Sample Safety Policies

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The Health and Safety Audit of California State University, Chico, conducted by representatives from the CSU Board of Trustees, provided findings that required each department to develop written policies and procedures, which address the following items:

  • Procedures to ensure adequate training of employees and students when working in a hazardous environment and to avoid unsafe conditions and hazardous equipment.
  • Keep training records and records of students’ injuries, incident reports, and safety complaints.
  • Maintain hazardous materials inventory for each room, and provide a chemical inventory to EH&S.
  • Request an MSDS when ordering a chemical.
  • Periodically post safety notices and Departmental Procedures.
  • Notify contractors of unsafe conditions within the department.
  • Designate department safety coordinators.
  • Ensure compliance with the Illness and Injury Prevention Program (IIPP).

These procedures outline the processes departments carry out in order to accomplish safety training, record keeping, safety inspections, safety communication, and hazardous material inventories.

The processes outlined in the department safety procedures should include the person who is responsible to complete tasks and how departmental leadership is kept informed and aware of the status of safety issues. These two components are fundamental to ensuring that the assigned responsibility for safety procedures is carried out. Also, management can reevaluate the effectiveness of the written safety procedures and determine if the resources allocated to complete the process are adequate.

The following sample safety procedures were developed by the Department of Environmental Health & Safety and can be used as a guide for the departments in developing area specific safety procedures.