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Defensive Driver Training

The CSU Vehicle Use Policy requires State employees (including student employees) to complete Defensive Driver Training every 4-years in order to drive a State, rental, or privately-owned vehicle, including electric carts, on State business.

Defensive Driver Training is available on-line through the Development and Training System.  Faculty, staff, and student employees can complete the three (3) web based training modules, print and complete the Defensive Driver Training Employee Information and Authorization for Release of Driver Records form, and mail to EHS.  Due to the sensitive nature of some information required for recordkeeping, it is not possible to submit the paperwork via the DTS. This will take approximately 1-hour and 30-minutes.  NOTE: Failure to complete the recordkeeping step will leave the DDT incomplete and could affect Travel reimbursement and job status.

Students requiring to complete defensive driver training can now complete the requirement on-line through the DGS General Services.

To be assigned to the Defensive Driver Training Learning Track (DTS) or the DGS General Services, please e-mail Kathy Kinch at kkinch@csuchico.edu 

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