Fall 2014 Symposium Program

Wednesday, November 5th

Keynote ~ 6:30pm-6:50pm ~ Roland Taylor Recital Hall, PAC 134 

Dr. Tracy Butts

Tracy Butts received her doctorate in English from the University of Georgia (2001). She teaches courses in African American, American, and multicultural literature.

Session One ~ 7:00pm- 8:00pm

Round Table: Creative Writing

The Writing Process Unplugged

PAC 143

Moderator: Prof. Jeanne E. Clark

      Writing means sharing. It's part of the human condition
      to want to share things - thoughts, ideas, opinions.

                                                —Paulo Coelho

Tomie Anne Bitton

Tim Hayes

Marty Salgado

Charles Walker

Kris Wheat



PAC 116

Moderator: Prof. Kelly Candelaria

Molly Sullivan- “Deconstructing a Revolution: Madness and Female Radicalism in Frances Burney’s ‘The Wanderer’”

Jill J. North - “The Embodiment of Desires: Passing Off Homosexual Desire in Nella Larsen’s Passing”

Ashley Schwieger - “Finding Empowering Portrayals of Women in Science Fiction Mediums”



PAC 210

Moderator: Prof. Geoff Baker

Eric Dunk - “Integrity and Economics”

Vincent Portillo - “Rhetorical Agency: A Review of the Literature”

Derek Swain - "EPIC Gamification: The Theory and Practice of Play"

Break ~ 8:00pm-8:10pm

Session Two ~ 8:10pm-9:10pm

Round Table: Pedagogy

The New English Classroom: Discussions on

Contemporary Teaching Practices

PAC 210

Moderators: Prof. Kim Jaxon and Prof. Aiping Zhang

Janette Allen

Danielle Astengo

Cliff Benjamin

Danielle Fernandez

Athena Murphy

Nathan Sandoval

Jeremy Wallace


Creative Writing

PAC 143

Moderator: Prof. Rob Davidson

Sylvia Bowersox ~ “Every Moment of Every Day”

Stephanie Evans - “Battle”

Alexandra Moreno - “La Casa de Fieras”


Creative Writing

PAC 116

Moderator: Prof. Paul Eggers

Tomie Anne Bitton - "Cycles of Motherhood"

Esther Auerbach - “Will I Ever Become a Real American?”

Daria Donoghue Booth-- “Exclusively Yours”


Refreshments ~ 9:10pm-10:00pm ~ PAC 132