Fall Symposium

2014 Fall Symposium

The EGSC Fall Symposium has historically been a scholastic forum where English graduate and undergraduate students, mainly from CSU, Chico, are able to present their creative manuscripts or their research and writing in the fields of literature and composition. Not only has the symposium served in the past as an event which facilitates communities of discourse in these various fields, but it has also been considerably helpful for students who seek to further their education after Chico by adding to their professional resume. 

In recent years, the EGSC has broadened the scope of this event to include presenters from outside universities making it a regional event. As a result, symposium participants have been exposed to a wider range of research and ideas. It is in this consideration that we have expanded the boundaries of the Fall Symposium.

If you are interested in participating, please submit a breif proposal (approximately 150 words) on the Student Proposal form by October 20th.

2013 Fall Symposium Participants

2013 Fall Symposium