New: Optical Communications, EECE 598

Interested in optical communications? Optical Communications provides an overview of optical communication system, develops the basis for beam propagation in optical waveguides and free space, and presents modern design techniques for optical communication systems including optical wireless system, optical telecommunication system, fiber optic system, and integrated circuits for optical communications.

Course EECE 598
Section 2
Units 4
Instructor Dr. Ghang-Ho Lee
Time TR 3:30-5:20

Course Objectives:

  • Analyze beam propagation in optical waveguides and free space (for wireless applications)
  • Understand photonic phenomena in optical materials
  • Understand principle concepts behind optical communications
  • Formulate specifications for optical wireless communication systems, integrated circuits for optical communications, and fiber optic communication systems
  • Develop design techniques for light sources, optical receivers, and optical amplifiers
  • Design, simulate, and implement optical communication systems using computer aided tools
  • Develop design techniques for integrated circuits used in optical communication