New: Embedded System Design, EECE 598

Interested in embedded systems, including software and hardware design? Embedded System Design offers an accelerated discussion of embedded systems design, including C programming, HDL design, embedded systems, hardware and software debugging, and system design and implementation. Coverage of advanced digital design topics including hardware/software codesign, embedded and soft-core processors, multiprocessor architectures, and concurrent/parallel programming. Not available for students with credit for EECE 344 or equivalent.

Course EECE 598
Section 3 (Lecture) and 4 (Lab)
Units 4
Instructor Dr. Hadil Mustafa
Time MW 4:00-5:15 (Lecture) and F 2:00-4:50 (Lab)

Course Objectives:

  • develop C programs using an appropriate design methodology
  • test and evaluate C programs to find errors and to improve implementation
  • engage in a systematic design of microcontroller interfaces to memory and I/O by generating memory maps, address decoding tables, and logic implementation
  • accomplish efficient and compact system integration with programmable logic devices (PLDs)
  • design and analyze systems using polling and interrupts
  • design, simulate, and implement embedded systems using advanced Computer Aided tools
  • test and evaluate system performance with common laboratory equipment
  • design, construct, and test a system incorporating multiple peripherals
  • evaluate advanced design methodologies and technologies for new applications