New: Technology Startups, TECH 598

Interested in technical startups? Join industry leaders, including Gary Sitton (instructor), Ken Grossman, and many others, during Spring 2014 and learn about the many strategic components of technical startups.

Do you want to

  • start your own company?
  • protect your ideas?
  • know how start-ups have succeeded?
  • learn what CEO's need to do?
  • get into international markets?
  • know how to deal with lawyers?
  • learn how budgeting works?
  • learn how to market and sell a product?
  • manage developers and projects?
  • learn about Mergers and Acquisitions?

If you answer yes to any of the above questions, sign up for TECH 598, Technology Startups in Spring 2014. If you have difficulty registering, contact Kathy, in OCNL 313 at 898-5343.

TECH 598, Technology Startups

TR 6-7:50 AM (4 units) OCNL 124

TR 6-7:15 AM (3 units) OCNL 124

Dr. Gary Sitton,

founder of Bi-Tech Software,Inc.

Guest lecturers include many successful entrepreneurs

Students will be exposed to the many strategic components of a Technical Startup. Many experienced professionals in large companies that began as Technical Startups will be Guest Lecturers throughout the Semester. Including Presidents, CEO’s, VP for Marketing and Sales, VP for Human Resources, VP for Research and Development, VP for Quality Assurance, Executive VP and CFO. Lecturers include: Jessee Allread, James Bennett, Kristi Bennett, Drake Brown, Mark Fitzpatrick, Ken Grossman, Aaron Johnson, Bruce Langston, Mike Monroe, Sean Morgan, Daren Otten, Michael Reale, Nick Repanich, Gary Sitton, Judy Sitton, and Robert Strazzarino.

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