Environmental Health and Safety

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SDS On-Line

Recently, there was a significant change in OSHA's Hazard Communication Standard.  The updated standard is commonly referred to as GHS HazCom.  This revised standard applies (with some specific exemptions) to every employer and every employee who handles chemicals in the United States. 

By June 1, 2015, manufacturers and employers need to label chemical containers according to the GHS HazCom labeling requirements. Visit our forms page to download Sample Labels.

  • Use SDS Online to find, print, and save Safety Data Sheets (SDS). 
  • SDS Online allows any campus user to search through an on-line database containing millions of Safety Data Sheets.
  • SDS Online can be used to create and maintain an E-Binder or electronic copy of all pertinent SDS's for your particular laboratory, work area, or department. 
  • It can also be used to print GHS compliant labels for secondary containers, if needed. 
  • For maintaining an E-Binder or printing GHS labels, please contact EHS at 898-5126.