Faculty and Staff

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Dr. Chuen Hsu, Department Chair and Professor of Mechanical and Mechtronic Engineering

Dr Hsu

Ph.D. Iowa state University
Materials Science and Engineering, Fracture Mechanics, Quantitative Electron Microscopy

Phone: (530) 898-5343
Office: OCNL 313

Dr. Adel Ghandakly, Professor

photo of Dr. Adel Ghandaklyaghandakly@csuchico.edu
Ph.D. University of Calgary
Adaptive and Intelligent Control, Energy Systems

Phone: (530) 898-5816
Office: OCNL 308
Website: Link

Dr. Meghdad Hajimorad, Assistant Professor

Photo of Meghdad Hajimoradmhajimorad@csuchico.edu
Ph.D. UC Berkeley
Synthetic Biology, Microelectronics, Analog Integrated Circuits Design, VLSI Design 
Phone: (530) 898-6422
Office: OCNL 322

Dr. Kurtis Kredo II, Assistant Professor

Photo of Kurtis Kredo IIkkredo@csuchico.edu
Ph.D. University of California, Davis
Computer Networks, Computer Architecture
Phone: (530) 898-4414
Office: OCNL 318
Website: Link

Dr. Ghang-Ho Lee, Assistant Professor

Photo of Ghang-Ho Leeghlee@csuchico.edu
Ph.D, Purdue University, West Lafayette
Communication Systems, Electromagnetics, Ultrafast Optics, Fiber Optics
Phone: (530) 898-4958
Office: OCNL 309

Dr. Hede (Henry) Ma, Professor

Photo of Ma Hede (Henry)hma@csuchico.edu
Ph.D. SUNY Binghamton
Digital and Microprocessor Systems, Fault Tolerance, EMC
Phone: (530) 898-4957
Office: OCNL 317
Website: Link

Dr. Hadil Mustafa, Assistant Professor

Photo of Hadil Mustafahmustafa@csuchico.edu
Ph.D. University of California, Irvine
Embedded Systems and Computer Architecture
Phone: (530) 898-5946
Office: OCNL 320

Dr. Ben-Dau Tseng, Professor Emeritus

photo of Ben-Dau Tsengbtseng@csuchico.edu
Ph.D. University of Windsor
Electronics, Digital Signal Processing
Phone: (530) 898-6261
Office: OCNL 310
Website: Link

Dale Word, Associate Professor

Photo of Dale Worddword@csuchico.edu
M.S. California State University, Chico
Embedded Systems
Phone: (530) 898-4866
Office: OCNL 311
Website: Link

Dr. Sukgi Choi, Lecturer

Photo of Sukgi Choischoi13@csuchico.edu
Ph.D. University of Wisconsin
Digital Circuit Design, Microcontroller Architecture 
Phone: (530) 898-6261
Office: OCNL 310

Margaret Stoner, Administrative Support Coordinator

Phone: (530) 898-5343
Office: OCNL 313

Dr. Richard A. Bednar, Professor Emeritus

Photo of Richard Bednarrbednar@csuchico.edu
Ph.D. Michigan State University
Control Systems, Digital Signal Processing
Phone: (530) 898-5098
Office: OCNL 316

Dr. Roy Crosbie, Professor Emeritus

Photo of Roy Crosbiercrosbie@csuchico.edu
Ph.D. University of Liverpool
Digital Systems, Computer Architecture, Simulation Modeling, Power Electronics
Phone: (530) 898-4489
Office: OCNL 319

Arthur Gee, Professor Emeritus

Photo of Arthur Geeagee@csuchico.edu
M.S. Polytechnic Institute, New York
Circuits, Electronics

Louis R. Harrold, Professor Emeritus

Photo of Louis Harroldlharrold@csuchico.edu
M.S. University of California, Davis
Solid State Electronics

Dr. Philip Hoff, Professor Emeritus

Photo of Philip Hoffphoff@csuchico.edu
Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley
Solid State Electronics

Dr. Albert Richardson, Professor Emeritus

photo of Albert Richardsonarichardson@csuchico.edu
Ph.D. Pennsylvania State University
Microprocessing Applications, Microelectronics, VLSI

Dr. Larry Wear, Professor Emeritus

Photo of Larry Wearlwear@csuchico.edu
Ph.D. University of Santa Clara
Embedded Software, Operating Systems

Dr. John Zenor, Professor Emeritus

Photo of John Zenorjzenor@csuchico.edu
Ph.D. University of Missouri
Communications Systems
Phone: (530) 898-4489
Office: OCNL 319