accepted a position as account executive for Fisher Investments, and 2 years later they promoted him to account executive group manager.  Fisher further promoted him to be their institutional portfolio analytics team leader, co-chief of staff and in 2012 to group vice president.    A year later Chris joined CircleUp where he is currently working.

“Economics provides you with a framework to understand how decisions are made, how processes evolve and why organizations behave in the way they do, “Chris stated in a recent email. “Regardless of your career path - sales, marketing, finance, management, something else entirely - economics forces you into a pattern of critical thinking that helps you understand and leverage the motives and forces influencing the world around you. Almost any field can be learned once you've started your career but economic thinking stays with you all along the way.”  (Last Updated 10/3/17)

Jason PetersonJason Peterson

Jason Peterson, who graduated in 1993 with a BA in Economics, is a computer networking specialist with Apple in San Francisco, California. He is a Unix and Linux system administrator with responsibilities for wireless networking and computer security. Jason has worked for Apple since 2008.

After graduation Jason accepted a position with Netopia in Alameda, California where he provided network support and training for staff. After almost 3 years at Netopia, he joined Lucent Technologies as a support engineer where he built a web server and a technical support lab. While at Lucent he discovered a major hardware problem with their modem card that resulted in significant revenue savings for the company. After 2 years at Lucent he accepted a position with Extreme Networks in Santa Clara, California, as escalation engineer. From there he moved on the Trapeze Networks where he began as a senior application support engineer and moved up to a system test engineer before he joined Apple in 2008.

George RichardGeorge Richard

George Richard, who graduated with a BA in Economics in 1987, is vice president of sales and Marketing for Zolt and GAR Solutions in San Jose, California. Over the years George has worked in the technology field with domestic and international firms that produce games and other “high tech” products.

After graduation George signed on as account manager for Activision where he worked for 4 years until moving to Capcom, Santa Clara, California, as their national sales manager. In 1995 he accepted a position as vice president of sales with Psygnosis in Foster City, California, and in Liverpool, United Kingdom. In 1997 George moved to Acclaim Entertainment in Oyster Bay, NY, as western director of sales. In 2000 George accepted a position as regional sales manager for Sony Computer Entertainment America where he continued working until 2007 when he became vice president of sales, marketing and digital distribution for Konami Digital Entertainment in El Segundo, California and Tokyo, Japan. After 6 years with Konami, George joined GAR Solutions, and later, Zolt where he is currently working.

George uses the skills he learned in his economics courses at Chico State every day when he forecasts revenue and cost for the various products that his firms launch and when he designs processes for reporting data.

Ashley Bea RodondiAshley Rodondi

Ashley Bea Rodondi, who graduated in 2014 as the Outstanding Environmental Economics Student with a BA in Economics and a minor in Ethics, Justice and Policy Studies, is a Cybersecurity Analyst for the Walt Disney Company

When Ashley graduated she left Chico to pursue her goal of a career in pharmacy. After taking classes at Pacific University and interning with Rite Aid, Ashley decided to enroll at the University of Montana in 2016. In 2018 she completed a double Masters in Business Administration and Business Analytics with certificates in Entertainment Management, Entrepreneurship and Small Business, and Cybersecurity

While working on her graduate degree and certificates, Ashley partnered with Paramount Pictures to complete her thesis project in Missoula, Montana. She used regression analysis and other statistical techniques to determine the variables that are associated with box office success. During Ashley’s last year she consulted as an Analyst for numerous companies including ALPS Lawyers Malpractice Insurance, Wedge Community Co-op, Golf Headquarters, Ecology Project International, and Golden Helix

“Economics has helped my career by giving me a foundation of knowledge to analyze and understand economic trends and impacts on an industry level,” she stated in a recent email.  Ashley uses data to monitor economic trends and build forecasting models for a wide variety of issues.  (Last Updated 8/8/18)

Erika RyanErika Ryan

Erika Ryan, who received her BA with an Option in International Economics in 2014, was also the outstanding international economics student of the year. She works in Vehicle Operations for the Self-Driving Car Project at Google where she monitors software systems and provides engineers with the data she collects.

During her last year at Chico State Erika was a senior research assistant for the Center for Economic Development (CED). In this position Erika collected and entered data for the county Economic and Demographic Profile Series. She also helped small businesses with research and she wrote grant proposals, primarily for green initiatives. While at the CED Erika co-authored “Montague Airport Financial Analysis,” a study presented at the IMPlAN Users Conference in Madison, Wisconsin in April, 2014.

Erika took classes at the KEDGE Business School during the fall semester of 2012 while she participated in Study Abroad. Erika also worked as a peer advisor for Chico State’s Study Abroad Office and as a student assistant for the Political Science Department.

Raymond Schachle

Raymond Schachle, who graduated with a BA in Economics in 1992, came to Chico from Ramstein, Germany, where he was a program manager with the US Air Force. After graduation Raymond took a position as a senior consultant for IRI where he “provided marketing mix modeling and analytic consulting services to major consumer packaged goods companies.” During his time at IRI he took graduate classes in economics at San Francisco State. In 1996 Raymond finished his MA in Economics and he joined Bank of America as vice president and product manager for consumer deposits in an effort to help B of A to increase its profits. In 1999 he left B of A to join Wells Fargo where he served as vice-president for 6 years. Raymond was general manager for Yodlee, a consultant for Wells Fargo, and Director of Global Processing for Visa before accepting his current position as director of eCommerce solutions for First Data. Raymond specializes in online product management, ecommerce, process mapping and operations, payment gateways, and other computer-related banking operations.

In a recent email, Raymond stated that “studying economics developed the analytic skills that I use every day, allowing me to tell stories with data and map out possible outcomes.”

Alexandra SchmidtAlexandra Schmidt

Alexandra Schmidt , who graduated in 2014 with a BA in Economics and an option in International Economics, is an account executive at Salesforce in New York City, New York. While a student at Chico State Alexandra studied abroad at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam where she took courses in international economics and business and worked as a server in O’Donnell’s Irsh Pub in Amsterdam. Working her way through college in Chico Alexandra sold jewelry at Gabrielle Ferrar and served drinks at Bella’s Sports Pub. During her senior year at Chico State Alexandra worked as account manager at Foundation Supportworks Inc.

After graduation she worked as a sales development representative for Cloudwords, Inc. In September 2014 Alexandra moved on to Salesforce in San Francisco, California, as an account executive for small business.  After a little over a year Alexandra moved to New Your City as an account executive for growth business with Salesforce.

“My Economics degree helped open my eyes to international business and foreign markets. It also helped shape and develop my goals towards working for an international, innovative company,” Alexandra stated in a recent. “Then going abroad and studying foreign markets was one of the best decisions of my life. It allowed me to learn about topics I might not typically learn about and to think on my feet. I had to adapt and learn how to thrive in a culture that was not my norm. In general, taking Econ classes forced me to think outside of my box in a more analytical sense. I take an analytical approach to evaluating each situation whether that be from a career or personal standpoint.”   (Last Updated 1/22/18)

John SpadeJohn Spade

John Spade, who is vice president of IT for the Florida Panthers , graduated with a BA in Economics in 1995. Chico State President Manuel Esteban surprised John Spade with a classroom visit to recognize him for his Outstanding Contribution to the University in 1995 ; he helped develop and maintain a computer server for the Economics Department and designed a class on the Internet for economics students. “Rocko was the first department email server at Chico State and the first server in an academic department outside the College of Engineering, Computer Science, and Construction Management. It allowed all economics students and faculty Internet access,” stated Frederica Shockley, who was chair from 1987 - 1997. “When we first started using the World Wide Web that John introduced us to, the background was always grey. I asked John if we could use another color and a few weeks later he proudly displayed a web page with a blue background. Many students and some professors put up their own personal webpages. Classes used it for computer simulations and statistical analysis.” Before joining the Florida Panthers, John owned a company providing Cisco networking and technology consulting services for small and mid-size businesses in Pompano Beach, Florida. More information

“My economics degree helped me get my current position with the Florida Panthers. They wanted someone with an academic and business background like mine,” John said in a recent email.

erik staleyErik Staley

Erik Staley, who graduated in 2002 with a BA in Economics and a BS in Management Information Systems, is a senior sales engineer in San Francisco, California with Varonis, a firm in San Francisco, California, that provides data security.  “I am very experienced at analyzing complex issues facing my customers, discerning their true needs and then developing, pitching and implementing a solution that will solve the complex IT issues they are facing, Erik states on his LinkedIn page. 

After graduation Erik took a job providing IT support with Cyberdoc PTS in Lafayette, California. Two and one-half years later Erik moved on to ProNet Solutions, a web hosting service, as a consulting engineer.  In 2006 Erik took a job as customer engineer for Internal Solution.  In 2007 he moved on to Applied Computer Solutions in Pleasanton, California to accept a job as system as sales engineer, providing technical support to customers and sales representatives for over 3 years. In 2010 he also accepted a job with Zetta, Inc., a firm that provides cloud-based data protection, in Sunnyvale, California as senior sales engineer.  After almost 7 years with Zetta Erik accepted a job with Varonis where he currently works. (Last Updated 10/15/17)

Tammy Strobel PortraitTammy Strobel

Tammy Strobel, who graduated with a BA in Economics in 2001, is a writer, photographer and teacher. Tammy entered the graduate program in Public Administration at Chico where she earned her Master’s degree in 2003.  In 2005 Tammy earned her MA in Education and Gender Equity Studies at CSU Sacramento and she accepted a position as Yolo County’s volunteer coordinator for community outreach in in Woodland, California.  In 2006 Tammy started working for LPC Consulting Associates in Sacramento.  From 2007 to 2010 Tammy was the public affairs program coordinator for the California Coalition Against Sexual Assault in Sacramento, California. Since 2010 she’s run a web-based business. You can find Tammy's work at

“My education at CSU, Chico gave me the tools, knowledge, and skills that have helped me thrive in a variety of professional settings,” Tammy stated in a recent email.  

Daniel StuboDaniel Stubo

Daniel Stubo, who graduated in 1994 with a BA in Economics, is director of sales for HomeLight, a firm that matches homebuyers and real estate agents. According to Daniel’s LinkedIn page, Homelight with its “data-driven technology analyzes over 18 million historical transactions, 2 million agents, and 200,000 brokerages,” to find the best match between agents and buyers.

After graduation Daniel began his career in real estate finance with Palo Alto Funding Group and two years later he moved to Menlo Park Mortgage. In 1996 he accepted a job as production manager for E-Loan, combining his interest in real estate finance and technology. He spent almost 9 years with E-Loan before accepting a job as loan manager for Financial center Credit Union in late 2010. Daniel has worked for HomeLight since 2012.  

Alarice SyAlarice Sy

Alarice Sy, who graduated in 2012 with a BA in Economics, is senior campaign manager at Drawbridge Inc., in Millbrae, California.  After graduation Alarice worked as an intern for Pandora in Oakland, California, where she researched markets for advertisers. In early 2014 Pandora promoted Alarice to client services coordinator, and after only 5 months in this position, they promoted her to performance account manager. In August 2016 she joined Drawbridge as senior campaign manager where she is currently analyzing Internet traffic and managing other analysts.  According to their website Drawbridge “is built using probabilistic, or predictive, technology that observes user access patterns, demographics, interest segments, and other information to make predictions about consumers and their device ownership.” (Last revised 10/6/16)

Michael TocceMichael Tocce

Michael Tocce, who graduated in 2009 with a major in economics and a minor in political science, works as a cartographer for Google. He creates and maintains map enhancement projects that keep Google Maps competitive on mobile, table, and desktop computers. In a recent email he stated that "My economics background has been crucial in allowing me to think like an economist; to be a better problem solver. Economics has trained my brain to think of ways to make our mapping processes more efficient; think of incentives to make an operation of 1000s of people more productive; and communicate across teams in an effective manner."

Marco TorresMarco Torres

Marco Torres, who graduated with a BA in Economics in 2015, is a GIS specialist in the San Francisco Bay Area at ENGEO  This firm provides geotechnical and environmental services to both the private and public sectors. 

While a student at Chico State Marco worked as an economic and community development volunteer during the summer of 2013.  In the fall semester of 2013 he began working for the Center for Economic Development as a research assistant where he remained until he graduated.  On his Linkedin page Marco states that as “a research assistant at the Center for Economic Development (CED), my mission was to assist in applied research projects. I delivered the most recent and reliable information while utilizing programs such as ArcGIS and Microsoft Excel. My specialty included analyzing: social, economic, environmental, and demographic data.”  Marco also found time to be active in the CSU Chico Economics Club and the Geography Club.

Gregory Turcotte Gregory Turcotte

Gregory Turcotte, who graduated from Chico State with a BA in Economics and an option in Environmental Economics in 2009, received the Department’s highest honor, the Smale Award.

Before entering Chico State Gregory worked as a computer service technician for the Nevada County Superior Court in Nevada City, California, for 5 years.

While at Chico State Greg was a master tutor in economics at the Student Learning Center where he helped students understand economics and helped train new tutors. In his senior year he was also a student researcher for the Chico State Research Foundation with a published paper, Supply Chain Sustainability: Business Processes for the Carbon Footprint in the California Journal of Operations Management, February 2009 .

During his senior year Gregory began an internship with Lundberg Family Farms which turned into a full-time job after his graduation. As environmental manager at Lundberg Gregory measured and analyzed the company’s environmental and supply chain goals. He reduced energy consumed at the facility by 13% and landfill waste by 21% in one year by implementing waste stream reduction efforts and energy resource management strategies.

For the next 6 years he worked in information technology, beginning with Base Gear LLC and moving on to Portland State University. He is working on his master’s degree at Portland State and his is an instructor of computer applications and office systems at Portland Community College.

Jessica Bietz TurnerJessica Bietz Turner

Jessica Bietz Turner, who graduated with a BA in Economics in 2005, is marketing director at eMarketer.  After graduation, Jessica earned her MBA from San Diego State and her certificate in Digital Marketing from New York School of Professional Studies.  In 2013 Jessica accepted a position as account manager for strategic partnership and business development for the New York Road Runners.  The following year they promoted her to senior account manager.  In 2015 she went to work for eMarketer, where she is currently working.  She began with eMarketer as account manager, and after almost a year she moved up to senior account director.  She has been product and brand marketing director for a little over a year.  (Last Updated 1/28/18).

Ryan VernauRyan Vernau

Ryan Vernau who graduated in 2009 with a BA in Economics and an option in International, is sales contract coordinator at Ray Morgan Company,a company that provides IT services. Before joining Ray Morgan Ryan was a health advocate at United Healthcare in Chico, California, where he assisted clients in understanding complex benefit information and claims processing issues. 

After graduation Ryan worked for the University Research Foundation as an editor for reports and proposals that Chico State professors wrote. He left the University to accept a position with Butte County General Services as a contracts and procurement agent. In his role as an agent for general services, Ryan assisted department in negotiations with vendors and reviewed their expenses to make sure that they were in compliance with local, state, and federal laws. 

“I am eternally grateful for my economics degree for all that it has done to strengthen my critical thinking capacity, as well as my evaluation of causal and financial relationships, and for the role my economics degree has had in building the framework in which I can understand the world around me,” Ryan stated in a recent email. “As a Health Advocate at United Healthcare, I frequently employ economic concepts to help my customers grasp some of the core concepts of the healthcare industry and health insurance.” (Last Updated 8/12/18)

Benjamin WachmanBenjamin Wachman

Benjamin Wachman, who graduated with a BA in Economics in 2010, is a systems integration manager at Mobivity in San Diego, California.  After graduation Benjamin worked as a research assistant at Chico State’s Center for Economic Development.  In 2011 he started working for AT&T Mobility as a sales support representative until early 2013 when he signed on as a systems engineer for SmartReceipt in Santa Barbara, California.  After a year with SmartReceipt, Benjamin got a job as senior QA engineer for Mobivity where he currently works.  He was promoted to systems integration manager in early 2018.  (Last Updated 9/30/18)

Daniel WhiteDaniel White

Daniel White, who graduated in 2010 with a BA in Economics and a BS in Finance with a minor in Mathematics, is a senior pricing analyst at Saxco International LLC in Concord, California.  After graduation Daniel went to work as a financial representative for Northwestern Mutual in San Francisco, California.  Six months later he moved on to SEO by the Bay (not Brandfish) where he worked as a search engine optimization specialist, increasing the traffic “a minimum of 2,000% month over month,” according to his LinkedIn page.  After 4 months with SEO by the Bay Daniel accepted a job as customer service representative for Mechanics Bank in Oakland where he remained for almost one and a half years.  In 2012 he worked for 6 months in Wells Fargo ATM Strategic Deployment as a project analyst helping them design statistical reports to be used in selection of ATM vendors. 

Daniel left Wells Fargo to become an actuarial student and assistant underwriter for XL Catlin.  In his three and one-half years at XL Catlin, Daniel passed four actuarial exams while analyzing and modeling risk and producing and reviewing insurance policies.  Since April 2016 he has worked for Saxco International LLC.

Bret YoungBret Young

Bret Young, who graduated with a BA in Economics in 1989, is a senior product manager with Fronius USA in San Francisco, California. According to Fronius website, ““We are the technology leader and specialize in high quality solutions and processes ranging from robotics to manual welding.”

While at Chico State Bret was a member of the Rugby team. He was a sales manager with JDS Uniphase from 2000 – 2004. From 2006 to 2010 he served as global lead of key accounts and director of US sales for SMA America, a solar inverter manufacturer. In 2010 he left SMA to accept a position as national sales manager for SolarEdge, AMA America. After a year with SolarEdge, he moved on to be key accounts U.S. manager with KAKO, an inverter manufacturer. In 2012 he accepted a position as director of sales with North America with Samil Power where he worked until 2016 when he moved on to Huawei Fusion Solar. The following year Bret accept a job with Fronius USA where he currently works. (Last Updated 2/20/18)