Scholarships and Awards

Scholarships are available from various sources. The Department administers scholarships specifically for students majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering. The University awards scholarships that are available to all CSUC students. Other scholarships are awarded by non-university affiliated entities.

Congratulations to the recent scholarship awardees in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department!

Scholarship B.S Electrical and Computer Engineering
ECC Academic & Performance Recruitment Scholarship Rowelle Angelo Marino
Grimm Family Engineering Scholarship Erick Ruano
Howlett Electrical Engineering Scholarship Joseph Roy
Saad H. Amer Memorial Electrical Engineering Scholarship Tristen Ray Svendsen
Jerry Nunes Memorial Scholarship Erick Ruano
Jerry Nunes Memorial Scholarship Tristen Ray Svendsen
Reuben Bond Memorial Scholarship - Engineering Michael Jacob Doris
Whetstone Family Scholarship Joseph Roy
W. Gary Sitton Memorial Scholarship John David Schad
MESA Engineering Program Scholarship Luis D Avina Ruano
Yoana Guzman Hernandez
Agustin Tapia
M.S. Electrical and Computer Engineering
Narain G and Joyce Hingorani Scholarship
Sayali A Naik
Minor in Computer Engineering
MESA Engineering Program Scholarship
Federico Palafox-Castro

Applying for Department and University Scholarships

Students enrolled at California State University, Chico as an Electrical Engineering, or Computer Engineering major are eligible to apply. Scholarship recipients must maintain full-time enrollment and academic eligibility at the University and continue to comply with all criteria specific to the scholarship. Scholarships are based upon criteria defined by the sponsors of the scholarships.

To be considered for a Electrical Engineering, or Computer Engineering scholarship, one must submit an online University Scholarship Application during the fall semester proceeding the academic year in which the scholarship proceeds are dispersed.

Click here to complete an application

The deadline for submitting applications is December 15 in the academic year prior to disbursement of the funds.

Department Scholarships and Awards

To receive a scholarship, one must apply. Awards require no application. Department scholarship and award recipients are selected by the Department Scholarships/Awards Committees and will be invited to attend the Department's Awards Presentation and Faculty Roast in April proceeding the academic year in which the scholarship proceeds are dispersed.