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Food Serving Guidelines and Permit

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Steps in Managing Food Safety and Hygiene in the Work Place

Any group serving food on campus, that is made available to the general public, must secure a Food Serving Permit (except exempt categories listed below.) Food that is offered for consumption on campus must be prepared in a commercial facility. No food or beverage prepared in a private residence shall be served on campus unless they fall into the exempt categories listed below. 

Helpful Guidelines

EXEMPT CATEGORIES (Permit not required)

  • Professionally catered food.
  • Any food or food product made and contained (canned, bottled, or packaged) by a licensed producer that is to be served in the original container and does not require temperature control.
  • Fruits washed before eating and served uncut in the natural form.
  • Popcorn, if made in a standard commercial popper.
  • Brownies, cookies, donuts, and unfilled cupcakes. 
  • Coffee, tea, high-sugar cold beverages (e.g.: punch, lemonade), or soft drinks from commercial dispensers, that are served in single serving cups.


Location of Cooking Equipment:  Pre-approved equipment used to perform open or barbecue cooking shall be placed only at approved locations on concrete, asphalt, or dirt pads, walks, or roadways (as indicated on the map of pre-approved areas.) The cooking/barbecue equipment must be located more than 25 feet away from any building, flammable fence, structure or tree and must be more than 50 feet away from any building ventilation intake. An operational water hose connected to a water source must be available at all cooking sites where charcoal grills are used prior to the start of any cooking. When a propane grill is used an ABC fire extinguisher must be available.

Disposal of Coals:  Any coals remaining after cooking shall be allowed to cool and shall be removed from campus by the event coordinator/sponsor. Ashes and/or charcoal shall not be dumped anywhere on the campus grounds or in any bushes, shrubs or planting area, along the creek bank, or in the creek.


Groups and organizations preparing food to be served on campus must adhere to the following applicable standards:

  1. Hand washing facility with running water shall be provided for food handlers.  Hand washing detergent or soap and single-service sanitary towels shall be provided.  No person shall begin or resume work after visiting the toilet without first washing his/her hands. 
  2. All multi-use utensils and other equipment used in connection with the preparation, service, and display of food, shall be made of nontoxic materials and so constructed, installed, and maintained as to be readily cleaned, and shall be kept clean and in good repair.
  3. Where single-service eating and drinking utensils are used exclusively, no facilities for dishwashing shall be required.
  4. If multi-use eating and drinking utensils are used, arrangements must be made with an approved facility for loan and washing of multi-use utensils.
  5. Waste shall be removed and disposed of in a sanitary manner as frequently as necessary. Adjacent areas shall be kept clean and free of litter.
  6. All readily perishable food or beverage which are intended to be held prior to processing, or are to be reused on the premises, shall be maintained at or below a temperature of 40° Fahrenheit.  Similarly when food being maintained hot for serving, or while being served hot, shall be kept in devices which maintain the temperature of all portions of food above 140°.
  7. All food handlers preparing, handling, or serving food shall wear clean outer garments and shall keep their hands clean at all times while engaged in handling food, beverage, or utensils.  All such food handlers shall wash their hands and arms with soap or detergent and warm water before commencing work.
  8. Disposable gloves or serving utensils shall be used when preparing and serving Ready-to-Eat foods. Ready-to-Eat foods include already cooked foods, freshly cooked foods, fresh fruits & vegetables served raw or cooked, cold meats & sandwiches and bread items.
  9. A portable hand washing station shall be set-up near the food serving area and be made available to cooks, servers, and customers.


  • All foods obtained from a licensed retail food vendor shall be picked up just prior to the actual scheduled serving time.  Early pick-ups are not allowed due to the potential of improper storage and handling.
  • Don't accept any donated food from an unlicensed food vendor or caterer.
  • To prevent potential tampering, never leave food unattended. 
  • Keep hands, clothing and food preparation and serving areas clean at all times.