Electrical and Computer Engineering

Our students gain hands on experience as well as critical understanding of electrical and computer engineering. Undergraduate students are prepared for professional careers in high demand areas, including computer hardware and software design, embedded and microprocessor systems, electromagnetic's, electrolytic, control systems, digital signal processing and analog and digital electronics.

Our "Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering (MSECE)" program is distinguished in the state of California by its well designed and critically balanced coverage of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Our graduates are very well placed and recognized at both national and international levels, and we are proud of our prominence as a student focused department that educates students to be future leaders in electrical and computer engineering.

Chico is a friendly community of about 70,000 people and includes Bidwell Park, one of the largest municipal parks in the nation. Chico is situated in a rural landscape about 100 miles N. of Sacramento, near some of Northern California's finest recreational areas: Mt. Lassen, lakes, skiing, hiking, and fishing.


New: Optical Communications, EECE 598

Interested in optical communications? Optical Communications provides an overview of optical communication system, develops the basis for beam propagation in optical waveguides and free space, and presents modern design techniques for optical communication systems including optical wireless system, optical telecommunication system, fiber optic system, and integrated circuits for optical communications.


New: Embedded System Design, EECE 598

Interested in embedded systems, including software and hardware design? Embedded System Design offers an accelerated discussion of embedded systems design, including C programming, HDL design, embedded systems, hardware and software debugging, and system design and implementation. Coverage of advanced digital design topics including hardware/software codesign, embedded and soft-core processors, multiprocessor architectures, and concurrent/parallel programming. Not available for students with credit for EECE 344 or equivalent.