Academic Advising

To ensure that students progress through their programs both promptly and successfully, Mandatory Advising applies to all Electrical and Computer Engineering majors. Students see their faculty advisors through the sign up process during two advising weeks during the Spring Semester, and before the following academic year's Fall registration period opens.

Each student in the EECE department is assigned a faculty advisor to guide him/her in accomplishing their program goals. Each of our EECE programs also has a faculty Program Coordinator to provide an additional level of specific program advising. The Program Coordinator functions as the first source of advice, particularly with regard to University, college, or departmental policies, procedures and requirements. Advising questions of a technical or particular student programmatic nature are referred to the student’s advisor.

For additional advising help, particularly concerning General Education, see University Academic Advising.

Mandatory Advising Process

During the Mandatory Advising period every Spring semester, follow the steps below to meet with your advisor. Failure to meet with your advisor during this period will result in a hold on your registration. You will not be able to register for classes until you meet with your advisor.

  1. Complete the Advising Flowchart for your major.
    • Cross out any course you have taken or in which you are currently enrolled.
    • Circle the courses you plan to take for the following Fall semester.
  2. Complete the GE Worksheet for your major.
  3. Make an advising appointment with your academic advisor, if applicable.
  4. Bring the completed Advising Flowchart and GE Worksheet to your advising appointment.

Advising Forms

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