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Injury Illness Prevention Program

California State University, Chico is committed to providing the University community with a safe and healthy academic and work environment for faculty, staff, students, contractors, and others who may work or visit the University' facilities and grounds. In service of this goal, the University has an Environmental Health and Safety Program that is designed to promote a safe working, teaching, and learning environment while promoting an atmosphere of safety and health awareness and responsibility. The Injury and Illness Prevention Program outlines the University's efforts to maintain and enhance this atmosphere of safety and health in an intellectual and cultural environment.

As the University President, I take pride in my responsibility to promote the safety of the University community and I am certain that all employees and students will do the same. It is the responsibility of each employee and student to work to implement the University's Illness and Injury Prevention Program. Each member of the University community should participate in the program by encouraging the development and cultivation of attitudes that are conducive to a safe environment. Individuals are responsible for their own safety and for promoting a safe environment in their area(s) of responsibility. Collectively, we will continue to have an effective safety program in all phases of our operation including education, research, student service, public service, facility maintenance and employee and community relations.

The University's Environmental Health and Safety programs are proactive and must exemplify a commitment to the prevention of injury, illness, and property damage by all members of the University. All representatives of the University should be genuinely committed to health and safety and to following the guidelines in the Illness and Injury Prevention Program as they conduct their daily activities. Only through the teamwork of the entire University community can we succeed in providing an environment free from unnecessary risks and dangers.

Paul J. Zingg, President

Injury Illness Prevention Program

Injury Illness Prevention Program Supplemental Materials

The Department of Environmental Health and Safety is responsible for the following health and safety programs at CSU, Chico:

  • Accident Investigations
  • Asbestos/Lead
  • Construction Safety
  • Disease Control and Prevention
  • Electric Glove Program
  • Environmental Health and Sanitation
  • Food Vending
  • Health and Safety
  • Indoor Air Quality Monitoring
  • Industrial Hygiene
  • Medical Monitoring
  • Occupational Health
  • Physical Exams
  • Safety Shoes
  • Sample Safety Programs